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Ken Keith

Ken KeithMe in 3 – Passionate | Inspiring | Highlander

Place to Play – Traversing the An Teallach ridge, it’s got everything a day on the hill should have, so good there’s a beer named after it !

Not a lot of people know this – I once ordered a taxi for Elton John and got a £10 tip for my trouble.

Mini Bio – After many years living and working in Edinburgh, escaping for brief weekends to the respite of the northern hills, I finally plucked up the courage to leave city life for good and embark on an adventure. Now I feel as though I am where I belong – in the Highlands of Scotland, surrounded by stunning scenery and spoiled for choice when heading out for a day in the hills.

I love the outdoors and want to share my knowledge and passion with others. By using my skills and experience, I hope to give others the confidence to try something they may not have felt able to do on their own. If I can help people to achieve their goals in the great Scottish outdoors and inspire them to feel confident and happy in it’s surroundings, then I will have succeeded in achieving what I set out to do.

Adventurer's Stories about Ken

Ken was terrific - knowledgeable about nearly everything we asked him, personable, great sense of humor. And he even invited us to his home on the last day.
Cynthia Lavoie
Ken was exceptional!!!
Tracey Prevost
Best guide I’ve had ever.
Adam Brash
Honestly the best guide we have ever had, anywhere. Ken was so professional and did an amazing job to tailor the trip to our needs. He was simply fantastic!
Shannon Brash
Kenny was a brilliant guide on the trip - couldn't have had anyone better.

Dealt with adversities caused by the weather in a professional manner.

Led the hikes at a pace that suited all and was always informative throughout.

