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    Meike van Krimpen

    Meike van Krimpen

    Honest | Clumsy | Peckish

    Mini Bio

    Having grown up travelling across the world I’ve developed an addiction to all things spice and to travel! When it was time to go to university I wandered off to Scotland for a new adventure and have not managed to leave yet!

    Initially reluctant to engage in any outdoor activities as I was an absolute wuss as a child, my parents introduced to me adventure sports by taking me scuba diving at an early age and I’m gradually overcoming my fear of just about everything by kayaking, hiking, biking and climbing.

    Moving to Scotland has shown me how much fun getting out and about is and has made me develop a passion for the outdoors. It’s a privilege to be in a career where I get to breathe, talk and think everything that I love about Scotland and to be a part of a team that enables amazing adventure holidays in a country that so many wrongly perceive as dark and gloomy.

    Place to Play

    Just Scotland as a whole! I don’t think I can limit myself to one particular area as Scotland has such a magnificent and varied landscape with so many different things to do in every season! Definitely walking on the west coast, river kayaking somewhere in the middle, biking in the south and climbing sea cliffs in the north east!

    Not a lot of people know this

    I featured in a Sri Lankan TV commercial for internet as a Dutch farm girl when I was seven; clogs, pigtails and all.

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