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Iain Rudkin

Iain RudkinMe in 3 – Fun | passionate | creative

Place to Play – Arran never fails to disappoint. Despite it’s proximity to the central belt I’ve had many adventures on this fantastic Island. There’s a reason it’s called ‘Scotland in miniature’!

Not a lot of people know this – I spent 10 years of my life working in chemistry labs before quitting to try something different!

Mini Bio – A love for mountains along with a passion for wilderness travel and photography has allowed me to chase many childhood dreams. Equally at ease in the Scottish mountains as in the polar regions, I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to combine my passion for wild places with a real life job – a privilege not lost on me!

Adventurer's Stories about Iain

Iain was truly the perfect guide. His amazing expertise, personal experience and extensive knowledge made this excellent week. He profoundly enriched my own appreciation of a landscape I already loved - something that will stay with me. He looked after us all with such good humour and kindness, always making sure that the experience was the best for everyone in the group. A further joy was having Chantal with us too.
Anne Laskowski
Iain is well-organised and knowledgeable.
Alison Williams
I can't say enough about Iain. He never lost his cool, has a dry sense of humor and treated us as individuals with specific needs. He's thoughtful, careful and went above and beyond in making sure everyone was happy and safe.
Michele Robb
Iain is an excellent guide, with touring and talking - nothing too much, nothing too little but just right.
Hanna Makkonen
As commented before, Iain was amazing.
Susan Goodwin
Iain was outstanding. He was knowledgeable, very flexible, interactive and worked diligently to meet all of our requests. We couldn't have asked for anyone better.
Melissa Colbert
Can't imagine having had a better guide than Iain. He took us to some amazing locations. He knew that we were interested in the flora, so he made sure to point out various types along the way. He had options for each day based on what the weather was doing. As it was a private tour, we got to spend a lot of time with him and really enjoyed his company, having him share his knowledge and experiences. It was really a perfect trip.
Kevin Meronuk
We miss Iain. What a great person. Was an honour to spend time with him. We went beyond the tourist track and felt we never would have done that without him.
Jennifer Seymour