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    Rupert Hutchinson

    Contemplative | Curious | Playful

    Mini Bio

    I’ve always been a lover of the outdoors, and the beauty of the extraordinary planet we find ourselves on. After a first profoundly formative trip to the Himalayas as an inexperienced 19 year old, I’ve made it my life’s work to help others experience the awe and wonder of being out in wild places and the powerful effect it can have on our lives.

    I’ve worked all over the world with groups of adults and young people and more recently co-founded a sustainability consultancy based in the NE of Scotland, working with business leaders in the outdoors to help catalyse pro-environmental policy and practice.

    Place to Play

    NW Highlands is almost always at the top of my list but I also love anywhere off the beaten track and pockets of ‘wilderness’ in unlikely places. I have a bit of a thing for old growth forest, secluded river pools, mountain top bivvys and big starry skies.

    Not a lot of people know

    I have a Blue Peter badge!

    Qualifications Read More
    • Summer Mountain Leader
    • Winter Mountain Leader
    • International Mountain Leader
    • Level 4 Forest Schools and Bushcraft Practitioner
    Experience Read More

    As a hiking guide and expedition leader I’ve worked with groups and individuals internationally for the last 15 years, from day trips to 6 week long expeditions in some extremely far flung as well as closer to home places.

    As an outdoor educator and facilitator I’ve worked in conservation and sustainability leadership and more recently with organisations and individuals in the outdoors, exploring how spending time in wild places can powerfully inform the way we live and work in ways that can be sustainable and regenerative.

    I’m a back-country skier, trail runner, climber and rookie cold water enthusiast. I’m also a lover of good food so there’s never a tasty morsel too far away!

    Biggest Adventure Read More

    No one adventure but a series of experiences and interactions that have helped shape me, including… riding bus rooftops through the foothills of the Himalayas, sharing campfires with Nepalese shepherds in mountain caves, drinking rice wine in the kitchen tent with Pakistani porters half way up the Baltoro Glacier, eating a fire roasted leg of lamb around the fire with a group in The Altai, Siberia, coming into a full gallop whilst riding a wild horse in Mongolia, sleeping under a 5000 year old Bristlecone Pine in the Sierras and closer to home, spending a night on Cul Mor, above the cloud and the darkest skies imaginable.

    Specialist Subject Read More

    Astronomy and alpine cheeses.

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