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By Russell Murray, Business Development Manager
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We are pleased to announce that Wilderness Scotland is to begin selling its range of inspirational adventures through UK travel agents- a new direction for the company.

To develop the initiative, the company welcomed Russell Murray in July as Business Development Manager to its team based in Aviemore.

Commenting on this new direction, Russell Murray said: “Having recently joined the company, I am eager to establish new partnerships with UK travel agents who have an interest in selling adventure travel and wilderness experiences to Scotland’s most beautiful and remote regions. I will also be introducing our sister company, Wilderness Ireland to agents over the coming months and inviting agents to contact me for an overview of both our programmes. We will be offering competitive commission rates staring from 10% on all our guided holidays (5% on self-guided breaks) and creating bespoke tailor-made itineraries at NET rates.”

“After the seemingly never-ending summer of 2014 when both the Commonwealth Games and the referendum raised the profile of Scotland, travel agents are likely to find that rural Scotland will have a far broader appeal next year. What became clear this year was how much Scotland has to offer holidaymakers through its culture, landscapes and its people.”

Whether you are a UK based travel agent or an overseas agent, we’d love to hear from you so feel free to drop us a line below.

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Meet the Author: Russell Murray

“Born and raised in the Scottish Highlands I have always been passionate about all things outdoors actively pursuing white water kayaking, skiing and mountain biking in my spare time.”

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