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Jennifer Roberts

Jennifer RobertsMe in 3 – Friendly | Adventurous | Focused

Place to Play – The North West Highlands of Scotland are a playground for people like me – with a stunning coastline, epic mountains and endless, impressive views.

Not a lot of people know this – I was once part of an adventure race team called the Dukes of Damnation. We never won anything but we put our heart, soul and sweat bands into every race! Did you know that ravens are incredibly intelligent? They have been known to imitate human speech, make their own ‘toys’ and use hand gestures.

Mini Bio – I’m Jen and I spent a long time living a double life – working in an office during the day then paddling, mountaineering and running most weekends and evenings. Eventually the adventures won and I now spend my days outside instructing and guiding all over the UK. I have explored several continents, trekking and climbing in India, Egypt, Norway, Croatia, Vietnam, Chile, Borneo and Scotland, which is now my home. When not outdoors I love nothing more than a cup of tea and a slice of cake while pouring over maps and planning my next adventure.