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    Marketing Assistant

    Our marketing team needs you

    This position will play an important role in the company, working to promote our 3 consumer-facing brands; Wilderness Scotland, Wilderness England and Wilderness Ireland, as well as our trade-facing brand, the Wilderness Group.

    We are looking for someone that can blend persuasive copywriting with excellent media management and thoughtful presentation to help the team create and deliver exceptional content marketing.

    The successful candidate will have deep product knowledge of the places in which the Wilderness brands operate and the activities which are offered, with a strong focus on Wilderness England.

    In Brief

    Role: Marketing Assistant
    Location: Aviemore
    Type: Full time
    Office Time: 95% In the field: 5%
    England Brand Focus: 70% Wider Wilderness Group Focus: 30%
    Salary: £19,000-£21,500 per annum dependent on experience

    We’re looking for someone who has

    • Deep knowledge of the areas within England in which we operate and the activities we offer.
    • Broad knowledge of the other destinations within the UK and Ireland in which we operate is also desirable.
    • Strong writing skills including copywriting, editing and proofreading.
    • Excellent ITC skills and experience with using Google Apps and Mac Applications.
    • A natural collaborator who enjoys working in teams with a diverse range of individuals.
    • Graduate calibre, or appropriate equivalent marketing qualifications, and some relevant experience.

    Your responsibilities will primarily include

    The team predominantly follows a content marketing strategy to inspire travellers to consider their brands and therefore this role encapsulates the wide range of responsibilities and tasks linked to that approach. These include:

    • Assisting with Content Creation & Distribution – Researching, writing and editing cross-channel, first-draft content as well as distributing said content across relevant channels.
    • Media Management – Photo tagging, retouching & gallery management, as well as trip photo management.
    • Social Media Support – Image selection, copywriting, scheduling and moderation/engagement.
    • Website Maintenance – Fundamental SEO techniques, featuring trips and tours, link building and web page creation.
    • Proofreading – An essential part of our quality assurance process is proofreading and this role would play an important part in this.
    • Ad-Hoc Support – You will reasonably be expected to provide support in the following areas:
      • PR and media requests
      • Broader team support in line with your flexible skillset

    Assisting with Content Creation & Distribution

    Considering SEO, writing for the web, alongside inspirational and persuasive copywriting techniques the successful candidate will write copy for use in email, web pages, social posts and a range of supporting documents. This will include writing from experience, deep research and drawing on product knowledge to create first draft copy. You will edit content from a range of contributing authors and then distribute new and existing content across channels as appropriate with the content plan.

    Media Management

    It is desirable for the candidate to be proficient in photoshop or similar photo editing software. On a daily basis this will involve the on and offline management of our photo library filing and tagging system, including retouching and cropping to improve the impact of our photography.

    Social Media Support

    Closely linked to media management, trending topics and campaign planning, the social media support will involve multiple relevant channels. You will select appropriate inspiring imagery based on exceptional product knowledge of the areas in which we operate, write creative/informative copy and schedule posts for each of the Wilderness Group brands. This will also include the moderation and engagement of comments.

    Website Maintenance

    You will be responsible for the creation and editing of web pages using WordPress. It is desirable that you have relevant experience in using a CMS and CRM system in order to maintain our suite of websites. The candidate will demonstrate and employ a range of SEO techniques to ensure that the fundamentals are covered in line with existing processes. As larger content pieces are developed, it will be your responsibility to build links via outreach.


    In order to maintain the highest standards of published content, you must be able to proofread your own work and that of others, drawing on a high command of English, product knowledge and messaging.

    The successful candidate will be joining a high-performing, collaborative team. You will have a curious mind and a commitment to continued professional development.

    How to Apply

    We’re really keen to hear from you so please send us your CV and a one-page cover letter detailing the following:

    1. The relevant experience you can bring to this role
    2. Areas in England that you’ve adventured in and have knowledge of
    3. A suggestion for how we could better kickstart Wilderness England‘s content marketing
    4. Why you would be ideal for the role

    Please also feel free to  include:

    • examples or references to your existing work/portfolio
    • any other creative and persuasive reasons to hire you

    To informally discuss the position please call 01479 420 020 and ask to speak to Ben Thorburn or Meike van Krimpen. The closing date for applications is Sunday the 12th of June 2022.

    Please email a PDF copy of your application to [email protected].

    All applications will be auto-acknowledged upon receipt and then will be manually reviewed by the team. Interviews may happen before the closing date so don’t hesitate to apply ASAP. 

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