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    Roshni Advani

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    Inquisitive | Spontaneous | Thoughtful

    Mini Bio

    I was born and raised in the rather flat country of Luxembourg. I didn’t really experience Scotland’s beauty until I moved here for university and saw breathtaking nature everywhere I looked. During university, I befriended and lived with an avid hillwalker who (very literally) pushed me into my first of many lockdown adventures. We started a weekly tradition that soon led to my very first hill day: an 8-summit trek from Dollar to Dumyat. After that, the bug was caught!

    While I have plenty of Scotland left to explore, my favourite adventures so far have been Schiehallion, Ben Lomond through the Ptarmigan Ridge and that very first hill day. I enjoy planning a good trip, whether exploring every nook and cranny of a hill (or three) or crossing borders into unknown cities. As long as I’m seeing something new, I’m happy! I’ve always loved to travel and explore new places by myself (an only child through and through) while ensuring I remain sustainable and as eco-friendly as possible. Sometimes that means taking multiple buses for 24 hours or getting home in the early hours of the morning – it’s all part of the adventure!

    Place to Play

    I lived on the Isle of Islay for a short while and absolutely loved the island. I made it a priority to explore as much as possible without a car and limited bus services – I did a good job! Machir Bay, in particular, is surrounded by a spectacular kind of magic. It makes you feel like the shimmering, clear blue ocean is alive. Once the sun sets and the stars glitter above you, it’s hard to believe it’s all real.

    Islay proved to me that I have very little interest in leaving Scotland without seeing every mystical place this country has to offer. I’ll be running around taking it all in until then.

    Not a lot of people know this

    I speak seven languages!

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