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Mark French

Mark FrenchMe in 3 – Adventurer | Enthusiastic | Welcoming

Not a lot of people know this – Is fluent Welsh speaker.

Mini Bio – Since I remember I have had a love for the everything outdoors and growing up in North Wales there was no shortage of of mountains, lakes and rivers. So it was only right that I share my passion, love and enthusiasm with everyone. For the past 12 years I have worked around the world in some incredible places taking people on unforgettable adventures, and am now fortunate to call Scotland home and have the chance to show it off!

Adventurer's Stories about Mark

The guides did an outstanding job of organization and leadership. Could not have been better
Scott Younkin
Our guides, Mark and Grant, were excellent. Great instruction especially when needed. Building our skills and confidence for each new challenge throughout the 4 days. Friendly, well organised and really lovely people to lead us on our adventure.
Rachel Cousins
Mark and Grant were really patient, encouraging and gave great instruction.
Isabella Pereira
First and foremost, the guides priority was always SAFETY. They complemented each other with both their experience and "people skills" making this a fantastic experience.
George Glasgow
Professional, informative and very safety conscious. Nice guys.
Annie Rugg
I have an educational background and as said before thought their teaching style was spot on. Always positive and firm enough to protect us.
Terry Scott
They were very knowledgeable and helpful. They kept the group together. Made the trip enjoyable.
Lianne McCann
very emphathetic and professional. Confidence inspiring
Simon Cain
Mark and Alex were very helpful at all times
James Clarke
Mark and Alex were superb guides, fun and educational and supported the whole group through their expedition.
Gwendolyn Bluck
Fantastic - guides were more than qualified to manage any situation. Always providing a degree of self confidence that helped the rest of the group through a number of the more difficult rapids. Shared experiences and techniques that was beyond expectations - both were a credit to the company.
Neil Fatharly
Mark and Grant did extraordinary well considering the medical evacuations of two couples of four. They never seemed in panic mode although the wind and waves were getting ahead of some of the guest's capabilities. They were reassuring and regarded safety above all. We curtailed a stretch of the Loch as the wind grew and waves built. Again, Mark and Grant were flexible and kept the group apprised of the conditions and the alternatives for the group.
Guilford Robinson
I can't praise them enough. They were enormously helpful when Steve was taken ill.


I am really sorry that Steve became ill on the trip but glad the guides were really helpful. Hopefully he’s feeling better now.
Marisa Gunn
Guides were great and knowledgeable
Susan Robinson
Richard Narey
Our guide Mark French was outstanding. All the necessary skills and knowledge, plus excellent company. Top man.
Tim Kershaw
Wonderful guides. Great company and looked after us extremely well
Martin Taylor
Mark and Fred were brilliant throughout. Good company and great guides - easy to see how alert they were to the conditions on the river for us, and considerate to others using it. And more than there when we needed them on the last day when a few of us happened to park accidentally on a rock in a rapid and go for a swim down the river - briefings beforehand, reminders along the way, and how they dealt with us and the canoes so swiftly and calmly meant not a moment of worry at any stage. The made the trip - thank you.
Karen Bennett
Mark and Fred were fantastic guides. As beginners to river canoeing it was great to have such competent guides who helped us down the river without taking away our personal experience of the expedition we really challenged them on the last day and their experience shone through. Had a great laugh with th throughout the trip
Graham Clay
Inspired confidence. Good fun. Both of them.
Scott Moncur
Mark was brilliant, lot of fun, professional and kept us on schedule without us even realising, provided instruction and gave us confidence from the start
Jane Hague

Mark's Photo and Video Gallery

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