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Liam Allan

Liam Allen

Me in 3 – Relaxed | Curious | Adventurous

Place to play – I love the whole of the north west coast but the Isle of Rum holds a special place in my heart. Wild and  remote, without a trace of concrete it is easy to forget that civilisation exists when you are exploring the mountains and coast line of this stunning Highland paradise.

Random fact – I plan to one day follow in the footsteps of my great great grandad Heinrich Oehlers, who was a tiger tamer in the Singapore state circus,  and use my juggling skills to run away and join a circus. 

Mini bio – I grew up in Glasgow but always had a feeling there was not enough mud to jump into in the city. I moved to the Highlands six years ago to study an adventure tourism degree and completely fell in love with life here in the mountains.

I now spend my summers working and playing in Scotland. I have discovered that sharing the locations that I have found over the years with other people is as fun as the initial exploring. I like to leave my winters as free as possible to explore our vast and varied planet. From backpacking around continents to operating Japanese ski lifts, I want to see as much of the world as possible. Although my travels almost always seem to involve mountains for some reason. 

Adventurer's Stories about Liam

Our guide was sensitive and thoughtful - a lover of his country.
Anna Sande
Liam was clearly aware of all of us all the time, but he presented as casual about things such as stopping places, being at the head of the line, rate etc.
Jill Geisler
Liam the best in all ways. Went the extra mile
Wendy Bingham
very relaxed. kept us updated about potential safety issues or difficult sections of the hike
Dan Kleemola