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Sarah Powell

Me in 3 – Energetic | Passionate | Enthusiastic

Place to Play – Torridon. No where else has such dramatic landscape where your journey takes you from mirror-like lochs almost straight up to the ridges of ancient quartzite-topped giants, with a parting gift of a spectacular sunset at the end of your day.

Not a lot of people know this – I knocked myself unconscious while trying my first snowboarding backflip. Needless to say my backflip career was reasonably short lived. Did you know that dolphins, primates and humans are the only species to recognise themselves in a mirror?

Mini Bio – My heart initially lay in the mountains, born from my love of winter sports, which has taken me to places like New Zealand, Slovenia, France, USA, Australia and Spain. More recently, I’ve discovered a love of sea kayaking which has opened up a whole new way to adventure, uncovering secret Caribbean-esque beaches on the west coast of Scotland, sometimes questionable but exciting seashore culinary delights, and the cherry on the cake is it bringing me closer to my other passion; the natural world.


Adventurer's Stories about Sarah

Sarah is a natural at her job, you are very fortunate to have her on your staff.
Isabel Draper
Sarah Powell was outstanding! She went out of her way to understand what the members of the group wanted out of their holiday and her knowledge of the wildlife and history of the areas we visited was first-rate. When we went into the mountains she was a walking encyclopaedia of flora and fauna, most of which we wouldn't have even noticed! Her enthusiasm for her subject and for the Scottish outdoors was infectious. Sarah soon became more friend and part of the group than just guide. A fantastic representative for your company.
Tracey Barrett