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    Judith Work

    Adventurous | Friendly | Curly

    Mini Bio

    My passion for the outdoors was introduced at an early age. Growing up in the outskirts of Glasgow made it easy to escape to the hills and one of my earliest ascents included Ben Lomond at age 6 in pink wellington boots! Since then I’ve grown up (a little bit!) and taken part in many excursions around Scotland and abroad in places such as Nepal, Iceland and New Zealand.

    After completing a degree in Environmental Geoscience I worked in Cambodia, New Zealand and Australia for two years before returning to the UK to continue working full-time in the outdoors. In the last 3 years I’ve worked in a range of places around the U.K, most recently in the Cairngorms. I enjoy passing on my passion for Scotland and it’s wild places and am excited to continue guiding for a long time into the future.

    Favourite place to play

    Very hard to choose! At the moment the west coast around Torridon as it is stunning in all weather and always surprises me with the variety.

    Not a lot of people know this

    I used to tap dance. Shuffle hop step!

    Adventurer's Stories about Jude

    Jude was excellent, helpful, friendly and took us to great places.

    Caroline Blagg
    Wilderness Walking - The Orkney Islands
    Reviewed on 17/06/2019

    Our guide was absolutely delightful. Competent, considerate and calm. She was an excellent driver, always prompt and cheerful and very knowledgeable.

    Rosemary Winckley
    Wilderness Walking - The Orkney Islands
    Reviewed on 11/06/2019

    See my initial comments but we would follow Jude anywhere. We had a small group but the two of us had done a far bit of traveling while others in our group had less experience. She was equally attentive and supportive to all of the group's needs. And an excellent van driver!

    Michelle Mowery
    Wilderness Walking - Cairngorms National Park & Royal Deeside
    Reviewed on 12/11/2018

    Jude was our guide and she was completely wonderful. She paid close attention to our interests and needs and made sure the trip was addressing them. She was informed, flexible, and accommodating. Best of all, she had a great sense of humor and kept things light and fun.

    Hydee Clayton
    18WSTM Tailor Made trips
    Reviewed on 25/07/2018

    As I said earlier, we were very happy with our guide, Jude. She was enthusiastic and fun. She took note of the things we were interested in and made sure those were a prominent part of our trip. She was competent, helpful, and made it a wonderful stress free trip for us.

    Trina Clayton
    18WSTM Tailor Made trips
    Reviewed on 24/07/2018

    I thought Jude was brilliant, but I think she needs to be louder so everyone can hear her! :)

    Amy McPherson
    Wilderness Walking - Isle of Skye
    Reviewed on 18/05/2018

    have mentioned in previous comments how impressed I was with Jude and her service and friendliness. She had us organised each day and nothing was ever too much trouble if we wanted to visit a shop or place that wasn't on the list she sorted it for us. Couldn't have experienced a better guide!

    Jennifer Johnston
    Wilderness Walking - Isle of Skye
    Reviewed on 15/05/2018

    She was wonderiful!!! Great driver, sweet, knowledgeable and very friendly ❤️

    Margaret Gugerty
    Wilderness Walking - Isle of Skye
    Reviewed on 14/05/2018

    We all loved Jude. She was SO POSITIVE!!!

    Wilderness Walking - Isle of Skye
    Reviewed on 08/05/2018

    Our guide Jude was the best ever guide I have been with on any guided tour. So cheerful, positive, helpful and responsive to everyone’s needs. Such a pleasure to be with her company.

    Dave Owen
    Wilderness Walking - Isle of Skye
    Reviewed on 07/05/2018

    Truly exceptional. Our guide was skilled at 'reading' the group and their needs, always on the ball, perceptive, energetic, and fun to be with.

    Jocelyn Robson
    Wilderness Walking - Isle of Skye
    Reviewed on 07/05/2018

    Jude was just lovely - friendly, knowledgeable, accommodating. Good advice on the options given the weather so that we did three very different but all memorable walks over the two days and at a pace which suited us. We really enjoyed spending the time with her.

    David Godfrey
    17WSTM Tailor Made trips
    Reviewed on 06/06/2017

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