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Sarah Crowsley

sarah-crowsley-1Me in 3; Small, Sporty, Hungry

Places to play; mountains. So many amazing places. The North West Highlands are incredible, I will always take an opportunity to adventure there – awesome mountains, rugged coast, so much space, freedom and beauty.

Not many people know this; I really like maths – but it just involves too much sitting down.

Bio; being outside, being active and having an adventure – this is what motivates me and keeps me happy. Being able to share this with amazing people in beautiful places is a total win. I do this for fun, but also sometimes people pay me to do this and I am not going to argue with that. I have been working in the outdoor industry since finishing college 10 years ago and it has been great. My background is mostly in climbing and mountain based adventures but in recent years I have not been able to resist sea kayaking and mountain biking. This has now become part of my work as well as play. Looking forward to another season of meeting many new people, returning to some of my favourite places and exploring many new ones – every day will be different and this is exciting.

Adventurer's Stories about Sarah

Sarah you're a star. You are friendly supportive and set a pace. You accomodated everyone and took their views/preferences into consideration. Thank you.
Michele Smith
Sarah was awesome and warm and funny and answered questions if she didn't know one she made sure to research and get back to us later that evening or the next day! Her enthusiasm for her job was infectious! Inspired leader.
Jennifer Leary
She was very good indeed. Really went the extra mile on everything
Sandy Thomas
A thousand thanks to Sarah. She made this trip great.
Anders Jaanivald