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    Why Wilderness?

    “If you ever want to go with a company that puts you first and has everything in place to back it up then this is the company for you”

    Robert Hayward, UK

    Going the Extra Mile

    Back in 2001, we set out to create an adventure travel company that really meant what it said in terms of customer service and experience. On our very first trip, we sweated over every possible detail to ensure that not only did everything go to plan but that we exceeded expectations and delivered a truly memorable wilderness experience. That focus and attention to detail remain the cornerstone of what we continue to do today. It’s the same commitment to quality and experience which we believe makes us different and helps us deliver unrivalled levels of customer satisfaction.

    So, if you are currently weighing up your options and wondering what the Wilderness difference is, we hope the following will help you decide why you should choose to travel with us.

    Paul Easto – Founder of Wilderness Scotland and Wilderness Ireland

    Seeing as you can’t test drive a holiday, the best guide you’ll get to whether a particular travel experience is any good comes from those who have been there before. With over 4,000 independent traveller reviews and an average trip rating of 4.87 out of 5, we’re confident that our customer feedback is among the very best you’ll find. And just because the rating is so high it doesn’t mean we can’t improve. We’re passionate about getting better and every piece of feedback we receive is individually reviewed to see how we can make an already great travel experience even better.

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    While every aspect of our holidays is important, it is our guides that really elevate the trip, turning an already great holiday into a potentially transformative travel experience. It is, for this reason, we have invested in recruiting and selecting the best guides in the business. By providing industry-leading working conditions and training opportunities, we have built a team of truly amazing individuals committed to professionalism and delivering you the best travel experience you’ll ever have. Those who travel with us agree, with 94% of clients awarding the highest possible score to their guide delivering an average rating of 4.93 out of 5.

    The excellence of our guides is supported by the very best guide: guest ratios you’ll find. For example on our road cycling and mountain biking adventures, this means two fully qualified and professional guides on every trip, delivering the best possible service on and off the trail. Similarly, with our sea kayaking trips, we work on a ratio of one guide to a maximum of four guests. 

    While our commitment to guide quality and guide: guest ratios means that our trips are sometimes more expensive than the competition, we do believe they are signature features of a Wilderness trip that make a real difference and deliver excellent value for money. 

    Our Guides

    Alongside our guides, we make significant investments each year to maximise your enjoyment of the wilderness including top of the line equipment and vehicles. From best in class sea kayaking equipment to the highest standard bike rental fleet you’ll find anywhere in the UK. While we design all trips to maximise your time in the outdoors, when you do have to travel you’ll be doing it in comfort on board our 9 seat mini-vans which are replaced every 3 years.

    When it comes to the all-important accommodation, we have spent over two decades developing and refining relationships with a wide range of hotels, lodges, guest houses and exclusive use venues. We have two dedicated and amazing members of staff, Ruth Howarth and Fiona Johnston, who manage these relationships on a full-time basis. This personal attention means that not only will you stay at the best choice of accommodation for the trip type, but also ensures you receive the highest standard of service when you arrive.

    With an incredibly passionate and loyal crw, our Office Team have cumulatively collected well over 100 years of experience in operating trips throughout Scotland and increasingly the rest of the UK. This experience manifests itself in an almost encyclopaedic local knowledge of the mountains, coast, towns and cities where we live. That knowledge and expertise feeds trip design to guarantee those holidays we offer are among the most inspiring and innovative experiences you will find. 

    Drawing upon the Wilderness team’s knowledge, each trip is the subject of countless hours of behind-the-scenes research both in the office and in the field. Our know-how and relationships throughout the country mean you’ll not only explore places far beyond the tourist map but also sample those experiences not found in any guidebook. The logistics are taken care of, which means that you can enjoy your holiday the way you want to. 

    We’ll never offer a new itinerary unless we believe in it 100% and are confident it will be met with the same delight and enjoyment experienced on our current range of 70+ trips.

    We feel lucky to live and work in such an incredible country. Looking after the environment which provides the amazing natural canvas for our adventures is not only the right thing to do, but also makes sound business sense.

    Sustainability and Scotland’s wild places are important to us, and therefore we are committing to reducing our emissions by 90%. Our goal is to achieve True Net-Zero Status by the end of 2030, investing solely in projects that permanently remove carbon from the atmosphere for those emissions that remain. Between now and 2030, where we can’t reduce, we will invest in projects that remove, avoid or reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

    It is also why we’ve been at the forefront of tourism and conservation. Since its launch, our Conservation Contribution Scheme has raised more than £50,000 for grassroots environmental protection and is one of the reasons why we’ve twice won the Best Green Tour Operator at the World Travel Awards. 

    Wilderness Sustainability

    Our holidays reviewed
    in your own words

    This was our 2nd trip with Wilderness Scotland. We had enjoyed our first trip so much that a second was a must! Not only that but we recruited some of our friends to join us this time. We are definitely looking at another trip, and if we're lucky we'll be back with even more friends! I can't sing the praises of this group enough. Keep up the great work!

    Charlene Randle
    Road Cycling - The Grand Tour
    Reviewed on 05/10/2021

    Rated 4.88 out of 5 based on 5,239 reviews

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