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    5 Must Have Apps for your Wilderness Adventure

    3 min read

    By Jonny Hawkins
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    Although it can be nice to completely disconnect, there are some fantastic apps to enhance a wilderness experience.

    So you’ve booked on your trip and have a couple of excited weeks before departure. You’ve prepared all of your kit, asked the neighbours to look after the cat, but have you prepared your phone to get the most out of the trip?

    Some of you will want to leave the phone in your pocket, letting our expert guides fill your eager minds with wonderful information. Some of you though will want even more information, to really make the most of the wonderful environments that you will experience.

    Here are 5 mobile apps that will help get the most from the trip and also let your friends back home know how much fun you’re having.

    Met Office Weather (Free)

    One of Britain’s favourite topics of conversations, the weather. On our little island, you can experience 4 seasons in one day and knowing what to expect is the best way to not let it ‘dampen’ your experience. The Met Office app is very user friendly; allowing you to easily manage locations, get UK wide overviews and even includes individual mountain forecasts. It easily flicks between daily summaries, to detailed hour by hour accounts and offers a UV index so you know how much sunscreen to lather on. For those wanting a bit more detail, the ‘YR.no’ app is a Norwegian based forecast with enough charts and diagrams to keep even Michael Fish excited!

    Itunes | Android

    weather in scotland

    Viewranger (Free)

    This incredibly versatile mapping app contains free global street maps and the option to purchase high resolution OS maps. Whether you want the name of a location during a picturesque transfer, the whereabouts of the next historical remain, or distance to the next pub, Viewranger has it all. It is also possible to share real time locations, for all of your colleagues stuck in the office back home to envy, I mean enjoy.

    Itunes | Android

    With your trusty smart-phone there is no need to worry about handling paper maps (although taking one is a good idea as a backup just in case of electronic failure)!

    Night Sky Map

    Picture the scene. You set off for an after dinner stroll, the moon illuminates your way whilst hooting owls echo in the still night. Stars fill the sky with the Milkyway stretching across the dark, magical abyss. “There’s Orion … oo and The Plough, but what are all of the others?” Fear not, Google has the answer. This nifty app uses your; GPS location, in-built compass and orientation sensor, to display the stars that you point the phone at. It also shows; constellations, planets and satellites, allowing you to star gaze till your hearts content.

    Itunes | Android

    The Perfect Scottish Winter Getaway

    The Northern Lights in the Highlands last winter.

    Wildflower ID by Isoperia (£2.99)

    Wilderness Scotland is famed for guiding trips in the most beautiful locations. For that reason, it is impossible not to stumble across some fantastic flora and fauna. Guides know their Bog Asphodel from their Bluebell, but there are always a few that catch us out, or that you spot during some free time. Wildflower ID is used by guides all over the UK and has a really easy identification system, using a series of quick questions to narrow down your flower, resulting in a picture and interesting information. For birds I recommend ‘Birds of Britain’ by CleverMatrix and for mammals ‘Mammal Tracker’ by Natural Apptitude Ltd.

    Itunes | Android

    Summer in Scotland

    Walking on the machair amidst wildflowers in the Outer Hebrides. Photo credit: Kirsty Chuchla.

    Layout Instagram (Free)

    It is hard not to take wonderful pictures whilst traveling in the wilds of Great Britain. Sharing these shots is a great way to let your friends at home know how much fun you are having and also keep relatives up to date with your movements. This app enables you to add a selection of photos together into one image, adding a boarder then sharing via social media. Even if you are not an avid ‘Tweeter’, it can be used to make cards summarising your trip, or condense photos into one, quick to view summary.

    Itunes | Android

    Don’t forget – A waterproof/shockproof case for your phone so that it performs come rain or shine.

    Do you use any great apps when you're out in the wilds?

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    Meet the Author: Jonny Hawkins

    “Adventure has taken me to every corner of the globe; whitewater kayaking in the Bornean jungle, sea kayaking around Hong Kong and trekking in the Himalayas. However, my circumnavigation of Scotland by sea kayak has a special place in my heart.”

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