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    Alan Wright

    Caring | Adaptable | Entertaining

    Mini Bio

    I fell in love with the outdoors over 25 years ago following a week’s solo excursion walking the West Highland Way, which introduced me to the stunning scenery and landscapes of the Scottish Highlands.

    Since then, I have used every opportunity to visit and walk Scotland’s hills, mountains, glens & islands, thus building upon my experience and knowledge, which eventually led me to the dream job as a walking guide – as I aimed to break free from my career in finance.

    My walking experiences have taken me to the French & Austrian Alps, The Pyrenees and the wilds of the bush & rainforest in Queensland, Australia, but I would never swap any of them for what can be found in Scotland’s countryside.

    There are so many things that make me passionate about what the outdoors in Scotland has to offer. The hills & mountains, particularly in winter, are always memorable no matter what the weather brings but equally, combining a walk by witnessing the wildlife, learning or revisiting the history of the area is something that I look to take home with me from every walk that I undertake.

    I am deeply passionate and fascinated with my country’s varied, enthralling & enchanting history.

    Its landmark and defining moments and, of course, its distinctive and memorable characters that have defined and shaped this wonderful country.

    There is one pleasure which outweighs everything else, and that is sharing and spreading the joy of these wonderful experiences with others.

    Places to Play

    Living just north of Stirling, I am extremely fortunate to be based so close to fantastic areas such as the Loch Lomond National Park and Highland Perthshire, but in terms of scenery, wilderness, remoteness, and wonderful landscapes, the wilds of North West Highlands are my “Jewel in the Crown” – each visit just draws me in more and more.

    Not a lot of people know this

    My main ambition in life is to witness the extremely rare Scottish Wildcat in its natural habitat. This is something that very few people have ever been fortunate to have witnessed. Hopefully, one day it will be me!

    Qualifications Read More
    • Mountain Leader Summer (MLS)
    • Blue Badge Guide (Scottish Tourist Guide Association) – Professionally qualified to guide throughout Scotland
    • Member of the Guild of British Tourist Guides
    • Duke of Edinburgh Expedition Supervisor & Assessor

    Mountain Training Association Profile: https://mt.tahdah.me/candidate/home/95125

    Experience Read More
    • Active hill walker since 1991.
    • Extensive knowledge of Scottish Highlands and Islands.
    • Completed the Munros in 2011.
    Biggest Adventure Read More

    Trekking the High Passes of the Nepal Himalayas.

    Specilaist Subject Read More

    Scottish History and Culture.

    Adventurer's Stories about Alan

    above and beyond

    Ellen Wiener
    Wilderness Walking - The Orkney Islands
    Reviewed on 24/10/2019

    I’ve mentioned Alan already and would only say it seems a huge ask to do all he did without more assistance. I am not saying he was struggling at any time but with the variety of walkers it seems he needed to be in 2 places at once- leading the walk and bringing up the rear.

    Mark Walton
    Wilderness Walking - Outer Hebrides & Skye
    Reviewed on 23/10/2019

    Alan was so caring and present and enthusiastic. He loved the history and had so many stories. That was wonderful.

    Maureen Owens
    Wilderness Walking - Outer Hebrides & Skye
    Reviewed on 19/10/2019

    Amazing guide, knowledgeable, great story teller, showed a real passion for his role as a guide, a trekking enthusiast himself and most of all, a great ability to convey the great history, beauty and magic of the wilderness in Scotland.

    Very safety conscious and took such great care of each and ever member of the team. He was respectful, approachable and the team all warmed to him immediately. He was great, one of the things that made the trip so worthwhile!

