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Billy Hood

Billy HoodMe in Three – Enthusiastic  |  Optimistic  |  Determined

Place to Play – Anywhere on the west coast but if pushed for more precision then the west coast of Lewis for the sea, the surf, the sea cliffs and hills.

Not a Lot of People Know This  – After giving a short presentation in my home village to the local Agricultural Society I was unexpectedly tasked with judging the ‘Shortbread Baking Competition’.  This involved tasting then ranking the top 6 entrants. All in front of the formidable competitors! I have never felt under more pressure. 

Mini Bio – Since my first rock climb at the age of 15 on the Isle of Arran, my enthusiasm for all things ‘mountain based’ remains undiminished.  During a long career in teaching where I spent the last ten years as a Depute Head Teacher in a large secondary school, I still managed to climb, kayak and ski all over Europe,  North America and the UK. I also spent time teaching and coaching rock climbing. I took particular satisfaction from planning and preparing groups of young adults for extended backpacking and mountaineering trips in Scotland and abroad. In 2014 I decided to leave teaching  and concentrate on what always seemed like my parallel career in the outdoors…..a great decision. Nowadays, I like nothing better than travelling into remote areas by kayak, bike, skis in winter or even on foot. Spending my time climbing, walking, exploring, taking pictures, and learning more about our environment. I will never get tired of sharing this kind of experience. I love to see the reaction others have to the natural beauty and grandeur in our country. Still so many places to visit….and that is just in Scotland

Adventurer's Stories about Billy

Billy just the very best. Just fitted in. Knew his stuff. Walking knowledge of area very extensive. Funny, relaxed. Not pushy and just lovely to have around.
Roger Fox
James was great as a relaxed skipper. He was good at encouraging participation.
Billy was enthusiastic and friendly .
Steven Morgan
Billy was fantastic, I bruised or twisted my ankle the second day out so it became a bit sore...he frequently checked on me and made sure I still enjoyed the trip, which I did. In general I was also impressed with his guiding skills and general knowledge. He quickly assessed that the group hiked at different paces and instead of making us stay together allowed us freedom of movement while still keeping tabs on all. Enthusiastic, witty and very helpful.

James and Cloe were also excellent explaining how to sail, the workings of the boat and local information. Also enthusiastic, witty and very helpful
Judith Jones
Billy was awesome. We loved talking to him and getting to know him. He taught us a lot about the areas we hiked in. The combination of Billy, and James and Chloe gave us a wealth of knowledge to draw on. During the hikes, Billy was great at pacing the hikes and also letting us explore on our own when it was okay to do so. I also felt that Billy did a great job of sizing up the group and determining the capabilities of each hiker and tayloring the hikes to our abilities. We throughly enjoyed hiking with Billy.
Debra Schaffer