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Richard ‘Biscuit’ Turner

Richard 'Biscuit' TurnerMe in 3 – Buoyant | Excitable | Cheerful

Place to Play – Has to be the North West Highlands of Scotland. Exploring the coast by sea kayak or inland by canoe with hill walking kit, fine food and friends. Nature seems so clear and the landscape so hypnotising it makes my heart sing.

Not a lot of people know this – I was the inventor of the first Biscuit
Yoyo. I was once offered lots of money for my dreadlocks. I remember thinking I was on a ‘Last Of The Mohicans’ film set when I was catapulted still in my kayak behind the curtain of a grade 5 waterfall.

Mini Bio – I was schooled in England, travelled and paddled in many places around the world. I’m at home eating a homemade baguette high up on a multi pitch rock climb in Spain or America. I have unforgettable memories of exploring Cambodia and Laos by touring bicycle for three months covering 4000 km. I am lucky to be married and have two beautiful girls and call the best playground of all home – Scotland.

Adventurer's Stories about Richard

Both guides where first class and we would happily do further trips with them.
Steve Harrison
Two knowledgable guides. Biscuit's relentless enthusiasm and capacity for distributing unmerited praise combined with John's more phlegmatic approach and devotiion to the stove made for a good balance
Dominic Batten
Couldn't heap enough praise on these two (Biscuit & John) handled the group really well with great instruction on the canoes, and the cooking skills not bad either
Trond Larsen
Biscuit and John were fantastic. Excellent instruction throughout the trip. Both lovely guys with an abundance of knowledge.
Siobhan Cherrie
Very professional. Learnt a lot
Robert Cherrie
Biscuit and Ed were brilliant. Highly competent, made us feel confident, giving appropriate instruction as we were ready for it on the way, and lots of interesting information about the area we were passing through.
Jane Hague
Biscuit was an excellent guide. He was unfailingly cheerful and encouraging, even in the face of some dreadful mistakes by his clients. I learnt a lot about paddling and river technique and it was fun to learn. He was a star.
I think Biscuit was an outstanding guide. It is rumoured that he is so at home on water that he has webbed feet!
Marisa Gunn
Biscuit was a total star.; full of beans, energy, adventures and enthusiasm, despite a group of varied ages, characters and canoeing skills. He managed to be one step ahead of everything and everyone, making the whole trip run like clockwork and seem perfectly tailored to every individual. His ability to turn us all into canoeists was amazing and he had a really encouraging and positive manner, despite capsizes, boulder gardens. washing machines and more! He is clearly an expert canoeist himself and it was great to learn from someone so skilled. I have recommended this trip to several friends already.
Sarah Finer
Biscuit is a charming, amusing and attentive host. He is also a first class coach and river guide. His capacity to remain upbeat 24/7 has made me wonder if we all should have a biscuit in our back pocket to ease each day along ;)
Claire King
As previously noted - encouraging, supportive, clear, fun; They worked very hard and made it look easy, which I know it isn't
John Bourton
Biscuit and Jason were first class guides who had lots of expereance with nothing to much trouble to sort out if needed.
We thought that both Richard and Mark were both superb.
Best of many guides that I have met.
Richard Narey
Biscuit and Mark were superb guides and extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. Great fun as well.
Pamela Turner
Excellent team, worked extremely well together. Professional yet felt like part of the group. Nothing was too much trouble. The group always seemed their focus. Safety was very obviously a high priority. Difficult situations such as capsizes and medical situations were dealt with thoroughly, professionally and thoughtfully.
Susan Mackenzie
Well what can you say. Biscuit was amazing, so positive and Cheerful, a real people person. His coaching was brilliant on route and the way he brought the team together was outstanding.
This man cannot be paid enough (no he didn't ask me to say this). Everyone should meet Biscuit I am sure the world would be a better place.
Jeremy Jordan
Biscuit is such a cheerful and pleasant chap he kept us going and entertained throughout the trip. Great coaching tips.
Doreen Tighe
