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    Selected Trips

      Grant Dolier

      Adventurous | Laid back | Passionate

      Mini Bio

      My passion is expeditioning. I love heading out on everything from micro adventures to multi day expeditions and having the opportunity to guide people into the beautiful places that you can’t get to by car. My favourite way to do this is paddling but “as long as there’s good company and a beautiful place I don’t mind how I get there”.

      My passion for the outdoors started as a young six year old kid growing up in rural Argyll, and my enthusiasm was nurtured by the Scouts. There has been no looking back since

      Although my first love is paddlesports where I’m qualified as British Canoeing (UKCC) Level 3 canoe coach, and moderate water endorsed white water Level 2 Coach. I also have mountaineering, climbing and biking qualifications.

      Place to play

      Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park. It has everything that I want from a playground, stunning lochs and rivers for paddling some great biking and some fantastic mountains and to top it off I open my front door and it’s right there!

      Not a lot of people know this

      In a previous career, I drove performance sports cars.  


      Adventurer's Stories about Grant

      If there was a grading higher than excelent then I'd select it. It's a tough job but they always did it with a smile. Clearly very knowledgable and genuinely lovely people.

      Jonathan Richards
      Open Canoeing - North West Highlands
      Reviewed on 18/08/2019

      Grant and Rosie were just fabulous!

      Nicky Richards
      Open Canoeing - North West Highlands
      Reviewed on 12/08/2019

      Grant was friendly, knowledgeable (who would have known about Scottish Penguins), fun and a real help throughout

      Kevin Jones
      Open Canoeing - Great Glen Canoe Trail
      Reviewed on 20/06/2019

      Best guide I’ve ever had, informative and good craic

      Thomas Jones
      Open Canoeing - Great Glen Canoe Trail
      Reviewed on 19/06/2019

      Can't think how they could have been better. Enthusiastic, knowledgeable, skilled, well organised, sympathetic to the group and above all great company.

      Tony Colmer
      Open Canoeing - North West Highlands
      Reviewed on 25/05/2019

      Grant and Moose worked as a great team, both out on the water and on the campsites.

      Amy Thomson
      Open Canoeing - River Spey Descent
      Reviewed on 26/09/2018

      Grant and Moose were excellent guides and very willing to share their knowledge and insights of canoeing and how to read the water and river

      Kevin White
      Open Canoeing - River Spey Descent
      Reviewed on 20/09/2018

      Both Grant and Moose were truly superb - there were absolutely no negative points at all - a true credit to Wilderness Scotland.

      Nick Booth
      Open Canoeing - River Spey Descent
      Reviewed on 20/09/2018

      Please see previous comments

      Andrew Tremlett
      Open Canoeing - North West Highlands
      Reviewed on 28/08/2018

      The guides were excellent and very competent. However, an adjustment in the itinerary based on the weather changed the itinerary and they guides chose a more difficult path than was necessary.

      Carolyn Betz
      Open Canoeing - North West Highlands
      Reviewed on 04/06/2018

      It was easy to tell that our guides love the wilderness and their jobs. They were Fabulous, friendly, enthusiastic. They shared history and fascinating facts about the area

      Kathy Joynson
      Open Canoeing - North West Highlands
      Reviewed on 31/05/2018

      Laura and Grant were very good and knowledgable and provided us with a lot of information.

      Anne Mcintosh
      Open Canoeing - North West Highlands
      Reviewed on 28/05/2018

      Grant, Ray, and Alex were fun, professional, and knowledgeable. They were wonderful about seeing to everybody's comfort and all easy to talk to. I felt like we were friends very early in, which makes it an enjoyable trip. I also cannot say enough about their calm handling of the tip ins that happened in our group. The first few were (I think) pretty routine, but that doesn't lessen the value of having good guides. They were always very clear about how they would get the boats and it was just our job to be safe, and all three were great about checking in with everyone afterwards on if they were alright, warm enough, etc. My canoe partner and I had a scary tip the last day where we got swept into a tree on the bank, and the guides were world class. Everyone stayed calm, communicated well, performed their role, kept the rest of the group safe, and they all touched base with Jim and I about how we felt too. It's easy in situations like that to focus so much on the mechanics of getting the boat back, making sure people are out of the elements as much as possible, etc., and forget that the customers might be scared, but the guys were very compassionate without making me feel coddled. I have only good things to say about their teamwork and I'd recommend them any day!

      Larissa Donahue
      Open Canoeing - River Spey Descent
      Reviewed on 30/09/2017


      Gloria Ziebart
      Open Canoeing - River Spey Descent
      Reviewed on 21/09/2017

      Could not praise them highly enough, Alex and Ray provided great support to Lead Guide Grant who was excellent in all respects - would be happy to share more of the outdoors with this team.

      James Lamond
      Open Canoeing - River Spey Descent
      Reviewed on 15/09/2017

      Grant, Alex and Ray were awesome. Friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and patient. They made the trip what it was.

      Dan Edwards
      Open Canoeing - River Spey Descent
      Reviewed on 14/09/2017

      All three guides were top people. Grant can talk for the talk Olympics - but this is really good as his knowledge and experience is worth listening to. He was a good leader. There was one instance where a canoe got stuck under a tree in fast water, and the situation was clearly risky for one of the participants. Grant was into action in a flash, organising Ray and Alex and at no time did we feel that the situation wasn't being handled in the best way . His coaching on paddle skills was clear. Ray looked after Dick, our Octogenarian in a calm, dignified way and Alex was always helpful, smiling and looked after Gloria, the other solo traveler as well as being the group chef.

      Richard Tadman
      Open Canoeing - River Spey Descent
      Reviewed on 14/09/2017

      Grant was fab- though dons't like fires :) . Ray made a fab guide too. Thanks so much

      Susan Samm
      Open Canoeing - Great Glen Canoe Trail
      Reviewed on 22/07/2017

      Grant was very laid-back yet directive! Maybe not enough local information/history as we paddled through, but perhaps he was waiting to be asked

      Carole Campbell
      Open Canoeing - Great Glen Canoe Trail
      Reviewed on 22/07/2017

      Grant is a gem - he maintained a professional yet amicable position and only really got grumpy once. His knowledge and enthusiasm are infectious and I really felt we could achieve our challenge with him in the lead. Ray, his assistant has to be the nicest American I have ever met. He should go far!

      Grizelda Williams
      Open Canoeing - Great Glen Canoe Trail
      Reviewed on 16/07/2017

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