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    By Russell Murray, Head of Trade Partnerships
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    Arguably the biggest trade event of the year for us, we have proactively attended the Adventure Travel World Summit since 2009 and are proud to enjoy a close working relationship with the ATTA today.  Indeed since 2010 when the summit first came to Scotland, we have taken a very active role in hosting pre-summit adventures to showcase our products and services to a number of agent partners. Only recently was the summit held in Killarney in Ireland where we ran a number of pre summit adventures with agent partners through our sister company Wilderness Ireland.

    It goes without saying that we very much look forward to this years summit in Tuscany, Italy which is a great chance to meet our founders, Paul and Stevie along with Kirsty & Patricia who manage our trade partner sales. Anna and Darragh who lead on operations in Scotland and Ireland will also be in attendance at this years summit.

    For more information on this years summit, click here

    Meet the Author: Russell Murray

    “Born and raised in the Scottish Highlands I have always been passionate about all things outdoors actively pursuing white water kayaking, skiing and mountain biking in my spare time.”

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