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    Selected Trips

      Liam Allan

      Liam Allan

      Relaxed | Curious | Adventurous

      Mini bio

      I grew up in Glasgow but always had a feeling there was not enough mud to jump into in the city. I moved to the Highlands six years ago to study an adventure tourism degree and completely fell in love with life here in the mountains.

      I now spend my summers working and playing in Scotland. I have discovered that sharing the locations that I have found over the years with other people is as fun as the initial exploring. I like to leave my winters as free as possible to explore our vast and varied planet. 

      Place to play

      I love the whole of the northwest coast but the Isle of Rum holds a special place in my heart. Wild and remote, without a trace of concrete, it is easy to forget that civilisation exists when you are exploring the mountains and coastline of this stunning Highland paradise.

      Random fact 

      I plan to one day follow in the footsteps of my great-great grandad Heinrich Oehlers, who was a tiger tamer in the Singapore state circus and use my juggling skills to run away and join a circus. 

      Qualifications Read More
      • Summer mountain leader
      • MBL level 2
      • BCA paddle sorts level 2
      Experience Read More

      I have explored much of the Highland on foot and by bike but still, have a lot more to see. I love scrambling on the jagged alpine ridges of the West coast or getting remote on my bike. Having backpacked through much of South America I been lucky enough to experience many different parts of the Andeas.

      Biggest Adventure Read More

      The biggest thing I have ever done is summiting a 6000-meter peak in Peru. But 3 months in the vastness of Patagonia was also pretty big, those roads really go on forever.  Riding powder through Japanese forests is also up there in my top adventures.

      Adventurer's Stories about Liam

      Liam was really knowledgable about all aspects of the trip from the geology to the history to the culture of all that we saw

      David Newman
      19WSTM Tailor Made trips
      Reviewed on 19/10/2019

      Our guide was very personable and friendly. He filled us in on much of the history and background. He managed the group very well.

      Maria Westropp
      Wilderness Walking - Isle of Skye
      Reviewed on 11/09/2017

      Our guide was Liam. He was excellent. He was friendly and helpful and knowledgeable about the history on our walks. He drove the van carefully and made sure everyone was properly equipped. He was mature beyond his years, with a clear enthusiasm for his work.

      Ros Krasny
      Wilderness Walking - Isle of Skye
      Reviewed on 05/09/2017

      Liam was a terrific guide. He was very knowledgeable, very committed and friendly. He kept the group on track and moving smoothly from one point to the next. He was very reassuring during slick weather conditions in higher elevations. And he was great in running forward to get the van when we walkers were tired and drinking tea.

      Toni Clarke
      Wilderness Walking - Isle of Skye
      Reviewed on 05/09/2017

      Liam Allan, so sweet and mature beyond his years. Careing and smart. A real gem.

      Paeivi Elisabeth Oikarinen
      Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
      Reviewed on 04/09/2017

      Liam Allan (sp?) was our guide and I thought he was outstanding. He was incredibly knowledgeable about Scottish history, geography and folklore. We loved his stories. I can't say enough about how impressed I was. He was also very patient and easy going. i can't imagine how much we would have missed on a self guided tour.

      Suzanne Rutherford
      Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
      Reviewed on 30/08/2017

      Liam was great, always happy and patient with all of us. Very knowledgeable and had great stories.

      Nancy Kramer
      Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
      Reviewed on 24/08/2017

      Our guide was sensitive and thoughtful - a lover of his country.

      Anna Sande
      Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
      Reviewed on 30/08/2016

      Liam was clearly aware of all of us all the time, but he presented as casual about things such as stopping places, being at the head of the line, rate etc.

      Jill Geisler
      Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
      Reviewed on 04/08/2016

      Liam the best in all ways. Went the extra mile

      Wendy Bingham
      Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
      Reviewed on 31/07/2016

      very relaxed. kept us updated about potential safety issues or difficult sections of the hike

      Dan Kleemola
      Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
      Reviewed on 29/07/2016

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      © Liam Allan / Wilderness Scotland

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