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    Your Contributions Making a Difference

    Launched in 2010, the Wilderness Conservation & Community Fund (WCCF) is an initiative which allows our travellers to give back to those environments and communities which are at the heart of our adventurous experiences in wild places.

    Each holiday includes a small optional contribution (less than 1% of the trip price) to the WCCF. 100% of all traveller contributions received go to supporting a wide range of conservation and community projects throughout the destinations we feature and visit.

    Since its inception, traveller contributions to the WCCF have raised over £100,000 for grassroots environmental and community organisations committed to making the world a better place. Wilderness Scotland absorbs all of the administration costs of the fund and the projects, meaning the contributions deliver maximum impact. In addition, the Wilderness staff team dedicates 500+ hours of volunteering time per annum to those projects supported as part of our “Big 100” volunteering programme.

    Our Key Projects

    Discover the Key Projects supported by the Wilderness Conservation & Contribution Fund, including the John Muir Trust, Trees for Life and Equality in Sport.

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    Learn more about Wilderness Scotland’s commitment to sustainable tourism.

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