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Andrew Davies

Andrew DaviesMe in 3 –
 Happy, Chatty, Interested

Place to Play –  Ski Slopes, Rivers such as the Spey and the Tay, Bike tracks like Glen Tress and I love Torridon

Not a lot of people know this – I traveled to Switzerland for my first ski trip when I was 12 on my own. 

Mini Bio –  I love being in the mountains, just being in them and looking around, watching them change through the seasons and sharing them with others, I’ve never been a solo walker! I’ve now worked in the outdoors for 15 years; over seeing safety, promoting fun, developing skills and often trying to encourage others to learn about themselves too. Ultimately it is that sharing with others places that I love that draws me to guiding with Wilderness Scotland. 

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Again, shana and Andrew did a great job.
Jenny Grunwald