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    Peter Edgerton

    Good-humoured | Enthusiastic | Calm

    Mini Bio

    I am an outdoor enthusiast who spent a former lifetime teaching maths to a high level but don’t let that put you off! Having left university with a degree in Earth Sciences I worked in a variety of jobs before heading for the classroom where I developed my interest in outdoor activities with the support of a helpful and far-sighted school.

    Having left full-time work in 2017 I have been indulging my passions ever since. I am equally happy out on the moors and mountains or the lowland countryside but I love the wildness, open spaces and cultural heritage of Scotland above all. Having said that, my wife would say I am usually happy anywhere that is outdoors.

    Place to Play

    I love the open spaces of the Cairngorm mountains and the beautiful light of the West Coast.

    Not a lot of people know

    I used to play the violin when I was younger and had very musical parents, which began my love of singing.

    Qualifications Read More

    Summer Mountain Leader
    Winter Mountain Leader
    Mountaineering Instructor Award
    Local Cave Leader Award
    Yachtmaster Coastal
    International Mountain Leader

    Experience Read More

    I have been active in the outdoors for around 35 years, doing things as diverse as leading school groups in the Cairngorms in winter to sailing from Norway to the UK and climbing Himalayan peaks. Added to this I have done may ski mountaineering trips to distant places but especially the Pyrenees, which I love. Most of my time is spent out on my local hills in the English Peak District which still provides surprises by way of places I have not visited before.

    Biggest Adventure Read More

    When I was a younger teacher, I lead groups on expeditions to India, Pakistan and Bolivia, climbing peaks over 6000m in each of these countries. My most recent big adventure was crossing the North Sea in a 40’ yacht, weaving in and out of the oil fields lit up like Christmas trees at night.

    Specialist Subject Read More

    Naturally, because of my degree, it would have to be Geology but I have acquired a pretty good range of environmental knowledge over the years as well as fund of interesting stories and anecdotes!

    Publications Read More

    I have yet to write my memoirs but I have written many articles about my adventures in the journals of the Eagle Ski Club and the Rucksack Club, of which I am a member.

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