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    Selected Trips

      Eilid Ormiston

      Eilid Ormiston

      Happy | Hopeful | Homebaked!

      Mini Bio

      Born in Glasgow to an outdoor enthusiast father, my childhood was spent walking the hills and glens of the Scottish Highlands all year round and exploring the jewel like islands lying scattered at the feet of its Western seaboard.

      Instilling a love of wild and windswept places my education lead me to study Geography in my early years and later Outdoor Education as a returning student.
      Continually enjoying challenging myself and learning more about the outdoors, what takes us there and the unique experiences we have amongst our green places brought me to the academic world of outdoor learning.
      Lecturing now for the University of the Highland and Islands and currently delivering a further education course in Outdoor Leadership, introducing folks to my rugged backyard and sharing their joy in new found pleasures and landscapes is my privilege.

      Just as happy showing a toddler the wonders of raindrops held in the fingers of moss to the view from a hard earned summit with mountains spread at our feet peaking through the blanket of clouds.

      Place to Play

      Oooh tricky one! The western isles and coastline are a firm favourite as always intriguing and changing.

      Not a lot of people know this

      I once had the leading role in an Edinburgh Festival play! And my name means a red deer hind in Gaelic – my favourite animal.


      Adventurer's Stories about Eilid

      Eilid was wonderful. Because there were only two of us she was quickly able to figure out what our main likes were and steered us in the right direction. We had many a wonderful chat and I couldn't believe we had things to talk about for the entire trip. The poor girl spent all day with us and didn't seem to tire of us and we definitely didn't tire of her. Eilid is very knowledgeable of the areas through which we traveled and boy did she pick some wonderful spots. Eilid was rarely if every stumped on a question of plants, animals(although we didn't see a beaver or a haggis and I'm pretty sure they're related) or birds. She even had us eating a few leaves and flowers after telling us what they were used for for centuries. Her suggestions of restaurants were excellent and bang on what we were interested in.
      Thank you very much for a wonderful trip Eilid. Oh and thanks to Kirstie as well. Kirstie joined us for a day on Gigha and was excellent. It is so nice to see people who genuinely love what they are doing. Kirstie had so many things that interested her, from the shells on the beach to the taste of flowers off of gee I can't remember what plant..the one that tastes like peas from one side and coconut from the other.
      Thanks Eilid, thanks Kirstie and thanks to Eilid's John for suggesting a couple of fine whiskies.

      Derek Cleland
      Wilderness Walking - Argyll & the Isles
      Reviewed on 22/06/2016

      Eilid provided me with a perfect holiday. Her knowledge was endless which prompted a million questions that she patiently answered and further encouraged my curiosity. She correctly assessed my abilities and expectations ensuring inspiring walks and fun outings. Every day had an unexpected special moment that I am sure she pre-arranged, although the beaver would not co-operate and show themselves. I am missing our afternoon tea breaks, which were in the most unique picturesque tearooms she found along the trail. Eilid is an amazing hostess for your beautiful country.
      For one day we had Kirstie shadow our group. She was also a delight, helpful and very knowledgable.

      Barbara Cleland
      Wilderness Walking - Argyll & the Isles
      Reviewed on 22/06/2016

      Excellent. Our Guide Eilid was very well organised, knowledgeable about all aspects of Skye and Harris and was an excellent leader. Her quiet professionalism brought the best out in the group.

      Peter Watkins
      Wilderness Walking - Outer Hebrides & Skye
      Reviewed on 13/06/2016

      I cannot praise her too highly! I loved the way she quietly assessed our abilities and made sure we were able to complete the climbs and walks without being patronising or over-bearing. Her knowledge of the countryside, flowers, birds, geology was wide and she explained everything but without being 'pushy'. A lovely intelligent walking companion!

      Carol Wood
      Wilderness Walking - Outer Hebrides & Skye
      Reviewed on 09/06/2016

      This is my third wilderness holiday and in each case the guides have played a crucial part in ensuring the pleasure of the holiday. Eilid as with the other guides was a reassuring presence and concerned to provide for individual needs in a group with different levels of stamina and agility. A lovely person to be with.

