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    Selected Trips

      Alastair Goodridge

      Committed | Adventurous


      Mini Bio

      I’ve had a varied and adventurous career, including working as an outdoor instructor, leading overseas expeditions, working on Australian cattle stations and driving trucks around West Africa.

      I now live in the Cairngorm’s National Park and spend as much time as possible outside, walking, wild camping, skiing and long distance horse riding.

      I am interested in sustainable forestry and I am currently training my horse to extract timber from the forest. I am passionate about the environment and enjoy sharing my knowledge of natural history and wildlife with others.

      Place to play

      The Cairngorms National Park. I love the wild spaces and enjoy big days in the hills as well as relaxed exploring in the glens and forests.

      Not a lot of people know this

      I have passed my Chinese driving test… twice!

      Qualifications Read More
      • Winter + Summer Mountain Leader
      • Mountain Instructors Award
      • Trail Cycle Leader
      • HGV + PCV license
      Experience Read More

      I’ve been leading groups outdoors in one form or another for the last 15 years, including working as an outdoor instructor in the UK and leading developmental youth expeditions overseas. I’ve spent many years leading overland expeditions around the developing world, including pioneering adventures in West Africa. I’m fortunate to now live in the Cairngorms National Park: I love the wild spaces and enjoy big days in the hills as well as relaxed exploring in the glens and forests. I spend as much time as possible outside, walking, wild camping, skiing and horse riding.

      Biggest Adventure Read More

      I cycled the length of the UK aged 15, and across South America a few years later. I’ve driven from the UK to China and back, back to the UK from India, and pioneered trips in West Africa. While driving the Karakoram Highway in Pakistan, I drove a 16-tonne truck on to 2 small boats lashed together to cross Lake Attabad, formed by a massive landslide. On honeymoon, we rode horses around Mongolia in the winter, visiting an ice festival and camel racing festival then took the train back to the UK.

      Surely the biggest adventure is always what lies ahead?

      Specialist Subject Read More

      I am particularly interested in Scotland’s natural environment, including geology, flora and fauna, agriculture, woodland and land management. I also work in sustainable forestry and use my horse to extract timber from the forest. I have undertaken extensive practical research on the beers and whiskies of Scotland, and am always happy to share my knowledge over a pint or a dram.

      Publications Read More

      I’ve been interviewed on BBC News and featured in The Times, The Financial Times and The Telegraph about my work pioneering adventure travel in West Africa. I’ve also contributed to Bradt Travel Guides of the region.

      Adventurer's Stories about Alastair

      Al was really great. He is incredibly knowledgeable. He was also great at improvising if the weather or traffic required us to change plans at the last minute.

      Kieran Gostin
      19WSTM Tailor Made trips
      Reviewed on 12/08/2019

      Al was the best. He always had our best interests at heart. He became one of us, not just a guide, that's saying alot.

      Jon Gotfredson
      Wilderness Walking - Cairngorms National Park & Royal Deeside
      Reviewed on 07/08/2019

      Alistair and Lotte helped make my WHW experience outstanding. Having hiked the Great Glen Way a few years ago, self-guided, I was hesitant to do a guided hike. The people in our group and the guides, Alistair and Lotte, made this an unforgettable experience. (I will never look at lichen the same) They were both knowledgable, helpful and friendly. Amazing experience with the whole group!

      Beth Baker
      Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
      Reviewed on 05/08/2019

      Alastair and Lotte could not have been any friendlier and were always interested in hearing about individual 's backgrounds throughout the day. They had a wealth of knowledge about our surroundings and the whole group took away memories for life. It was great that we could unwind in the evenings for a drink with our guides as it gave them a chance to reveal their stories to the group.

      Kenneth Barclay
      Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
      Reviewed on 18/07/2019

      From making sure everyone was enjoying the experience, to keeping us moving (and balancing with stops, usually at scenic points along the way) and simply being friendly companions, it would be difficult to top Alastair and Lotte. As a bonus, they gave me great feedback and food for thought about possibly leading hiking groups myself back in the U.S., when I asked them about it.

      Joel Eisen
      Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
      Reviewed on 18/07/2019

      As stated before Lotte and Alistair were awesome. Loved the info Al shared with us. It was never boring. That guy would make a great teacher! Lotte as well!

      Melissa Cissell
      Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
      Reviewed on 15/07/2019

      Alastair and Lotte were always available and kind. They looked after the whole party and kept everybody safe without mothering. They were knowledgeable and interesting in their stories about the area. And excellent listeners!!!

      Brenda Craig
      Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
      Reviewed on 11/07/2019

      Our guides, Lotte and Alistair, were both excellent, and complemented each other beautifully. They were both highly experienced, knowledgeable and skilful outdoors people, with great interpersonal skills. They were both also lovely, warm,likeable and cheerful, with relaxed demeanour..we felt very secure. They kept the group together over long distances, without ever herding us, or making anyone feel they had to go at a pace that was not comfortable. Even though myself and partner both arrived with colds, we felt the guides were totally supportive and non judgemental, allowing us to make decisions about whether or not to skip a day.
      Their maturity and kindness were evident when one of the group members faced an unexpected tragedy outside our journey.
      We have been on many guided hiking trips in many countries, over the years. Lotte and Alistair rate amongst the best. Having initially wanted to have a self guided trip, we felt very lucky that circumstances placed us on this guided trip with Lotte and Alistair.

      Rosemary Campbell
      Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
      Reviewed on 11/07/2019

      Alistair and Lotte answered any and every question, and were extremely good natured throughout the trip.