Loved his wit and poems!!
Tom Jamieson
Kept us well informed of plans, and involved us in making or changing plans. Ken took the time to ensure that everyone in the group was having the experience that was right for them. He was very knowledgeable re history and all things Scottish!
Patricia Charles
This was my second trip with WS and Ken. Ken always goes the extra mile to ensure that the whole group gets the maximum from each trip. After the first day he seems to know, intuitively, what each person is physically capable of achieving with enjoyment and makes sure everybody is happy with the walks planned. His knowledge of flora, fauna and Scottish history is wide and he even entertained us with short poetry readings whilst out on the hill! That was certainly an added bonus!
Jacqueline McCallum
Our guide Ken was very responsive to the members of the group, giving us choices what to do and where to go. He was friendly and considerate of someone like me who sometimes lagged behind. It was great to walk with someone who knows the area intimately. He seemed to know everything, plants, trees, birds, geology, history, mountains and their names. I think he did very well.
Cornelia Shonkwiler
Ken Keith was fantastic. He was quite attuned to the varying needs of the group and particularly kind and considerate to the one somewhat older member of the group. He was also extremely knowledgeable and chose excellent walks.
Maureen C Miller
Keith was knowledgeable, friendly, and sensitive to the group's abilities and interests. It was clear he enjoys his job and enjoys sharing the food, drink, and lovely environment with visitors. Went above and beyond to make sure we were enjoyed the trip to the best of his ability - he remembered my birthday!
Emily Kwong
Our guide was fantastic
Susan Silberman
Nice personality.
Stephen Silberman
See earlier comments- Ken- you are wonderful!
Anita Donley
Trip #3 with one of WS’s best, and another on the books...says it all.
Andrea Stewart
Ken Keith is a great guide with lots of experience. He very quickly has a good understanding of the individual abilities and interests within the group and is very good at matching that with walking route options and other things to do and see on the day. He is very approachable and always has an interesting story to tell.
Marjolein van Veldhuizen
Ken was awesome! Knew Shetland like the back of his hand and his love of the place was contagious. Great sense of humor and all-around lovely guy.
Marion Peleo
Ken is such a people person he quickly relates to their skill level and needs is funny and informative
Cathy Baumguertel
Ken cared about our wellbeing very much, adapted if needed the days program to our abilities, and made sure everybody was happy at the end of day. On the first day he asked us about our expectations, a he's met them all! Never seemed tired to answer our questions. Having his roots in Shetland, he shared his affection to this island with us, and knew the places well. As we were a small group it almost felt like a private tour, which was nice :) . We've got plenty of time to talk and get to know each other.
Barbara Iseli
Ken was a great guide, knowledgeable about the area and the wildlife, looked after us all, may have adapted the itinerary to suit us all without us knowing, and set the scene for a lovely friendly group experience.
Anne Pritchard
Ken Keith was exceedingly helpful , thoughtful & caring! I had an asthma attack about 5 weeks before the trip. It impacted my ability to hike hills in the Shetlands. Luckily we were a small group of three so Ken was able to provide me with options & still made me feel included! Can’t say enough great things about him!!!!
Selma Savage
Ken is the best. He restored my faith on hiking tours again
Dahlia Hilario-McKinney
Felt very safe in their hands. Brilliant knowledge of the area and we had a good walk everyday despite the weather.
Sue Cheeseman
As you obviously know, we had a change of guide on the Tuesday which went very smoothly. They were both considerate and kind and friendly and helpful and I had no need to feel worried as I felt a bit unsure of some of the terrain, but a helping hand was always nearby. With the rather dreadful weather a lot of the time, our guide found suitable and good walks that were safe. I enjoyed Ken's poem readings!!
Felicity Tyndall
Both our guides were extremely comptetent, fun, engaging and knowledgeable. They had to be extremely flexible as the weather didn't allow us to stick to any firm plans. We still had a great time with lovely walks.
Uschi Hofmann
Ken is knowledgeable and organized. He adjusted hikes to weather conditions when necessary. I am not a strong hiker and Ken was encouraging and reassuring so i was able to maximize my experience.
Phyllis Applebaum
Ken had to adapt plans, but I never felt we missed anything as a result
Mark McClain
I thought our guide, Ken, was quite attentive to the needs and desires of our small group.
Mark Siegal
Ken is an excellent guide. Knowledgeable, caring and flexible. Also a very safe driver.
Peter West
As mentioned, Ken was a great guide and clearly a very experienced and capable hiker, knowledgeable of our surroundings.
John Pye
Thank you, Ken Keith for a wonderful experience. I felt completely relaxed with you in charge of our group experience. Your expertise in the outdoors, your knowledge of the area and ability to be flexible with regard to the weather and adapting our activities when needed, and your skill in leadership skills were consistently phenomenal. You thought of everything, and I felt very well taken care of throughout the entire trip. Thank you for great hikes and outdoor experiences, wonderful food, and enjoyable companionship and group cohesion. I can't wait to do it all over again!
Mary LaGrandeur
We lucked out. I'm sure the other guides are spectacular, but come on, they can't be as awesome as Ken, can they??
Beth Begault
Ken was excellent+ I had a fantastic time along with the others on the trip including my wife Mary
Michael Harvey
Ken was sooo lovely calm caring and the group gelled striaght away because of his people skills
Cathy Baumguertel
Ken did a great job in ensuring that everyone in the group was happy and enjoyed the trip. He was very knowledgeable about the location, its history and its natural history.
Peter Ransom
Ken is a fabulous guide who clearly loves Orkney. His enthusiasm for everything Orkney (walks, history, wildlife, food) set a great tone for the holiday. He engaged with everyone in the group and was happy to share his extensive knowledge. Where feasible he adjusted the itinerary to suit people's particular interests.
Alida Stephan
Ken was a great guide and made the trip excellent
Jean Williams
As well as being good company, our guide was knowledgeable and always ready to adapt the itinerary if there was something we particularly wanted to see. Very good at dodging coach parties.
Toni Shew
Ken was extraordinary.
Claire Craik
Ken Keith was an awesome guide. Really fun hikes and a great mix of history and nature. He worked really hard to make many different personalities happy, which was very impressive. Thanks, Ken!
Gabriella Horowitz
Ken was AMAZING. So knowledgeable, so friendly, and so intent on making sure that everything was perfect for everyone in the group (despite our disparate interests, ages, and abilities). This was quite honestly the best tour I've ever taken, and most of that was because of our guide.
Lisa Horowitz
Ken was the best. Knowledgeable, friendly, accommodating, and considerate of everyone's comfort needs. Ken made the trip memorable and special.
Lewis Horowitz
Is there a category better than excellent? Because Ken would certainly fall into that category if their work. He did a terrific job of adjusting our hikes and other activities to meet our group's very disparate interests. Knowledgeable, cheerful, friendly- the embodiment of Scottish hospitality.
Esther Horowitz