    Sumathy Rajanayagam
    Wilderness Walking - Outer Hebrides & Skye
    Reviewed on 17/10/2019

    Our guide Alan was full of useful information about the history, geography, plants, animals etc. He was very caring for us all and very cautious on some of the walks that he felt were a bit challenging for us due to weather conditions.
    We had varying levels of fitness amongst our group and I think he managed this aspect of the tour very well

    Gill Davis
    Wilderness Walking - Argyll & the Isles
    Reviewed on 15/10/2019

    Alan was a pleasure. He had a million stories and historical anecdotes. He adjusted our routes everyday given the challenging weather. He knew our skills and tried to do what was right for the group recognizing different skill levels and interests. I thought he was a delight. Very easy going, kind, committed and skilled. I would take another trip with him as the guide happily.

    Rowena Alston
    Wilderness Walking - Outer Hebrides & Skye
    Reviewed on 14/10/2019

    Allan has been very helpful n always look out for all of us making sure that we enjoy our trek and also safety.

    Alice Chan
    Wilderness Walking - National Parks of the UK
    Reviewed on 05/10/2019

    Alan was a great guide, always concerned for our welfare, comfort, accommodations, etc.
    Alan did a great job explaining the next day's hike and schedule, we always knew what to expect, where to be, how to get there, etc.
    Alan did a great job handling the group that had different levels of hiking experience and levels of fitness

    Laurel Pedri
    Wilderness Walking - National Parks of the UK
    Reviewed on 04/10/2019

    Very professional, friendly and contientious to all details. Sensitive to all our needs.

    Bonnie Kaye
    Wilderness Walking - National Parks of the UK
    Reviewed on 29/09/2019

    Allen made sure that we had a good experience and even had us turn back when the path was too muddy and treacherous. He used good judgment throughout the trip. We had fun and we were safe.

    Cathy Abramson
    Wilderness Walking - Argyll & the Isles
    Reviewed on 28/09/2019

    Excellent driver, knowledgeable, good stories.

    Jane-Allin Cloutte
    Wilderness Walking - National Parks of the UK
    Reviewed on 27/09/2019

    Alan Wright is terrific.

    Barry Gottfried
    Wilderness Walking - Argyll & the Isles
    Reviewed on 23/09/2019

    Alan Wright is the best advocate for your company and your country as I think you'll ever hope to find. He was energetic, positive, knowledgeable of Scottish history & cognizant of the different skill levels among those in our group while not making anyone feel like they were holding the group back. He was simply lovely to be with and was a large part of what made this a thoroughly enjoyable trip.

    We all appreciated Alan's close eye on the weather, esp. as it pertained to our walking on Jura. And knowing when it's time for Plan B if the weather is less than ideal.

    Thank you Alan!

    Susan Gilbert
    Wilderness Walking - Argyll & the Isles
    Reviewed on 23/09/2019

    As noted above, Alan was terrific -- he "made" the trip. A very nice fellow, and very knowledgeable. Important on a trip like this to have a "local" guide who knows the terrain/weather/etc. For example, our Jura trek was from south to north, and started early. We had the rather strong wind at our backs and finished before the rains came. We crossed paths with a British guide company group, heading in the opposite direction -- wind in their faces -- and they couldn't have finished before the rain. Alan also kept a close eye on how everyone was doing -- some folks were stronger than others -- but never made anyone feel out of place.

    Ronald Schechter
    Wilderness Walking - Argyll & the Isles
    Reviewed on 23/09/2019

    Alan was very knowledgeable about many aspects of Scotland and we really enjoyed hearing his stories

    Becky MacDonald
    Wilderness Walking - Argyll & the Isles
    Reviewed on 17/09/2019

    Our guide was the number one reason for the high rating. Everything I read about Alan prior to the hike prepared me for a good experience but he went above and beyond on so many occasions during the hike that it was unbelievable. His knowledge of the trail and the history along it was wonderful. Even more impressive was how much he cared about safety and how well he prepared for all events. He faced many tough issues with tact and found ways to keep the hikers that could not take on the trails to remain part of the group. Thus, he exceeded our expectations throughout the 96 miles.

    Joe Brosky
    Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
    Reviewed on 14/09/2019

    Alan is fantastic, I would do another trip with him any time. His knowledge and passion was always apparent to give us a true experience and also be a steward of the environment to look after the trail.

