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David Buckett

Me in 3 – Organised, laid back, stoic

Place to Play – The North face of Ben Nevis and Skye

Not a lot of people know this – I once walked all the Wainwrights in the Lake District in 13 days!

Mini Bio – I grew up in Kent in the south of England, completed a Geography degree at the University of Portsmouth then moved to Fort William where I have been for the last 10 years.  I now spend most of my time going up and down the hills around Ben Nevis and Glen Coe as well as the Black Cuillin on Skye.  I like to spend my free time climbing, road biking and exploring the west coast of Scotland.

Adventurer's Stories about David

Our guides by turns accompanied us on bike and support vehicle.
They offered detailed information for the for the part of the route ahead of us by means of map and accurate explanation.
Nevertheless on the road we sometimes took the wrong turn or the group split up
because of everyone’s individual speed.
David and Neil always managed to bring all of us to the next meeting point along
the way and everyone savely reached the destination in the evening.
Although they pedaled some extra mile to accompany the faster as well as the
slower ones of our group, both did this in a calm pleasant and very friendly way.

What Neil and David did for us was much more than just guiding, I would call it a
full week complete service.
- luggage service
We had lightweight bikes, for our guides this meant dragging lots of our heavy
bags to the van in the morning and to the hotel in the evening.
- technical service
to keep our bikes running
- food service
preparing our picnic and coffee stops (always in style with tablecloth)
- psychological service
When my legs lost power the last miles of the day, I appreciated the encouraging
words of Neil or David riding by my side.
- knowledge service
Due to our guides‘ detailed knowledge we learned a lot about the regions we
passed through.

Wilderness Scotland Promise: „ you can expect to be in friendly and safe hands“

I completely agree
Günther Klepper
David was just as he describes himself: organized, laid back & stoic. He was always quietly supporting us and so attentive to our needs. I really appreciated that he believed in our abilities and just always seemed to be there when we needed him. It felt like he was always one step ahead, adjusting and rearranging routes, timing, the schedule to ensure we had the most optimal experience. He made our trip extremely special.
Rachel McMillan
As noted, the guys accommodated everyone and every situation with grace, charm and humor.
William Aycock
The guides were pretty good at making everyone was ok and accommodating a range of speeds and desires. I was often on my own for an hour at a time, but then I'd come around a corner and a guide would be waiting for me. I also appreciated their flexibility in adapting the schedule to the weather.
Janet Wiener
We felt very well taken care of by David and Neil.
Scott McMillan
They were great guys who worked hard and were always super helpful. Dave helped with a flat in record time. Neal kept the conversation lively and was eager to help as well.
Mark Bajorek
The guide during our trekking in Torridon was very helpful. He explained and gave us information about certain flora and fauna and was always pleased to answer to our questions and queries.
Andrew Giordmaina
Our guide for trekking David Bucket was very informative and friendly . He made our trekking experience a memorable one .
Etienne Micallef
Joe (the Quiraing) and David (Torridon) were both a delight. Temperamentally perfect for our gang. Please give them our contact info in case they are ever in the Southwest U.S.
Stephen Bowers