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    Dear Friends and Travellers

    Amongst all the current uncertainty there is one thing that remains constant, the goodwill and love for Scotland being shared by all of you.

    Thank you for the deep sense of compassion and solidarity we have felt in the messages, emails and calls we’ve already had with many of you.

    I want to provide reassurance on 3 key matters for you, which I’ve expanded on in the dropdown sections below this message:

    1. That we are financially sustainable and on a firm footing to deliver your tour when the time is right for us to operate and for you to feel comfortable travelling again. 
    2. That at all times the trip monies you have paid are bonded and regulated by ABTA. Therefore you are 100% financially secure in the unlikely event that our business failed.
    3. That we have a highly capable, dedicated and resilient team that will work tirelessly to ensure that your future trip with us will be everything you’re currently dreaming of. 

    As I am sure you understand, we are having to make difficult decisions to shore up our business which last month would have been unthinkable, such is the gravity and unprecedented nature of the challenges global, Scottish tourism and wider society face.  

    Here is how you can help. If your trip is not within the next 6 weeks, please hold off making changes to your travel plans with us. The situation is changing quickly and it’s better for everyone if you can make an informed decision nearer your time of travel. Then if you’d like to postpone your trip, we’ll be happy to help and have made our terms more flexible to allow this. Our tours operate in some of the most economically fragile communities in Europe. Your support at this time could make the difference between many rural businesses staying in business, or going to the wall and potentially changing the face of the community forever. Likewise, our amazing team of guides, many of whom you have met, are really suffering right now with the uncertainty. Your support can help keep them in a profession they love and one they excel at.

    We are here so you can keep daydreaming of adventures. Over the last 20 years you, our customers, have been at the beating heart of our thriving business in our mission to share our passion for the inspiration, spirit and value of wild places.

    While unprecedented, we know that this storm will pass and when it does, I promise you that we will work harder than ever to deliver you a trip of a lifetime.

    Above all and with sincerity, look after yourselves and each other. Be assured that we will continue to speak with each of our clients on a personal basis as the situation evolves. 

    Thank you all for your continued support in these most difficult of times.

    Best Wishes,

    Paul Easto


    Our Assurance Read More

    Over the last 20 years we’ve worked hard to build a financially sustainable business. During the good years we used any surplus to build a financial buffer to help us weather any storm that might come our way.

    Our sister companies Wilderness Ireland, Ski Solutions and BSpoke are part of a wider group of businesses that offer an additional layer of financial reassurance and buffering.

    It’s fair to say that we didn’t see this one coming but that the buffer we built provides us with enough, with some changes, to navigate this roughest of seas and continue to offer the exceptional active and nature-based tours that are the hallmark of the Wilderness Scotland experience.

    100% Financially Secure Read More

    We want to reassure you that your financial security is guaranteed.

    Therefore, in the unlikely event of financial failure before departure, the appropriate bond will be applied to the refund of your trip payments. If the trip is underway, the bond will be applied to complete the trip.

    You can help secure our future and all of those partner business we work with by agreeing to postpone your travel to a date in the future that you’re comfortable with.

    Wilderness Scotland Ltd is a licensed and bonded tour operator with the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) No.5844. Your financial protection is covered by our bond with ABTA.

    Business Continuity and Resilience Read More

    These are exceptional times and we have an exceptional team.

    We have a strong and resilient business continuity plan in place to ensure that each part of the business will remain fully functional as events unfold.

    This allows us to plan for the future and a time when people are keen to travel again.

    We know this is temporary, what remains constant is our unwavering commitment to our team and you, our customers. 

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