    Adam Young
    Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
    Reviewed on 12/09/2019

    Keep up the great work. I really enjoy taking tours with local guides that are knowledeagble about the country i am visiting. And guides that love what they do.

    Flavia Aebi
    Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
    Reviewed on 10/09/2019

    Alan Wright was my guide and his leadership was exceptional. He is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about Scotland. I appreciated his reciting a poem/ode to Beinn Dorain and on another singing a ballad (the name of which escapes me). I also appreciated Alan's flexibility with my injury as he modified the walking arrangements for me.

    Evelyn Tribole
    Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
    Reviewed on 06/09/2019

    Alan was so passionate about Skye, and happy to share his knowledge with us. He took great care to be sure that we were all happy with what the group was doing and that all our needs were met. He was exceptional. When I chose not to participate in a hike he gave excellent suggestions for alternate ways I might spend my day. I so appreciated his concern.

    Jane Thompson
    Wilderness Walking - Isle of Skye
    Reviewed on 16/08/2019

    Our guide Alan was simply marvelous. He was extremely knowledgeable about Scottish history, the landscape, and culture.

    Lesley Cameron
    Wilderness Walking - Isle of Skye
    Reviewed on 12/08/2019

    Alan was great! Helpful and considerate on each hike. He helped my mum on days where she was struggling, and he helped her find some other things to do when she was uncomfortable doing the scheduled hike.

    Dana Thompson
    Wilderness Walking - Isle of Skye
    Reviewed on 10/08/2019

    Alan was a wonderful guide. He was competent, compassionate, knowledgeable, and very friendly. He made us feel very welcome on this trip.

    Jacqueline Cameron
    Wilderness Walking - Isle of Skye
    Reviewed on 09/08/2019

    We were quite fortunate to have had Alan Wright guide us on this tour. He was absolutely fabulous. He was just so attentive and caring for us everywhere we went and he handled all of the intense driving and hiking like a pro. He is a genuinely wonderful person and we really enjoyed getting to know him and enjoy his insights all throughout the trip. He's like an encyclopedia on the terrain and features. We could not have been in better hands than with Alan. My wife and I have done many guided hiking trips over the years (10+) and Alan was perhaps the best person we've had guide us on one of these hiking holidays. Kudos to Alan on a job well done! I sincerely hope to run across him again down the road.

    Lee Cerreta
    Wilderness Walking - Isle of Skye
    Reviewed on 05/08/2019

    Alan was the best part of the trip! See my previous comments. He seems to have infinite patience.

    Hester Lyons
    19WSPD_Private Departure
    Reviewed on 03/06/2019

    I think our hike was challenging because we had a faster group and a slower group. Alan was able to negotiate this by going back and forth at certain times between the two groups. At other times, he set a slower pace and stayed in front. I think he did a great job.
    What made Alan outstanding was his knowledge of the history of the Highlands. He was full of stories and even regaled us with songs!

    Julie May
    19WSPD_Private Departure
    Reviewed on 29/05/2019

    Alan was the best! We so enjoyed his stories and songs.

    Beth Cholle
    19WSPD_Private Departure
    Reviewed on 24/05/2019

    Alan was very attentive and careful with our wellbeing and safety. Very gentlemanly!

    Caroline Heiser
    19WSPD_Private Departure
    Reviewed on 24/05/2019

    Allen had some difficult hurdles this trip: Storm Ali, hikers not being able to make the walks, my food issues. He did a great job managing all of it.

    Alison Coolidge
    Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
    Reviewed on 04/10/2018

    Alan was really friendly and easy to talk to. He knew a lot about the history of Scotland, it was fascinating to hear his stories. He even sang us a song about the massacre at Glencoe while we were overlooking the valley!

    Olivia Garfield
    Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
    Reviewed on 04/10/2018

    Alan had the patience of Job. Imagine, poor him and six, over fifty, opinionated women to contend with! He led us skillfully and with great humor. Really enjoyed his company and leadership.

