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    Nicola Kulesza

    Adventurer | Smiley | Artistic

    Mini Bio

    A lover of all things wild and blessed enough to have seen most of Scotland and its islands. I studied Zoo Biology at Nottingham Trent and now get great pleasure of showing off all the incredible wildlife and scenery the UK has to offer.

    Place to Play

    The Scottish west coast islands obviously! Especially St Kilda and Rum (the island not the drink!)

    Not a Lot of People Know This

    I have made over 250 trips out to the UK’s most remote archipelago – St Kilda.

    Qualifications Read More
    • Bsc (with honours) in Zoo Biology
    • Advanced Powerboat (Commercially endorsed)
    Experience Read More

    After finishing my education in 2012 I came straight to the west coast of Scotland guiding on boats, and never looked back! I have organised many trips for remote island exploration for some of the hardest to reach places in the UK, including some of the far-flung Atlantic outliners of Sula Sgier, North Rona, Flannan and Sule Skerry.

    Biggest Adventure Read More

    Visiting the Manu Biosphere in Peru – the most biodiverse place in the world! It takes days of plane, bus and canoe to get there but is so worth it!

    Specialist Subject Read More

    UK wildlife, birds and cetaceans (marine mammals) mostly.

    Publications Read More
    • ‘The Global Wildlife Tourism Industry, A Snapshot In 2011’, submitted to BBC Natural History Unit/ BBC Delivering Quality First Group.
    • I have been featured in ‘Bird Watching’ Magazine several times.

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