Ken was the perfect guide, thoughtful and efficient, adjusting the trip when weather or our group speed were against us.I enjoyed his daily briefings and the quick reminders he gave us before we tumbled out the mini bus at each location, which enhanced enjoyment and understanding. I liked the way he always showed us where we were on the map. He quickly pinpointed what would please each one of us and wove some magic moments into the itinerary. So as well as all the programmed delights I saw the Oyster Plant and Scottish Primrose and my husband Mike got his daily newspaper! I loved the way he got us to the archeology sites early before the cruise ship passengers arrived. He clearly loves Orkney , and his enthusiasm for the places we visited was infectious. He took interest in each one of us and helped us bond into a very happy group. He was great company all week. Thanks again Ken, I feel very envious of the rest of the groups you will lead!
Ann Branson
Went out of his way to make sure each individual was happy. Great knowledge of sea birds. Very good social skills. Checked times to make sure we did not coincide with cruise ship tourists when visiting Neolithic sites. Did his best to locate a puffin for us. Adapted walks to weather and ability of group. Better than excellent!
Pauline Dodds
Already mentioned that Ken's approach and attention to participants was outstanding. We had one participant that was not comfortable with some of the physical challenges, yet Ken was able to keep everyone satisfied.
Jerry Hiebert
The guide really took the effort to know us all and adjusted to what we and the group desired. We could not of had a better guide.
Dennis Visser
Thanks to Ken Shetland met and went beyond our expectations his efforts were greatly appreciated by all the group a lovely guy.
Sally Newell
Excellent in every respect
Richard Buxton
We couldn't have asked for a better guide than Ken!
Cathryn Bird
Only evidence to proffer is that I'm on my 6th booking with you- and also booking a privately guided trip with Ken!
Anita Donley
Our guide was a true professional. Ken was fun to be with and well organized. The trip ran like clockwork -a true acknowledgement of his attention to detail- all done with a smile on his face. His efforts created very contented clients. Ken has a broad knowledge of flora, fauna, culture and history of Scotland. He willingly answered our endless questions! He truly cares that his guests thoroughly enjoy their holiday.
Andrea Stewart
Ken was good company and managed the Group and all our walks, museum visits and dinner arrangements with great care.
Sue Everatt
Excellent leader who was fun, skilled, knowledgeable and managed the group allowing everyone to enjoy themselves. Constantly aware of members of the group, checking to see if people were ok. He was also flexible listening to what we wanted from the holiday and he did his best to deliver, we even saw otters!
Sheila Smith
Ken Keith was superb at accommodating individual requests. He also modelled a kind of good fellowship which impacted upon the group as a whole. He consulted with us over everything we did and made adjustments to arrangements when necessary. But number one for me was that he added another unexpected dimension to what were terrific walks with the occasional reading of an appropriate poem.
Philip Chambers
Ken was excellent! Very knowledgable and took great care of the group. Always ready to listen and very accommodating. Also willing to share his personal experiences and love for Shetland.
Mats Holmqvist
Ken is knowledgeable, kind and attentive to every one in the group-faultless organisation, great team management and we all had such a laugh! Ken is fantastic- please clone him!
Anita Donley
Keith was a brilliant guide. He had a good ear to pick up on and nurture interests and had a wide range of knowledge, experience and enthuisiasms to share with the group. He could bring out the best in people.
Elaine Moon
Please see previous comments as I have already stated in detail how absolutely fantastic Ken was & how he made this trip into something special for the eight of us.
Beverley Lambert
Ken is a professional and a gentleman. He looked after the needs of our group thoroughly and added thoughtful touches that had big impact. He's organized and efficient. He's fun to be with and he's got a great sense of humour! It's very clear that he really enjoys sharing his love of walking and of Scotland with others.
Andrea Stewart
Ken is clearly a very experienced guide and gave us great confidence in both his competence and judgement. Together with these professional attributes he was also a delightful fellow traveller and thoughtful companion. We would certainly be happy to choose him again.
Rick Westley
Informative, informal, organised, hiking at a good speed, taking care of everything, did a great job!!
Halldóra Gunnarsdóttir
We were lucky enough to have fantastic weather on our Outer Hebrides trip. Whilst this was obviously a contributing factor, the overwhelming success was primarily achieved by the first class guiding service from Ken together with an excellent itinerary, hotel and transport facilities.
Henry Marshall
Ken was friendly and very professional. He kept a pace that everyone could enjoy, and also took into account everyone's personal interests - art, local craft, sport - when planning out our days.
Holly Platz
ken is a total professional. He could not have been more attentive. He gaged the capabilities of the group well.
Ronnie Bell
Ken was great , very good balance between getting on with it and listening to everybody
Ian Robson
Ken was not only a great guide, but the perfect ambassador of the Highlands. I come back with new found knowledge about pits and whisky too
Rosa Moran
Ken continued the tradition of fantastic guides. Attentive, helpful and a really nice man.
Ken was very professional. Took note of everyone's interests. Well informed on the history of the islands, the sea birds and wild life. Worked hard to make the holiday an unforgettable experience and was really good company too.
Paul Davies
Ken did a great job. His knowledge of the history, prehistory and natural history of the area, together with his humor, patience and management skills made him a great guide. Add to that, he accommodated the varying interests and temperaments of our group in a way that made the trip more interesting and enjoyable at least for me and probably for us all.
Anne Peters
Ken Keith was great. He was attentive to everyone and made everyone feel like the trip was their trip as opposed to being slave to group itinerary. Rather than being slave to schedule (other than obvious need to meet Ferry schedules ) Ken was flexible and allowed the group to room to find its collective pace. The trip is accurately graded as an "easy" walk but even at that level some of the group were in better shape than others and somehow Ken kept the pace at a level where the stronger walkers were not held back and the weaker walkers were not overmatched and I don't think anyone ever felt they were being held back or made to feel they were holding up the group
Michael Proctor
Couldn't ask for more. Ken was everything a first rate guide should be.
Peter West
Ken,lke Kirsty on the previous holiday,was an excellent guide and a leader we trusted and liked giving his time to everyone
John Osborne
Professional but friendly with it.
Fiona Shoesmith
Ken is fantastic, absolutely fantastic! He was friendly, knowledgeable, and concerned about making sure we had the best experience we possibly could. He took us on a great hike in Assynt that we never would have found on our own which was breathtakingly beautiful. He also told us we should feel welcome to call him for tips and advice at any point during our entire trip, which I thought was a really, really nice gesture.
Kevin Springer
Ken knows we love him!!! We only wish we had had more days planned with him! Hiking with him in Assynt was undoubtedly the highlight of the trip. We can't wait to come back for more!
Sarah Bain
Ken and Mike were outstanding. They were sensitive to our needs, and their detailed knowledge of fauna, flora and geology was excellent.
Fay Ballard

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