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Neil Irvine

Me in 3 – Highlander | Analytical Collector

Place to Play – Cairngorms National Park is where I learned to Snowboard.  The Cairngorms is an amazingly atmospheric environment and a perfect place to carve the slopes whilst pulling off multiple complicated 1080 transition tricks.  Yes, I really am that good at snowboarding (when I dream, anyway).  The Tony Hawk of snowboarding is what I wish they would call me.  Although, on my first ever lesson the snowboard instructor did call me a speed junkie, which I took as a compliment.

Not a lot of people know this – I am a certified tutor of Sense-Able Learning and New Tricks with Words.  Basically I can help people improve their spelling through NLP techniques – classes are known to involve different coloured mini dragons, sadly they are imaginary only!

Mini Bio – I was born in the capital city of the Scottish Highlands, Inverness, and in the last few years I have lived in various different Scottish places such as Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Larbert during my time studying a BA in Business and an MSc in Digital Marketing.   I love the outdoors and the nature that populates the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.  I have relatives that live within some really stunning areas such as Callinish and Coll which are located on the Isle of Lewis – I have fond memories of running around my Granny’s back garden in Coll which felt like it was a truly remote location as only the animals inhabiting the neighbouring croft seemed to be the closet living contact.  Now I find myself back home in the Highlands and living in Inverness, everything seems to have come full circle.  I am enjoying the tranquility of the Highlands – it is a nice contrast to the busy city life!

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Wildlife Adventures - The Outer Hebrides & St Kilda

Next available trip: 15th June        Duration: 6 night(s)
Region: Outer Hebrides and St Kilda    
Comfort: Classic
Difficulty: 2
  • Explore by boat and on foot, some of the most pristine, wild and spectacular seabird locations in Europe (including, weather permitting, St Kilda - a double UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • Look for otters, red deer and golden eagles on the Isle of Harris
  • Discover the Uists, stronghold of the rare Corncrake and world famous for their wildflowers and windswept beauty

Price: from £1,725

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