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    Dani Zammit

    Dani Zammit

    Business Development Coordinator

    Enthusiastic | Organised | Nature-lover

    Mini Bio

    Born in Ontario, Canada, I spent my summers camping across numerous provincial and national parks, which ignited my love for the outdoors and travel. I eventually relocated to the Canadian Rocky Mountains, where I was spoiled with amazing hikes, crystal-clear lakes and spectacular wildlife.

    I originally came to the UK to live out my childhood fantasy of riding horses across the British country-side, which is exactly what I did! Since then, I have been fortunate enough to have lived in England, Scotland and Wales and to have travelled through much of Ireland and Europe (although there are still so many new places left to explore!)

    I absolutely love adventuring with my dog, Dougal, as he is always up for camping or a road trip. When I’m not outside, I really enjoy reading, baking or working on my latest knitting project.

    Place to Play

    Cottage country in Ontario will always hold a special place in my heart, especially Bob’s Lake and 3 Mile Lake. I love exploring the vast coastlines that the UK has to offer, so I am happiest when I find a sandy beach with my dog. I especially love all the hidden beaches of the west coast of Scotland.

    Not a lot of people know this

    I studied Classical Archaeology in university and love to visit Greek and Roman archaeological sites across Europe.

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