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    Research Projects and Internships

    We are frequently contacted about research projects and internships at Wilderness Scotland. If your interest lies in this area, please read on to discover how you can get involved.

    Research Projects and Interships

    Research Projects

    We receive around 200 research requests each year from academic institutions, students and other organisations. While we appreciate the time and effort which goes into such research, we simply don’t have the resources to support or respond to each request appropriately. Nothing would be better than to share ideas over a cuppa but we are super busy year round, making sure our clients have amazing experiences in the wild places of Scotland.

    However, if you think you are conducting research which we simply cannot afford to miss, please send a 200 word pitch persuading us to take part. Email to [email protected] with the header, “Please support my awesome research”. For everyone that does send us a pitch we guarantee a response to your email, and for the best 5 pitches each year we will welcome the opportunity to take part in your research. 


    We don’t offer internships as standard but we are always on the look out for great people who share a passion for adventure and incredible customer service. If you are interested in applying for an internship at Wilderness Scotland or our sister company, Wilderness Ireland, please email to [email protected] with the header “The Wilderness Life for Me” including a copy of your current CV and a 500 word pitch with the following:

    i) What you hope to gain from your time with Wilderness Scotland/Wilderness Ireland?

    ii) If there was one thing you could change about our business, what would it be?

    iii) Tell us about a time you amazed someone with incredible customer service?

    For every pitch we receive, we guarantee a response. For every pitch that causes us to drop our morning scone, then expect a call from one of our Team Leaders.

    Thanks for reading and good luck!


    Our holidays reviewed
    in your own words

    This time I went to Argyle and the Isles. It was my second hiking trip with Wilderness Scotland and I will be back for more. I do not even have any suggestions cause everything was fantastic: the food, the hotels, the guide, the hiking places... This time we’ve had even the sun coming out everyday! Thanks for the wonderful experience!

    Daniela Wiethaeuper
    Wilderness Walking - Argyll & the Isles
    Reviewed on 01/08/2018

    Rated 4.87 out of 5 based on 4,790 reviews

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