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Loyalty Programme


When you book an adventure holiday with Wilderness Scotland you automatically become a member of our exclusive Friends of the Wilderness Loyalty Programme (FOW).

Loyalty Benefits

Level – WILD (1-2 trips)

  • First access at our new trips
  • Special FOW offers and incentives
  • A Wilderness water bottle (supplied on trip)

Level – WILDER (3-4 trips)

  • The above benefits
  • Book Three and Get a Tree! To celebrate your third trip  we’ll plant a tree in the Wilderness Grove in the Scottish Highlands.

Level – WILDEST (5 trips or more)

  • All of the above benefits
  • 10% Discount on your 5th trip (applies to your individual traveller book only if you book in a group)
  • Your WILDEST discount applies to all subsequent trips with Wilderness Scotland and Wilderness Ireland