      Mary Marler
      Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
      Reviewed on 11/07/2019

      Alastair was amazing - he was friendly, patient, accomodating, and knowledgeable. I very much enjoyed walking and talking with him and do hope to book another trip with his as the guide in the future.

      Amanda Thomson
      Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
      Reviewed on 13/06/2019

      Our guide Alastair was very competent and had a lot to share.
      He almost always had an aswer to my numerous questions aboute the flora and fauna of Scottland.

      He did a good job keeping the group together despite the difference in speed.

      Very easy going and dedicated!

      Ulrika Örarbäck
      Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
      Reviewed on 13/06/2019

      Guide was good and knowledgeable but I sometimes felt he wasn't in touch with how everyone was doing on the hills and where they were (behind him).

      Niamh McDonnell
      Wilderness Walking - The Knoydart Peninsula
      Reviewed on 05/05/2019

      Led the group well, and made sensible decisions in itinerary choices.
      Pace was a bit faster than I would normally walk at, but it did keep the group moving.

      Keith Weatherhead
      Wilderness Walking - The Knoydart Peninsula
      Reviewed on 29/04/2019

      Incredibly knowledgeable and created a great walks programme to make the most of the conditions. The group got spread out a few times over tricky terrain though and I felt the guide should have waited for stragglers to catch up at some points when those at the back were either out of sight or could have benefited from some direction eg to a sheep track in very long grass.


      Thank you for your feedback. We are delighted to hear that you had a great time and that the guide created a lovely suite of walks during your trip. Our guides often check on the group without clients realising they have to allow the walk to flow as much as possible. However, we very much appreciate the feedback and it will be passed on so the guide can take it into consideration on future trips.

      Kate Damiral
      Wilderness Walking - The Knoydart Peninsula
      Reviewed on 24/04/2019

      Alistair was very confident with navigation, and knew lots of interesting history, geology and natural history. Occasionally I found the pace a little fast as I like to take in the scenery and stop for photos, and interesting birds or plants, but Alistair managed to accommodate the group well.

      Susan Weatherhead
      Wilderness Walking - The Knoydart Peninsula
      Reviewed on 24/04/2019

      Alastair is a wonderful, organized, calm leader and clearly knows the area, history, flora and fauna.

      Laura Stusser-McNeil
      Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
      Reviewed on 18/09/2018

      Very knowledgeable and friendly. I appreciated Alastair’s straightforward approach and his patience even though we had a very wide range of fitness levels within our group.

      Fiona Cameron
      Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
      Reviewed on 13/09/2018

      Very helpful to everyone in the group. Went over and beyond. Great information details. Kind, considerate, and above all patient.

      Dawn Greenwald
      Wilderness Walking - Isle of Skye
      Reviewed on 15/08/2018

      None better. Knowledgeable, competent, and caring, especially when faced with varying levels of hiking abilities.

      Linda Lippman
      Wilderness Walking - Isle of Skye
      Reviewed on 14/08/2018

      Alistair was wonderful. He grasped our relative abilities very quickly. he was always there to lend a helping hand when I wobbled on a rock, or sank into the peat bog. He gave us lots of information about the history, the natural environment and so on. He drove beautifully and he was great company!

      Gail Kent
      Wilderness Walking - Isle of Skye
      Reviewed on 13/08/2018

      Alastair was the perfect guide for our group. We had very diverse hiking skills and he was able to ensure each of us participated and saw the sights while keeping us all safe and happy!

      Barbara Nelson
      Wilderness Walking - Isle of Skye
      Reviewed on 10/08/2018

      Alistair was wonderful. He managed the different personalities and skill levels with ease. He was so knowledgeable across such a broad range of topics and happy to answer everyone’s questions. He was always on time with a smile. For me personally his words of encouragement and mental as well as physical help were invaluable. If I ever take another trip I want to go with him!! He makes you feel secure in his abilities which for a novice was extremely important. Don’t lose him!!

      Randy Kamen
      Wilderness Walking - Isle of Skye
      Reviewed on 07/08/2018

      This was my first guided tour at age 68. My late husband and I did much traveling from age of 21. I have nothing to compare except I doubt anyone could guide us better than Alastair. Eight people all with different needs, expectations and desires and then adding on personalities is a huge responsibility. Alastair made it look easy as he taught us about the history of your lovely land, knowledge of your local plants and wildlife. I asked for a little time to shop and someone else wanted a tour of a whiskey distillery and he made both possible (last one kept us out of pouring rain after a hike). How lucky were we that he was our guide!

      Patricia Blaszko
      Wilderness Walking - Isle of Skye
      Reviewed on 06/08/2018

      Already commented. Loved Alister and would seek out a trip with him again. He does not over guide and true to control group. He gets his job done but let’s everyone enjoy everything. And his stories and experiences were so memorizing. I am so glad he was willing to share

      Maydelis Torres
      Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
      Reviewed on 21/04/2018

      My trip was guided by Alastair Goodridge. He's informative and very knowledgeable about the history and legends of the area. He explained a lot about the diverse flora and fauna that I’d miss if I opted to do the way unguided. He is very professional, flexible, conscientious, and calm!

      Zada Ghanayem
      Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
      Reviewed on 19/04/2018

      Alisster was chilled, patient, didn't rush us and stress us around... He was caring and left us on our own pace as we were a small group... Kept checking on everyone, and provided loads of information about nature, vegetation, animals, history and answered all the questions we had in mind... Also he helped me in managing my meals according to my dietary needs... Super calm and polite...

      Melia Rabadi
      Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
      Reviewed on 19/04/2018

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