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    Sophia Warwick-Parker

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    Enthusiastic | Kind | Talkative

    Mini Bio

    I’m a city girl that found my love for the highlands as a teenager, touring up and down the Great Glen on riverboat holidays. I’m lucky to have come from a large family that is passionate about the outdoors and everything they have to offer so at 18 when I got the opportunity to move to The Outdoor Capital of the UK, Fort William, I immediately took it.

    Outside of work you can usually find me exploring Aviemore and the Cairngorms with my young children and husband be it by bike, canoe or stand up paddleboard.

    Place to play

    Any of the beautiful Lochs in the Scottish Highlands. I love to be out, stand up paddleboarding on all of them, especially as the sun is just starting to set on a summer’s evening. I’m not afraid to be smashing ice to make my way across them in the dead of winter either.

    Not a lot of people know this

    During a ski season in Norway, I had the opportunity to go down the Olympic Bobsled track in a Bobsleigh. It was the most terrifying and adrenaline-filled journey.

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