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    9 Reasons to Work at Wilderness Scotland

    By Meike Burgess, Marketing & Paid Media Manager
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    Why Join Us?

    You may have heard that there are some positions going at Wilderness Scotland HQ? The rumours are true! We are indeed currently advertising various exciting roles, with applications due to close on the 31st of October, 2022. See our careers page here for full details.

    If having a job in the Cairngorms National Park, being part of an innovative company and specialising in adventure travel aren’t enough reasons for you to consider applying, let us tell you a bit more about what we love about working at Wilderness Scotland.

    1. Amazing People
    2. Bike to Work Scheme
    3. A Lot of Cake
    4. Holiday Time
    5. Industry Discounts
    6. Cool Work Space
    7. Flexible & Hybrid Working
    8. Environmental & Ethical Values
    9. Time Out of the Office

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    1. Amazing People

    Working here you are guaranteed to gain yourself a good crowd of supportive and inclusive colleagues, who are not just great to hang out with over the proverbial watercooler but you can count on for a helping hand when in need. We all come from diverse backgrounds but share a passion for the outdoors, adventure and cake.

    Some of us take being amazing pretty literally, sporting an array of cool hobbies amongst the team. Ask Russell about his Russian language skills, Ruth about her Masterchef career and Ali about that time he hiked the Pacific Crest Trail in North America.

    Have a nosy of your potential future colleagues here.

    2. Bike to Work Scheme

    Work for Wilderness Scotland - Bike to Work Scheme

    Probably the best tax saving scheme the government has ever produced? The Bike to Work (“B2W”) Scheme assists a healthy lifestyle, helps the planet and saves money too – what’s not to like! The scheme offers the opportunity for employees to purchase a bike free of tax and national insurance, thereby delivering a minimum saving of 32%. When you factor in the pro-deal discounts we have with cycle companies, the total discount level is in the region of 50%-60%. Take this epic discount and the cost being subtracted from your monthly wages means that getting a higher spec bike than you’d normally get is well within your means.

    3. A Lot of Cake

    Work for Wilderness Scotland -cake

    We’ve mentioned before our passion for cake, but we’ll mention it again. We promise cake on your birthday, as well as a rainy day and just because we love cakes. Fresh baking seems to be in constant supply in this office – especially when we hold our annual bake-off. The bake-off got quite competitive last year as the office’s best bakers vied for the coveted golden spoon award, but we did have reports of there being too much cake…

    4. Holiday Time

    Being in the business of delivering incredible holidays for people, we know the importance of proper time off. Our full-time contracts include 31 days annual leave with the option to earn an additional 13 days of rostered time off.

    5. Industry Discounts

    Work for Wilderness Scotland - Industry Discounts

    We’ve got great deals with various outdoor gear partners to help equip our trips and guides, and these offers extend to our office team with various discounted group orders from brands like Haglofs, Garmin, Endura and Palm.

    6. Cool Work Space

    Our net-zero office, powered by renewable energy, sits on a brownfield site in the Cairngorms National Park. The building comprises of one large open-plan working space, a fully-equipped communal kitchen, a cosy sofa area with a wood-burning stove, a library nook, shared bathrooms, shower room and a dedicated equipment store. There’s also a ping pong room, a giant floor to ceiling map of Scotland and all staff have the option to use a standing desk. Outside we have two electric car charging points, ample parking and a bicycle shed. For your lunchtime wanders we’re not far from the Speyside Way and if you fancy a snack we have both a co-op and a cafe at a 5-minute walk away.

    When we were doing the interiors back in 2018, we focussed on making it a comfortable and pleasant working space, so the space is brightly lit, the windows are lined with plants, there are various ergonomic seating options and we ensured speedy internet.

    Those who work from the office have access to unlimited tea and coffee (with a vast selection of both) and we also provide free sanitary products.


    7. Flexible & Hybrid Working

    Work for Wilderness Scotland- flexible working

    The Wilderness team have always enjoyed a degree of responsible flexibility in regards to working hours. This is based on trust and integrity and requires prior agreement with your line manager, but within reason, we are happy to make things work for you. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, you can tailor your working time to when you’re most productive. You can also work your hours to accommodate child care needs, gym classes or appointments. Need to head off early on a Friday afternoon? Work some extra time earlier in the week. The snow is going to be amazing on a Wednesday? Hit the slopes and work the following weekend instead when it’s wet and rainy. We also give staff the option to work from any destination for one week a year – giving you the opportunity to tag on an extra week in your holiday destination or spend more time with family abroad.

    8. Environmental & Ethical Values

    Work for Wilderness Scotland - Ethical and Environmental Values

    Installing our SeaBin on the west coast of Scotland

    In choosing Wilderness Scotland as your next employer you can be sure you’re working for a company that takes its environmental and ethical values seriously. We have pledged to be a ‘true net zero’ business by 2030, are involved in several community projects and support our team in spending two days per annum volunteering.

    9. Time Out of the Office

    It’s not just desk-based work at Wilderness Scotland – there’s also time outside the office to get together as a team. There are various opportunities to spend time with your colleagues outside the normal working environment, which we believe improves communication, teamwork and overall productivity. Be it Wilderness Wednesday’s, a scheduled Wednesday where people head off to do something outdoors or have a long lunch together if it’s a bit dreich. We also have our Gathering, an annual get together of our office and guiding team, and the Spring Retreat, where we get to spend time with our sister company colleagues. Both the gathering and the retreat balance work-related seminars and workshops with good old organised fun, and are often in inspiring locations like the Assynt, Torridon, Glencoe, the Outer Hebrides and that one time, in Italy.


    While we have a lot of fun at Wilderness Scotland, our team is 100% focused on delivering 5 Star world-class client experiences.

    Think you’re up to the challenge?

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    Meet the Author: Meike Burgess

    “Having grown up travelling across the world I've developed an addiction to all things spice and to travel! When it was time to go to university I wandered off to Scotland for a new adventure and now 10+ years later I've not managed to leave yet. Scotland's welcoming culture, beautiful scenery and a Scottish man captured my heart. Moving to Scotland has made me develop a passion for the outdoors and I love heading out for an explore.”

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