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    Louis Waterman-Evans

    Positive | Committed | Reliable

    Mini Bio

    I feel most alive when going on adventures in the mountains; I consider myself first and foremost a runner but often find it more practical to take on the guise of a climber or mountaineer if there’s a big rock or snow and ice in the way.

    Working as a hiking guide allows me to share my passion for the mountains with others; I find it truly fulfilling having the opportunity to facilitate others being able to experience the same elation I cherish from days out on the hill.

    I am a firm believer in the great outdoors being a powerful tool for personal development. I value the challenges that spending time in the mountains throws at us, the time spent without distractions and noise and the clear headspace it allows for. I also find that hiking together can facilitate some of the best, open and far-reaching conversations; it’s amazing how often you set the world to rights when out on the trail!

    I have hiked extensively in Europe, the Himalaya in Nepal, the Appalachian Trail in the USA and enjoy guiding in the Swiss Alps when I’m not exploring or guiding in the Highlands.

    Place to play

    The beautiful places not yet visited and waiting to be explored. I love the feeling of adventure you get when embarking on a journey in an area you don’t yet know, learning about the landscape, questioning what you see, and ultimately reflecting on how lucky you are to be able to move freely in nature.

    Not a lot of people know

    At home, my morning routine is sacred and consists of: baking bread (the current favourite mix is whole meal spelt and rye), burning incense and doing sun salutations, before making ‘proper porridge’ (the stuff that you need to soak overnight and then cook for 10 minutes). One of the hardest bits about guiding is having to forego it!

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    • Summer Mountain Leader
    Experience Read More

    I have trekked, run and climbed all over Scotland, Europe and Nepal. Living in Edinburgh, I try to get to the Highlands every weekend, as well as for longer adventures when time permits.

    I was based in Nepal for 5 months, during which time I had plenty of time out on the trail. Whilst I enjoyed the classics such as the Annapurna Circuit, my fondest memories are from some of the more remote routes, such as the Kanchenjunga and Manaslu Circuits.

    I also guide in the Alps, mainly in Switzerland, and utilise breaks in between tours to partake in the great trail running scene out there, as well as attempting to scale some of the higher peaks.

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    I hitch-hiked from my home in London, all the way to the tip of Norway and back when I was eighteen, stopping off along the way for some spectacular hiking in Breheimen National Park. I have fond, vivid memories of the ferry journey over to the Lofoten Islands; I had never seen any mountain rise so steeply from the water before, and am yet to find anywhere else in the world where this happens.

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    Too difficult to name just one! But being British, I guess it’s to be expected that I obsess about the weather; I’ve been known to check multiple forecasts dozens of times in a day, and can while away many a good hour contemplating synoptic charts and making my own forecasts.

    I’m also a budding geology enthusiast and can sometimes get a bit carried away examining rocks, not to mention the plethora of mosses and lichens that grow on and around them.

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    I have contributed to a couple of national running publications, in which I have written race reports, sung the praises of trail running, and bemoaned injuries. I also have my own website, on which I share content about my adventures.

    Adventurer's Stories about Louis

    Louis and Cecilia were the best!

    Emma Shaughnessy
    Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
    Reviewed on 22/06/2022

    Excellent, enthusiastic, knowledgeable guides. They took care of us without intruding unnecessarily. Their joy in the walk and the land and its flora and fauna was infectious.

    Marilyn Orr
    Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
    Reviewed on 16/06/2022

    Cecilia and Louis were amazing!

    Dorothy Sawicki
    Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
    Reviewed on 16/06/2022

    they were very attentive when issues arose (blisters, illness, etc.) They were obviously experienced guides and communicated well.

    Anita Richmond
    Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
    Reviewed on 15/06/2022

    Both our guides were attentive and excellent.

    Christian Roan
    Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
    Reviewed on 09/06/2022

    Our guides were fabulous. They did a very good job keeping our group on point, provided lots of information about the geography, history and plant life that we walked through. They took excellent care of those of us who had trouble with blisters and injuries. They went out of their way to make sure the few folks who had to skip a day had adequate transportation to the next village.
    Louis and Cecelia helped everyone get to know each other and were a very fun part of our group. They were very professional and warm.

    Shannon Hilton
    Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
    Reviewed on 09/06/2022

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