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Me in 3: Passionate, Inclusive, Inspired.

Place to play: The Cuillin Ridge, the remote North West, hidden gems along the Moray Coast and the big open spaces of the Cairngorms.

Not a lot of people know: I am from the South coast of England.


Summer Mountain Leader


Winter ML assessment booked for February 2019

MIA assessment booked for September 2019

Mini bio:

Growing up in the New Forest on the South coast of England I would always much rather be playing outside. At the age of 8, I was able to join my Dad on one of his hillwalking trips to the Lake District and it was there I had my first taste of the mountains. I remember looking up at climbers on Dow Crag and being amazed how small they looked and wondered how they actually got there. A few years later, after a family holiday, I started sea kayaking.

All this great exposure to the outdoors led me to study Outdoor Education at college and it is here my passion for hillwalking, climbing, kayaking and the great outdoors really took off.

Gaining a few instructing qualifications at the college my first job in the outdoors was working at a summer camp for 3 months in Maine, USA. Shortly after my time away I moved to Lancashire to start my first proper job and started to work towards where I am now.

Always looking forward to seeing somewhere new, work and personal interests took me to work in Aberdeen, the Lake District and mid-Wales before now being settled in Inverness.

I’m happiest when I’m in one of the many wild spots of Scotland introducing people to the incredible landscapes and showing them the many different ways to enjoy it.

Biggest Adventure

December 2009 – Living in Lancashire there was a plan hatched one evening for my experienced friend to take me to North Wales winter mountaineering for the first time. A while later another friend came in and joked that Chamonix was only 18 hours away. 3 hours later at around midnight, there was 4 of us in the car heading South to Dover. We almost had to turn back before reaching the Alps as we had run out of money on the toll roads. The next evening we were huddled together in an open-air bivi in on the edge of Chamonix town centre. The morning after was my first time walking in crampons, on the Mer de Glace, in winter! We made our way up the glacier until we started digging a snow hole for our accommodation for the night. In the early hours, the snow hole collapsed on us so we then spent another night with an open-air bivi. Morning arrived and we walked back down the glacier, up the ladders to the lift station and drove back to the UK. We were knackered and broke, but what an introduction to winter in the mountains!

Specialist Subject

Climbing and mountain rescue history.

Mountain Training Association



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