      John Osborne
      Wilderness Walking - Outer Hebrides & Skye
      Reviewed on 07/06/2016

      As already stated our guide was excellent. 10 out of 10! Elid was full of outdoor and local knowledge. She drove smoothly and safely. She was helpful, encouraging and always pleasant. She took great care of all her clients needs.

      James Foulds
      Wilderness Walking - Outer Hebrides & Skye
      Reviewed on 06/06/2016

      Very Professional- period. Experienced and wise. Quiet when needed and in charge the same. Very impressive guide. When traveling in a van perhaps ask rear passengers more about comfort level or air circulation on the curvy roads. Excellent driver skills but I know it was harder in the back.

      Kim Abraham
      Wilderness Walking - Argyll & the Isles
      Reviewed on 11/07/2015

      As I mentioned before, Eilid was great. A true professional, but delightful to be with each day.

      Cynthia Jorgensen
      Wilderness Walking - Argyll & the Isles
      Reviewed on 07/07/2015

      See earlier comments. Could not have asked for a friendlier, more knowledgeable or more upbeat guide.

      Richard Leavy
      Wilderness Walking - Argyll & the Isles
      Reviewed on 05/07/2015

      As before, Eilid was a tremendous guide. Knowledgeable and always smiling. It was great to have Racheal along on the trip as well.

      Cherie Wilcox
      Wilderness Walking - Argyll & the Isles
      Reviewed on 01/07/2015

      Fantastic leader Knowledgable and charming . A great group leader,and most enjoyable company . Ably assisted by her assistant

      Elizabeth Stroud
      Wilderness Walking - Argyll & the Isles
      Reviewed on 29/06/2015

      Both were just great. Eilid had such great local knowledge which was critical to the success of our hikes. Erin's enthusiasm and great nature were a joy

      Connie Fischer
      15WSTM Tailor Made trips
      Reviewed on 08/06/2015

      Both were excellent, enthusiastic, wise, and ever flexible in planning around the bad weather.

      Woody Fischer
      15WSTM Tailor Made trips
      Reviewed on 08/06/2015

      She was fantastic.

      Hilary French
      Wilderness Walking - Outer Hebrides & Skye
      Reviewed on 01/06/2015

      Eilid Ormiston, thank you for introducing me to so many places for my first trip to Scotland. I do appreciate the conversations we had with one another and you are very knowledgeable with the landscape, plant life and animal life too! Nice job holding our group together. Wishing you and your family the very best! Thanks! -Elias

      Elias Naser
      Wilderness Walking - Outer Hebrides & Skye
      Reviewed on 31/05/2015

      She was encouraging and supportive

      Andrea Stewart
      Wilderness Walking - Outer Hebrides & Skye
      Reviewed on 25/05/2015


      Shirley Underwood
      Wilderness Walking - Outer Hebrides & Skye
      Reviewed on 25/05/2015

      Eilid was an excellent guide and very caring. She was very supportive when my husband tore a hamstring muscle while hiking. She is very knowledgable about the western isles and was fun to be with. Also a great driver of our van.

      Carole Barton
      Wilderness Walking - Outer Hebrides & Skye
      Reviewed on 25/05/2015

      Beyond excellent! Eilid is superb!

      Phyllis Shaw
      Wilderness Walking - Outer Hebrides & Skye
      Reviewed on 09/06/2014

      She was knowledgeable, personable, and very capable. I had a great time with her.

      Anne Hecox
      Wilderness Walking - Outer Hebrides & Skye
      Reviewed on 09/06/2014

      Eilid is a national treasure. We love her. She customized the trip to our needs and abilities. She knows the region, the wildlife, and the history of the Isles. We even got to meet some of her friends. Eilid is wonderful and just a great person!! Tell her we think so.

      Janice Shyles
      Kuhn Party - Hiking the Outer Hebrides
      Reviewed on 27/08/2013

      See comments above. WS should feel lucky to have her,.She was the best. She was responsive to our needs, and answered every question knowledgeably

      Leonard Shyles
      Kuhn Party - Hiking the Outer Hebrides
      Reviewed on 24/08/2013

      Eylid, once again, was the BEST. See my earlier comments. They say it all. I loved her.

      Pat Kuhn
      Kuhn Party - Hiking the Outer Hebrides
      Reviewed on 18/08/2013

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