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To Our Friends and Trusted Partners Around The Globe

As a close colleague recently put it Now is not the time for “selling” but for simply being human and real.”

With this in mind at this time of uncertainty we want to reach out to offer you our support and provide reassurance on 4 key areas, which I’ve expanded on in the dropdown sections below this message:

  1. We are financially sustainable and on a firm footing to deliver your client’s tour when the time is right for your clients to feel comfortable travelling again. 
  2. We have a highly capable, dedicated and resilient team that will work tirelessly to ensure that your client’s future trip with us will be everything they’re currently dreaming of.
  3. In light of the current situation, we have introduced temporary terms and conditions designed to look after any clients booked to travel with us.
  4. We will continue to furnish our partners with inspiring destination marketing content covering the UK & Ireland that we hope will come as a welcome reprieve to both you and your clients.

We stand side by side with you in having to make difficult decisions to shore up our business which last month would have been unthinkable, such is the gravity and unprecedented nature of the challenges global tourism and wider society face.  

As you iterate on your own responses, we would kindly ask for your support at this time to please encourage your clients to only postpone their travel arrangements with us if they are due to travel within the next 8 weeks. The situation is changing rapidly and it’s better for everyone if we can each make an informed decision nearer their time of travel. At that point, if your travellers would like to postpone their trip, we’ll be happy to help and have made our terms more flexible to allow this. 

Our tours operate in some of the most economically fragile communities in Europe. Your support at this time could make the difference between many rural enterprises staying in business, or going to the wall and potentially changing the face of the community forever. Likewise, our amazing team of guides are really suffering right now with no work on the horizon. Your support here can help keep them in a profession they love and one they excel at.

While unprecedented, we know that this storm will pass and when it does, I promise you that we will work harder than ever to deliver trips of a lifetime for your clients.

Above all and with sincerity, look after yourselves and each other. Be assured that we will continue to speak with each of our partners on a personal basis as the situation evolves. 

Thank you all for your continued support in these most difficult of times.

Best Wishes,

Stevie Christie
Owner and Sales Director


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Over the last 20 years we’ve worked hard to build a financially sustainable business. During the good years we used any surplus to build a financial buffer to help us weather any storm that might come our way. Our sister companies Wilderness Ireland, Ski Solutions and BSpoke are part of a wider group of businesses that provide us with an additional layer of financial reassurance. In short, we’re here to stay and after this storm subsides, will continue to offer the exceptional active and nature-based tours that are the hallmark of the Wilderness Scotland experience.

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These are exceptional times and we have an exceptional team. We have a strong and resilient business continuity plan in place to ensure that each part of the business will remain fully functional as events unfold. This allows us to plan for the future and a time when people are keen to travel again. We know this is temporary. What remains constant is our unwavering commitment to our team and you, our trusted partners.

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The following temporary terms have been introduced to look after any guests booked to travel with us and apply to any travellers booked on a private or customised trip:

  1. We will allow guests to postpone their travel and switch to new travel dates
  2. Any monies received by us already will be applied as a credit to their future trip, less any irrecoverable costs.
  3. The revised departure dates must start on or before 30 April 2022. After that date, the credit will no longer apply.
  4. We are unlikely to be able to let you know the value of any irrecoverable costs at the point that travellers ask to postpone their trip. However, we will work closely with all of our suppliers to minimise these costs, ensuring best value to the travellers going forward.
  5. In the majority of cases, cancellations made more than 6 weeks in advance will have fairly minimal irrecoverable costs. The closer we get to the travel dates, the more irrecoverable costs there are likely to be, although we will always do our best to minimise these. With this in mind, the best time to assess whether it will be possible to travel or better to postpone the trip until a future date is likely to be 6-8 weeks before a trip is due to start.
  6. For private or custom trips, we cannot guarantee that the trip will cost the same price when clients re-book with new travel dates. While we would not expect the price to change substantially, the traveller must bear any additional costs. Equally, if the final trip price of the new trip was lower than before, we will honour that revised price. We recommend agreeing revised travel dates as soon as possible so that we can stick as closely as possible to the original itinerary.
  7. To summarise, for travellers wishing to postpone their trip, we will allow this to happen at any notice. When they rebook, the credit will be equal to the monies paid on the original trip less any irrecoverable costs

The above terms apply when travellers wish to postpone their trip. For travellers who simply wish to cancel their trip, our regular cancellation terms apply. 

In addition, please note that our standard payment terms still apply with regards to deposit and balance payments. If a balance payment is overdue, we reserve the right to treat the trip as being cancelled, in which case our standard cancellation terms will apply.

Finally, the above terms and conditions are temporary. We will revert to our standard terms and conditions at a time we deem to be appropriate.


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