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Andy Singh

Andy_SinghMe in 3 – Milk, no sugar…

Place to Play – I like to go and explore new places but its always good to come back home to the Cairngorms National Park.

Not a lot of people know this – I once had a job where folk paid me good money to take their dogs for walks… they also gave me a company car…

An Osprey can move one of its talons on each foot to go from a 3×1 arrangement used for perching to a 2×2 for holding onto wriggling salmon!

Mini Bio –

Alongside working for Wilderness Scotland I also have a rather fun – if unusual -job of climbing trees. Sometimes it is because they are unsafe and need to come down, sometimes it is to take a closer look at any defaults, sometimes it is to see if any bats are roosting in a cavity or I might even be up there to build an osprey nest.

When not in a tree my favourite activities include mountain and road biking, open canoeing and a spot of back country snowboarding. I also enjoy taking photos and spending my time trying (but usually failing) to tire out my bull-lurcher, Patch.