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    Alison Motion

    Cheerful |Scottish food | Outside

    Mini Bio

    Its always been about the outdoors. As a teacher, I was forever taking my class outside to learn. This led to being involved in food and farming education, taking teachers and pupils out to learn about our great Scottish food, and our farmers and crofters. Working as part of the Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland (RHASS) meant I got involved with fabulous people from all over the farming world.

    From there I moved to promoting, encouraging and embedding outdoor learning via my role with Grounds for Learning/Learning through Landscapes. I jumped ship when I realised I was spending more time encouraging others to get out from behind the desk rather than getting out there myself. I became a STGA Blue badge (accredited tourist guide in Scotland) and am having a complete blast doing that. Taking people out and about in Scotland doesn’t feel like a job, and I wonder why I didn’t do it sooner.

    My favourite thing is hillwalking, with over 70 munros under my belt, but I also sea kayak in fair seas, and I am a sometime MTB trails cyclist, and a gardener. I love being in forests, on rivers and coasts. The health and wellbeing aspect of being outdoors is also my bag. For me, it’s not always about the big hills and the long paths, but more about the smaller routes, the history and interesting stuff to look at along the way. I’m also keenly interested in the land use debates ongoing in Scotland just now – its present iteration and its historical roots.

    Places to play

    Islands, particularly the West Coast of Scotland. I’ve been lucky enough to have nomadic friends and family who have lived on approximately 10 islands in Scotland, providing me with ample opportunity to explore from within the communities. There’s something about a ferry crossing that just makes my heart sing. I know I’m off for my island fix.
    I live in the Trossachs, and their scenery in spring and particularly Autumn make it a delight to explore here.

    Not a lot of People know this

    I once climbed Ben Nevis between milkings, which would have been ok except the farm was in South Lanarkshire! 4am milking, drive to the Ben, up and down, and back for the evening milking which was a little late.

    Qualifications Read More
    • STGA Blue Badge Guide
    • Basic Expedition Leader , currently regrading to Hill and Moorland Leader
    • BASP Outdoor First Aid
    • IOSH Managing Safely
    • MA (Hons) Cultural History
    • PPGCE (primary teaching)
    • Sustainable, Entrepreneurial and Innovative Tourist Business Management – module at Napier University (2021)
    Experience Read More

    I’ve been hillwalking since I was 14 and started with the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme, going on to get my Gold. From there, I’ve never really stopped though living south of the border for a bit meant that the Scottish hills were outside my reach. Moving back, 70+ munros later, a whole bunch of Corbetts, and a lot of general trails walks mean that I’ve a pretty good geographical spread of where to go and which routes to take all over Scotland. I’ve also sea kayaked off Vancouver Island, Canadian canoed down the Yukon and managed to get out to Macleod’s maidens in Skye and low tide and good conditions meant we managed to get out. I am a Duke of Edinburgh Award leader/supervisor/assessor.
    I’ve also walked in the hills in the north of Majorca.
    I’m very interested in all the reintroduction of species work in Scotland, and how we improve our biodiversity over all our landscapes. This takes the practical form of being involved with Cashel Forest Trust on Loch Lomondside where 25 years on from a bare hill farm, we now have a wood. As a Trust we are actively engaging with Peatland restoration. I’m also taking a keen interest in the progress of the Eurasian beaver across our landscapes, and the political will now present to make it happen.
    I’m also a cultural historian, and for me, that is the interest in the history other than the kings and queens. How we lived before and how we live now.

    Biggest Adventure Read More

    Paddling down the Yukon (Canadian section) without a doubt. A five day route working my way down the meandering river, which was flowing at an average speed of 6-10k/h. It meant it was easy to miss your landing spot and hard to paddle back to it.

    Specialist Subject Read More

    Environment and landscape. Cultural history. Tea!

    Publications Read More

    “Designing Embodied Science Learning Experiences for Young Children” “Designing‘ Embodied’ Science Learning Experiences for Young Children” awarded Best Paper at HCII2020 Conference – Move2Learn

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