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Alastair Goodridge

Me in 3 – Calm, Committed, Adventurous

Place to play – The Cairngorms National Park. I love the wild spaces and enjoy big days in the hills as well as relaxed exploring in the glens and forests.

Not a lot of people know this – I have passed my Chinese driving test… twice!

Mini Bio – I’ve had a varied and adventurous career, including working as an outdoor instructor, leading overseas expeditions, working on Australian cattle stations and driving trucks around West Africa.

I now live in the Cairngorm’s National Park and spend as much time as possible outside, walking, wild camping, skiing and long distance horse riding.

I am interested in sustainable forestry and I am currently training my horse to extract timber from the forest. I am passionate about the environment and enjoy sharing my knowledge of natural history and wildlife with others.

Adventurer's Stories about Alastair

Alastair is a wonderful, organized, calm leader and clearly knows the area, history, flora and fauna.
Laura Stusser-McNeil
Very knowledgeable and friendly. I appreciated Alastair’s straightforward approach and his patience even though we had a very wide range of fitness levels within our group.
Fiona Cameron
Very helpful to everyone in the group. Went over and beyond. Great information details. Kind, considerate, and above all patient.
Dawn Greenwald
None better. Knowledgeable, competent, and caring, especially when faced with varying levels of hiking abilities.
Linda Lippman
Alistair was wonderful. He grasped our relative abilities very quickly. he was always there to lend a helping hand when I wobbled on a rock, or sank into the peat bog. He gave us lots of information about the history, the natural environment and so on. He drove beautifully and he was great company!
Gail Kent
Alastair was the perfect guide for our group. We had very diverse hiking skills and he was able to ensure each of us participated and saw the sights while keeping us all safe and happy!
Barbara Nelson
Alistair was wonderful. He managed the different personalities and skill levels with ease. He was so knowledgeable across such a broad range of topics and happy to answer everyone’s questions. He was always on time with a smile. For me personally his words of encouragement and mental as well as physical help were invaluable. If I ever take another trip I want to go with him!! He makes you feel secure in his abilities which for a novice was extremely important. Don’t lose him!!
Randy Kamen
This was my first guided tour at age 68. My late husband and I did much traveling from age of 21. I have nothing to compare except I doubt anyone could guide us better than Alastair. Eight people all with different needs, expectations and desires and then adding on personalities is a huge responsibility. Alastair made it look easy as he taught us about the history of your lovely land, knowledge of your local plants and wildlife. I asked for a little time to shop and someone else wanted a tour of a whiskey distillery and he made both possible (last one kept us out of pouring rain after a hike). How lucky were we that he was our guide!
Patricia Blaszko
Already commented. Loved Alister and would seek out a trip with him again. He does not over guide and true to control group. He gets his job done but let’s everyone enjoy everything. And his stories and experiences were so memorizing. I am so glad he was willing to share
Maydelis Torres
My trip was guided by Alastair Goodridge. He's informative and very knowledgeable about the history and legends of the area. He explained a lot about the diverse flora and fauna that I’d miss if I opted to do the way unguided. He is very professional, flexible, conscientious, and calm!
Zada Ghanayem
Alisster was chilled, patient, didn't rush us and stress us around... He was caring and left us on our own pace as we were a small group... Kept checking on everyone, and provided loads of information about nature, vegetation, animals, history and answered all the questions we had in mind... Also he helped me in managing my meals according to my dietary needs... Super calm and polite...
Melia Rabadi