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Anna Brownlow

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Place to Play – The Cairngorms National Park. Its my home and I love it, there are so many places to explore, lochs, forests, mountains, rivers with some rare wildlife. I’ve been here years now and I’ve only just scratched the surface.

Not a lot of people know this – I can drink all the vinegar from a jar of pickled onions – although I don’t recommend it!

Mini Bio –¬†I am part of the Operations team, looking after all the trip logistics, although I work in the office day to day, I do get out and guide the odd trip or two.

I’m originally from Yorkshire but once I moved up to the Cairngorms in 2007, I knew I was here to stay! I can most often be found running and biking on the local roads and trails and swimming in the lochs (in summer – I’m not too keen on snow-melt!).

I also love skiing canoeing and sea kayaking and I do get dragged up a climb or two a year by my super keen partner, but usually end up belaying for him, as long as we can get cake afterwards! Basically I head outdoors whenever possible and try and explore as much of Scotland as I can.

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Mountain Biking - The Hebridean Trail

Next available trip: 22nd June        Duration: 6 night(s)
Region: Outer Hebrides and St Kilda    
Comfort: Classic
Difficulty: 6
  • Fascinating history, culture, wildlife and island hospitality
  • 280km across seven islands with some of the most unspoilt and spectacular scenery in Europe
  • Fascinating history, culture, wildlife and island hospitality

Price: from £1,895

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