    Rosanne Barletta
    Wilderness Walking - Argyll & the Isles
    Reviewed on 03/10/2018

    Alan was one of best guides we have had. Conscientious, flexible, and fun!

    Gail Pendleton
    Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
    Reviewed on 01/10/2018

    Alan Wright was an excellent guide. We were a small group with the majority being friends or friends/family of friends plus two additional women. Our safety and comfort were his primary concern. He took care of every detail even when the weather dictated that we cancel our walk for the day and we had to get to the next night's lodging, which was challenging given all the other hikers who were in the same boat and then we were stranded at Drovers Inn because the bridge to our next lodging was flooded. He also assisted those who could not walk on specific days due to illness or minor disability. I appreciated his detailed preview of the walks, what to expect, his advice on how to prepare for the varying weather, and his combination of knowledge of history, local communities, Scottish culture, and nature. He made sure each of us had some of his personal attention, too!

    Deeana Jang
    Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
    Reviewed on 01/10/2018

    Allen was a real prize!! He was so informative, good natured — fun! — and really dealt seamlessly with some unexpected obstacles (train disruption at Queen Street, Storm Ali, Kingshouse detour) — and he sang a moving song about Glencoe atop the Devil’s Staircase to applause from other hikers as well — all in all, three huge cheers for Mr. Wright!

    Stephanie Lytle
    Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
    Reviewed on 30/09/2018

    Alan Wright is an ideal guide

    Michael Newkirk
    Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
    Reviewed on 27/09/2018

    Our guide was very attentive and helpful. Extremely knowledgeable about the route and Scottish history.

    Thomas Boreiko
    Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
    Reviewed on 27/09/2018

    Great job, Alan! Your sense of humor and attention to detail were greatly appreciated.

    Bronwen Gamble
    Wilderness Walking - Argyll & the Isles
    Reviewed on 18/09/2018

    Alan was patient, friendly, extremely well informed about all the historic sites we visited and a great guide on all our walks.

    Catharine Wall
    Wilderness Walking - Argyll & the Isles
    Reviewed on 17/09/2018

    One word: Outstanding! Most definitely beyond all expectations. As my family of five young ones between the ages of 24-31 commented afterwards: “ Alan must be Wilderness Scotland’s top guide”.

    From the pick up in Inverness and throughout the week Alan Wright was on top of everything in his extremely kind, professional, and humourous way. His service mindedness and good decisions ensured the trip of a life time, as my family called it afterwards. The sun always shines in Scotland :-) ... or at least with Alan it does, as he cleverly rearranged the daily climbs to the various summits according to skilled weather app judgements.

    Please send him our warmest regards and thank him for a truly unique holiday in your beautiful country!

    Annette Plagborg-Møller
    18WSPD_Private Departure
    Reviewed on 14/09/2018

    Alan Wright was caring and efficient and a great person to get to know. Take care of him.

    Robert Sweeney
    Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
    Reviewed on 29/07/2018

    Loved Allen Wright! If I ever book another trip with Wilderness Scotland, I'd choose a trip that Alan was guiding.

    Rosa Hall
    Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
    Reviewed on 28/07/2018

    Alan Wright did everything he could to make it a great experience. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

    James Clouston
    Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
    Reviewed on 26/07/2018

    He was impressive

    Brian Hall
    Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
    Reviewed on 26/07/2018

    Alan did a brilliant job looking after everyone. Very well organised, professional and very accomodating. He went out of his way to ensure we all had a great time and we're happy, even for those that could not complete all of the sections. He provided heaps of encouragement and humour along the way with lots of history for the area.

    Michael Mahar
    Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
    Reviewed on 26/07/2018

    Can't say enough good things about Alan. Such an enthusiastic, pleasant and truly caring guide!

    Paul Bedard
    18WSPD_Private Departure
    Reviewed on 25/07/2018

    Alan was great, knowledgeable, friendly and flexible. Chose a good route which took into account the weather conditions, it was blowing a gale.

    Dave Batchelor
    Self-Drive - The North Coast 500
    Reviewed on 10/07/2017

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