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    Selected Trips

      Sam Weir

      Sam Weir

      Fun | Cheeky | Dependable

      Mini Bio 

      Originally from N.Ireland, I like many others had my first taste of the outdoors by joining the local canoe club in my early teens. This was a great place to spend my time and it inspired me to follow a career coaching others in the outdoors. I moved to Scotland in 1989, and have worked in the outdoor industry coaching and guiding a wide range of outdoor activities ever since. Having travelled quite a bit, I had the opportunity to take part in activities in other parts of the world. I am always amazed at how special Scotland is, I spend quite bit of my time in a sea kayak these days and without doubt I would say Scotland is a World class sea kayaking venue. I take great pleasure introducing clients to the joys that Scotland has to offer wether it be on the sea, on the river or in the saddle exploring some remote Scottish glen prior to a stop at a local cake or pie shop (I love cakes!).

      Place to play 

      Where I live, (The cairngorms). Why travel to your favourite place when you can live in it. Strathspey and the Cairngorms offer so much to the outdoor enthusiast. Quiet country roads to enjoy on the road bike, great off road trails, both in the summer and winter and a stunning mountain range to keep you entertained on skis. It’s also a great central hub and I can get to most places in the Highlands within a couple of hours.

      Not a lot of people know this 

      I kayaked from Ireland to Scotland when I was 15.


      Adventurer's Stories about Sam

      In their different, complementary ways, Sam and Dave were brilliant at organising and motivating us.

      Mark Hynes
      Road Cycling - The Grand Tour
      Reviewed on 19/09/2018

      Great support, clear breakdown of the route the night before was very worthwhile and when one route was closed the guides sorted another route seamlessly for us clients! It actually worked out better - well done guys!

      Vivien Hynes
      Road Cycling - The Grand Tour
      Reviewed on 19/09/2018

      I was experiencing knee pain and only realized on the second to last day that it was due to the height of my bike and my shoes. I found this out by a Google search “knee pain while cycling” Wish this was realized or suggested earlier. Regardless I had a wonderful time and Sam and Dave were always so accommodating

      Cameron Ramsay
      Road Cycling - The Grand Tour
      Reviewed on 17/09/2018

      Sam is a wonderful guide!!

      Diane Hendra
      18WSTM Tailor Made trips
      Reviewed on 13/08/2018

      I really can't say enough about how much we enjoyed our guides, Sam Weir and Andrew Kelt. They were organized, helpful, friendly, and informative. They did an outstanding job in making this tour so enjoyable for all of us.

      Randall Ocken
      Road Cycling - Outer Hebrides
      Reviewed on 01/08/2018

      Guides were coordinated and informative and helpful.

      Robert Gordon
      Road Cycling - Outer Hebrides
      Reviewed on 31/07/2018

      Sam and Kelty were wonderful. They worked seamlessly to create a fun and safe environment for 8 different individuals. Great personalities who kept us happy and motivated. Very kind and attentive and encouraging.

      Katie Lundon
      Road Cycling - Outer Hebrides
      Reviewed on 30/07/2018

      The guides were freindly and competent.

      Bryan Trevor Sewell
      Road Cycling - Outer Hebrides
      Reviewed on 23/07/2018

      They were great, good company, flexible in their planning and very attentive to all our needs.

      Helen Saibil
      Road Cycling - Outer Hebrides
      Reviewed on 23/07/2018

      both Sam and Donald were enthusiastic and good company on the water and around camp. The routes were very suitable for the group and weather. I was prepared to paddle more but it was a relaxed trip and I enjoyed it as such: not an epic journey plugging into waves for hours!

      Andy McGregor
      Sea Kayaking - The Summer Isles
      Reviewed on 09/07/2018

      Very knowledgeable and fun. Knew what people wanted to do and what they liked.

      Tess Johnston
      18WSTM Tailor Made trips
      Reviewed on 09/07/2018

      We had 2 guides: Wally Stuart and Sam Weir. Both were excellent.

      Due to illness of a scheduling issue, we were notified just before the trip at Wall would be with us for the fist 2 days and then hand over the trip to Sam. This unexpected transition presented no problems at all (for us, at least).

      Wally was efficient, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the trip and the activities he planned. He fearlessly led us up a hill on Skye in less-than-ideal weather, giving the kids something to brag about and breaking them into a mindset that characterized the trip as a whole. He made sure we were situated in the accommodations and has no additional needs before saying god night. The next day, our hike from Elgol was memorable. Not only was the weather better, but our kids (remarkably) chose the more strenuous option for activity and were rewarded by magnificent views from the summit of Sgurr Na Strigh. Wally made a deep impression on our son when he said "thank you for sharing this experience with me" - a statement of gratitude and humility that characterized the man and his leadership.

      The following day, Sam took us by ferry to Mallaig and then on to Arisaig. He was a tireless and enthusiastic guide, knowledgeable and endlessly adaptable. He was able to engage both of our young adult children in a manner that was respectful yet playful. He made special efforts with our son, who is on the special needs spectrum, and was able to get him to participate fully in all planned activities. They also enjoyed ongoing banter about the world cup. We really appreciated his efforts and perseverance with our kids.

      Sam was also very thoughtful about the itinerary. He modified some activities to account for the sometimes rather intense heat. And he was unfazed by minor set backs and last minute requests. Truly professional in his approach, he was also caring, competent and an easy companion for the remainder of the week. We loved having him as our guide.

      Brian Johnston
      18WSTM Tailor Made trips
      Reviewed on 05/07/2018

      The two didn't know each other well and were very different from each other, but they got along, looked out for us and more or less complimented each other in terms of skills and knowledge.Since we had two vans... we could enjoy each in their turn.

      Shirley Altick
      18WSTM Tailor Made trips
      Reviewed on 02/06/2018

      Excellent is not description enough. Beside the natural beauty and history of Scotland, and the challenging climbs and amazing descents, our tour will be most memorable because of Craig and John. We can't say enough. Good job, guys!!

      Mark Friedman
      17WSPD_Private Departure
      Reviewed on 10/08/2017

      Sam and David went above and beyond and made sure everyone had a great trip. Just outstanding all the way around!!!

      Mark Wendolowski
      Road Cycling - Coast to Coast
      Reviewed on 31/07/2017

      Sam and Dave were a great balanced team! I enjoyed riding and sharing meals with them both.

      Alicia Wendolowski
      Road Cycling - Coast to Coast
      Reviewed on 31/07/2017

      Y'all did great! Thanks for being such fantastic professionals.

      Martin Hughes
      17WSPD_Private Departure
      Reviewed on 22/07/2017

      Sam was fantastic.

      Peggy Forsyth
      Road Cycling - Island Explorer
      Reviewed on 02/07/2017

      both of the guys did an excellent job

      Scott Munro
      Road Cycling - Island Explorer
      Reviewed on 02/07/2017

      Sam and Kelty were excellent guides - friendly, knowledgeable, safety conscious. Good guides make the trip.

      Douglas Welsh
      Road Cycling - Island Explorer
      Reviewed on 25/06/2017

      Again, we loved Sam and Stewart! See previous comment.

      Emily Clark
      17WSTM Tailor Made trips
      Reviewed on 12/06/2017

      Safe, realistic, knowledge of group, humor!

      Nicolette Rooimans
      16WSTM Tailor Made trips
      Reviewed on 05/10/2016

      He (Sam) was very considerate, careful, knew how to read the group, and he is a nice person.

      Jantien Vrijmoet
      16WSTM Tailor Made trips
      Reviewed on 28/09/2016

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