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UK Exchange Rate Offers Great Value for Money

By Russell Murray, Business Development Manager
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US Dollar Goes Further

It’s that time of year again where we are busy setting our 2020 small group trip prices and whilst there has been some increased costs to account for (mainly hotels & fuel), the good news is that for our north American partners and their respective clients, the UK now offers great value for money due to the currency exchange rate and the weak pound against the dollar.

Looking a little closer at the numbers in August the dollar strengthened further against the pound meaning that for our north American partners UK prices are currently over 5% cheaper than they were in 2018.  This means your clients will find the UK great value for money once they are here – so souvenirs, restaurants, bars etc will all seem much better value with the current exchange rate.

Let Your Clients Know

With rates expected to fall even more in the coming months, we are reaching out to all our partners to encourage them to take advantage of these savings and consider the promotional opportunities now available to encourage early bookings to the UK for travel next year.

For example, how about using the exchange rate to run a time-limited promotion?


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We are always open to supporting our partners with their marketing activity and would welcome the chance to discuss this promotional opportunity further.

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