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Duncan Warner

Duncan WarnerMe in 3 Outside + Active = Happy

Place to play West coast of Ireland – so many ways to experience it and a lifetime of places to visit.

Not a lot of people know this but…I sneeze when I eat chocolate (I end up sneezing a lot !).

Mini Bio

I am fortunate to have found a profession that combines my appreciation for the natural environment and the fun of meeting like minded people.

For the last ten years working in the outdoors, hiking, biking and kayaking has enabled me to enjoy the experience of journeying yet at the same time providing constant opportunities to stop and take it all in.

Adventurer's Stories about Duncan

Ben Walker, Duncan Warner, and Craig Little were all excellent. They were all good-humored, helpful, socially adept, good drivers, too. I'd single Ben Walker out for some special praise: I've never seen a tour guide who was better at engaging people and drawing them out in conversation. He seemed to have an instinct for making sure everyone was included and appreciated-- a very rare social gift.
Mark Armstrong
The guides were the BEST! They absolutely made the trip. They were very perceptive, organized and upbeat.
Kenneth Weiner
Guides very professional and approachable, always ready for a chat. The guides worked hard looking after all the aspects in regard to our personal safety, bike maintenance, keeping up snacks enroute & maps garmins at the ready each day.
The guides on trip were very experienced in the field and it showed. This tour I can't fault they were fantastic!
Maree Villani

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