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      Jennifer Roberts

      Jennifer Roberts

      Friendly | Adventurous | Focused

      Mini Bio

      I’m Jen and I spent a long time living a double life – working in an office during the day then paddling, mountaineering and running most weekends and evenings. Eventually the adventures won and I now spend my days outside instructing and guiding all over the UK. When not outdoors I love nothing more than a cup of tea and a slice of cake while pouring over maps and planning my next adventure. 

      Place to Play

      The North West Highlands of Scotland are a playground for people like me – with a stunning coastline, epic mountains and endless, impressive views.

      Not a lot of people know this

      I was once part of an adventure race team called the Dukes of Damnation. We never won anything but we put our heart, soul and sweat bands into every race! Did you know that ravens are incredibly intelligent? They have been known to imitate human speech, make their own ‘toys’ and use hand gestures.

      Adventurer's Stories about Jennifer

      excellent people-person, interacts well with all clients, very caring

      Bernard Shaw
      Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
      Reviewed on 10/07/2017

      The group blended perfectly and the guide helped with this.

      Paul Schulties
      Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
      Reviewed on 03/07/2017

      Jen Roberts was beyond excellent. Any future group lucky enough to have her as their guide should consider themselves fortunate. Extremely knowledgeable about the route, the geography, flora and fauna, and the history of the area. Anything she didn't know off hand she quickly got back to us with answers on any number of subjects (many not relating to the route at all). Extremely personable and attentive to the needs of everyone in the group, Jen made it a point to spend one-on-one time with each group member every day.

      Ryan Archer
      Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
      Reviewed on 02/07/2017

      Jen was always pleasant, gave us good info, and just the right amount of guidance.

      Marsha Child
      Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
      Reviewed on 02/07/2017

      As stated in a previous answer, our guide, Jennifer Roberts is simply amazing. She is a great, skillful leader and any group with her as guide will have a fun time.

      Robert McIntyre
      Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
      Reviewed on 29/06/2017

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