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    Ben Anderson

    Passionate | Geography | Fresh Air


    I’m an enthusiastic and passionate cyclist and hill walker making sure my life and roles keep nature, fitness, family, and the outdoors at the forefront of what drives me. To guide and share the Scottish landscape is a privilege. The landscape provides challenge, excitement and creates memories. Cycling with steep crags hugging you from each side, walking through a remote Glen with big skies like an umbrella over us, listening to cuckoo’s and stags, these are moments we are so fortunate to experience on Scottish trips. It’s marvellous.

    Place to play 

    Exploring the entire highlands in long multi-day trips with all the weather, fun and adventure that these excursions bring. Shorter days and trips spent in the Cairngorms mountain biking or hiking through the forests and glens on trails you couldn’t find anywhere else.

    Not a lot of people know this 

    Whilst working in Canada I’m fairly certain I saw Sasquatch!

    Qualifications Read More

    Summer Mountain Leader
    Mountain Bike Instructor (Level 3)
    Outdoor First Aid
    PGDE Secondary Education
    BSc Geography with Geology

    Experience Read More

    From above the arctic circle to the equator I have been fortunate enough to work and explore the variety of terrains. Beginning to work with outdoor education charities exploring nature and adventure with a variety of young people from all walks of life I realised that sharing outdoor experiences was an important role I enjoyed. Over a decade into my guiding career I have the same desire to learn and share experiences and knowledge of the outdoors and the environments we travel through.

    Biggest Adventure Read More

    I want to break this down a little further; toughest physical adventure, riding the Highland Trail 550 in October starting the day after racing the Scottish EnduroMountain Bike series at the body beating Fort William. Furthest afield adventure, multi-day paddling trip in the North West Territories of Canada with 20 hours of daylight and what felt like the whole place to ourselves.

    Specialist Subject Read More

    My specialist traditional topic would be Geography and Geology having studied and then worked for universities using these skills. Additionally, I have ridden two wheels since the age of 3 and continue to be too interested in bicycles, the culture, the adventures and the equipment.

    Adventurer's Stories about Ben

    Neil and Ben provided excellent support, myself being a bit hard on the hearing and occasionally at the back of the pack they kept a watchful eye on me to make sure I turned in the right/ or left direction. Very professional, highly experienced, courteous and empathetic to our individual aches and pains ensuring that we could access the right remedies, and bicycle seat. Both gave good insight into trail segments and how to approach from a technical aspect. Having the right people with a good sense of humour adds to the experience, both Neil and Ben showed a passion for mtb and outdoor recreation and shared their knowledge and passion accordingly. Thanks Neil and Ben for a once in a lifetime experience (always different the second time round). Roger Robert

    Robert Silverlock
    Mountain Biking - Coast to Coast
    Reviewed on 04/09/2023

    Neil and Ben were just amazing. They made the trip so much more enjoyable. We would do another trip with them any time!

    William Buie
    Mountain Biking - Coast to Coast
    Reviewed on 02/09/2023

    Ben was particularly amazing. He was personable and made the trip fun, but he was also able to be incredibly caring and responsive when situations became stressful.

    Lisa Litt
    Mountain Biking - Coast to Coast
    Reviewed on 02/08/2022

    Kate and Ben were the best. They deserve the highest of commendation. I would come back just to be on one of their trips again.

    Donal Menzies
    Mountain Biking - Coast to Coast
    Reviewed on 19/07/2022

    Ben and Kate were excellent, highly recommend each of them. They worked hard to make the trip special for the guests, were also engaging and fun to be around.

    Michael Knopf
    Mountain Biking - Coast to Coast
    Reviewed on 19/07/2022

    Really knowledgeable, super friendly, encouraging, instilled a sense of trust in themselves.

    Matt Proom
    Mountain Biking - Coast to Coast
    Reviewed on 18/07/2022

    NC 500 Cycle trip 19th - 25th May. Ben was the making of our trip! He has a lovely manner and an evident passion for the beautiful Scotish wilderness and for cycling. He was extremely committed to making the trip a great experience, highly attentive to helping us in every way, and he is also really good company.

    Christopher Morrogh
    Self Guided+ Cycling - North Coast 500
    Reviewed on 06/06/2022

    Ben Anderson was quite simply superb. Nothing was too much trouble, he supported, encouraged and took care of every little detail to ensure we had the best time (despite the rain). Ben is an outstanding guide and soigneur and a delight to have around.

    Justin Hanslip
    Self Guided+ Cycling - North Coast 500
    Reviewed on 04/06/2022

    You have a really talented guide in Ben Anderson. Look after him.

    John Fuller
    Self Guided+ Cycling - North Coast 500
    Reviewed on 01/06/2022

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