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Stuart Mapp

Me in 3 – Organised|Different|Free

Place to Play – Scotland! West coast for its pointed mountains and dramatic scenery. East coast for rolling hills.

Not a lot of people know this –At the age of 7 we went up Snowdon unprepared and the weather changed for the worse. Bin liners purchased from the cafe were used as a waterproof jacket.

Mini Bio – I moved to Scotland in order to be closer to the mountains and enjoy colder winters. A tour around Scotland turned into living and working in my van for 9 months

When walking by myself in Scotland or abroad I prefer to just have a direction rather than a route, going off to explore curious hills or features or even visiting a remote location based upon a feature seen on a map. Scotland’s access laws and lack of paths appeals to this attitude.

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Guides were all amazing!
Christine Barney