Although technically not a wilderness guide (and I completely understand why you do what you do) Biscuit was brilliant, genuinely happy and caring wanting to improve the experienced paddler as much as taking time with the beginner. His clear desire to make the trip the best he possibly could was evident and the support crew were also incredibly helpful and went out of their way to make sure we had what we wanted or needed be it beer, mcdonalds or
Waterproof trousers!!!
Pete Shaw
Biscuit and Mark French were both excellent guides.
Morgan Prior
Both our guides were excellent both different but complimented each other with the different skills they shared with us plus I have never laughed so much!
Natasha Redfern
Biscuit and Ian were superb the whole trip and kept smiling all the time. They worked extremely well together and provided good canoe tuition and stories (which do you believe from Biscuit is the only question?)
Stuart Lovell
Biscuit and Ian were great fun and very competent guides.
Stuart Lovell
They both did a brilliant job under difficult conditions. Always cheerful and helpful.
Jenny Soper
They were friendly, considerate and motivating. It was clear that their joy for being on this trip together with us was genuine and I found that very inspiring.
Rune Hoff Lauridsen
Both guides were excellent in the execution of their duties.
Edward Hopkins
They where both a pleasure to get to know and I learnt a lot to improve my skills with paddling and knowledge when going on such trips.
Jayne Saxby
Both Alison and Biscuit were brilliant - professional and yet fun. Having Biscuit wake us up by singing has got to be one of the better wake-up calls!
Amy Thomson
Biscuit is fantastic! Very great, nothing to be said there.
Yara Zeitoun
Biscuit was the best guide EVER! He could not have been more positive, helpful, sweet, and enjoyable to be around.
Kelly McMahon
Biscuit was always positive and encouraging, especially for those of us that had never canoed before. He was a joy to work with and fun to be around in addition to his guidance.
Barry Ballard
I would definitely, unreservedly recommend Biscuit as a guide. He was patient, extremely flexible and always cheerful. What a lovely and perfect guide to enjoy the beauty of the Spey river. He tuned into our group likes and made our journey even better by knowing when to do more or less - when to rest & when to hit the distillery! Biscuit is the best.
Lynn Bjerke
Biscuit was a wonderful guide, who really made the trip for us.
Louise Crow
Both Biscuit and Mark had great enthusiasm and kept the group's spirits high. Their expertise kept us all safe and I would be very happy if they were leading any future trip that I booked.
Steven Hitchins
Really enjoyed Biscuits and Marks company.
Christopher Wiseman
Biscuit was enthusiastic, encouraging, informative,reassuring, motivating, entertaining, friendly, inclusive, a great host, hard working (and a great paddler!) He is also good at picking up on the small signs of tiredness or cold and addresses it without making you feel embarassed.
Caroline Forcer
I hope you pay him a lot....
Martin Phillips
Can't imagine a better guide. This was my first experience of this kind of trip, and guide, and I have a feeling he will be a hard act to follow. He is a star.
Patricia Wastvedt
Full of energy and always able to find a positive comment after a disaster. Very useful instruction throughout the trip. Worth keeping close to the guide boat to get tips and info. He worked very hard throughout the day.
Stephen Roberts
Biscuit was nothing short of fantastic. A very positive, supportive ad energetic guide whose love for what he does was contagious.
Karl Thurlow
They were both great people (and cooks )with unlimited patience.
Malcolm Stratton
Biscuit and Laura were fantastic guides helping to improve the paddling standards of all paddlers no matter what their starting ability.
William MacMillan
Fantastic support throughout the trip from Biscuit and Laura, both on and off the water: helpful, interesting (and careful) instruction and guidance down the river and great hospitality on shore. Nothing seemed to be too much trouble for them. Many thanks to both for making it such a great trip!
Elizabeth Pescod
The guided provide canoeing support and encouragement to enable us to journey the river safely as well as looking after our creachure comforts off the water.
Roger Pescod
The two guides and the other member of staff who came along was one of the best bits about the trip. They were professional, competent, but most of all relaxed and welcoming with a fantastic sense of humour. The whiskey tasting on our last night was a highlight!
Gaynor Raine