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    Selected Trips

      Don Pritchard

      Easy-going | Adventurous| Great sense of humour



      Mini bio

      Hi, I am Don. Originally from Scone in Perthshire, I got hooked on the outdoor world from a very early age, spending the weekends roaming the woods and hills around our village, making dens and guddling trout in the burns.

      My sense of adventure took me off to the Royal Navy and a considerable time was spent as an aircraft engineer on the Search and Rescue Squadron based at Prestwick. While there I continued to climb, walk and mountaineer in Scotland, often organising and guiding hillwalking and backpacking trips. I completed the Munros (Scottish mountains over 3000ft), a couple of years ago, and I am now ticking my way through them again along with the Corbetts.

      I love Scotland’s mountains and particularly enjoy multi-day backpacking treks across the mountains and glens. Any day on the hill is a good day and there is always something to see and enjoy.   After retiring from the Navy, I retrained as a horticulturist at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and I grow and produce tea commercially in Scotland.

      Place to Play

      The Cairngorms, Glen Affric, Torridon and Assynt all jump to the front to answer this question, all different and full of great memories but if pushed it would be the Cuillin in Skye. A complete mountain range compacted into a remarkably small area on one of the most beautiful islands in the world. I never fail to be amazed by the challenges these mountains throw down.

      Not a lot of people know this

      I am a support actor in series two and three of the popular TV series Outlander. My outstanding performance as Dead Highlander 33 has BAFTA nomination written all over it.



      Qualifications Read More
      • Summer ML 
      • Advanced 1st Aid
      • Outdoor Food Hygiene Level 2
      • Mental Health First Aid 
      • Woodlore Journeyman
      Biggest Adventure Read More

      I completed the Munros in 2013 and walked the John Muir Trail in USA in 1993.

      Specialist Subject Read More

      Not really specialist but a great interest in general outdoors, bushcraft, flora, fauna, geology and history and I enjoy talking about them and exploring new places and the past.

      Adventurer's Stories about Don

      Our guide Don Pritchard consistently went well above and beyond for every one of the members of our trip. Don's professional demeanor as a guide was evident from when he picked us in Oban on our first day to every day following by greeting us each morning to a clean and tidy van. Don always made sure we were well prepared for the days activities, going over our itinerary for the day and modifying our excursions if necessary based on the needs and ability of our group. One evening when we were about to have dinner in Tobermory my wife was not feeling well and was in a fair amount of discomfort. Don did not hesitate to run (literally) to the store before it closed down the road to get a slew of heartburn/stomach medications out of his own pocket, which helped her immensely that night. For the next 2 days as my wife was on the mend he was constantly checking up on her and ensuring she was okay. Don was always very knowledgeable on most every subject, however if there was an answer he did not know (our family had a LOT of questions) he would use his own personal time that evening to research that topic so he could give us an informed answer the next morning. His knowledge of everything, from the local wildlife and plants to the history of Scotland itself was amazing, and he made every day entertaining with his witty jokes and sincere demeanor. We say this with absolute sincerity that Don felt like a member of our family in that short time, and we were genuinely sad when we had to part ways on our final day of the trip. From the bottom of our hearts we want to thank Mr. Pritchard for making our trip to Scotland one that we will never forget.

      Peter Kusiak
      19WSPD_Private Departure
      Reviewed on 02/10/2019

      We could not say enough about Don. He looked after us as a shepherd with his flock. We felt safe and in great hands. His personality and demeanour make him the ideal choice for anyone who signs up for your tours. We have been recommending him to everyone we've spoken to. ....

      Peter Kusiak
      19WSPD_Private Departure
      Reviewed on 16/09/2019

      Mentioned before, Don is incredible. He really cares about everyone in the group and he strives to make sure everyone, despite experience level, is having a great time.

      Peter Kusiak
      19WSPD_Private Departure
      Reviewed on 10/09/2019

      Don was excellent. He's clearly very experienced and was a great judge of weather and hiking conditions. We were able to dodge the inclement weather while still getting some wonderful walking done.

      Lorie Dunne
      Wilderness Walking - Wilds of Assynt
      Reviewed on 23/06/2019

      He was very good. He had a hard group to keep up with. Some were way in front and others way behind. I thought he did a great job of keeping us together.

      Amy Daley
      Wilderness Walking - The West Highland Way
      Reviewed on 20/06/2019

      As previously mentioned, our guide, Don, proved to be more than capable. His knowledge - historical, botanical, and geological- was extensive, and he obviously loved sharing it with people who shared his interests and enthusiasm for the region.

      Of course, the fact that he was extremely personable and energetic didn’t hurt matters either....

      In short, we hope to have the opportunity to hike with him again, sometime in the future.

      Paul Campbell
      Wilderness Walking - Wilds of Assynt
      Reviewed on 17/06/2019

      Don our substitute guide was first class. He stood in at short notice. Knew the area well ,helpful and attentive. Good local knowledge, history, wildlife, botany. He took really good care of us.

      Peter Newman
      Wilderness Walking - Wilds of Assynt
      Reviewed on 17/06/2019

      Thank you, Don, for making the best of every day.

      Nicole Pauquet
      Wilderness Walking - Wilds of Assynt
      Reviewed on 17/06/2019

      Don was flexible, knowledgeable, patient.

      Keith MacDonald
      19WSPD_Private Departure
      Reviewed on 20/05/2019

      Don is a walking, talking genius! His knowledge of walks, flora, fauna, and history is remarkable, and his sense of humour is fantastic. He regaled us with so many stories and went out of his way to accommodate any wish we had.


      It sounds like you had an incredible trip overall and a wonderful time with Don. Hopefully we can welcome you to the Highlands again soon.

      Cathy Macdonald
      18WSTM Tailor Made trips
      Reviewed on 02/10/2018

      As above. Don was the best.

      Anne Wallis
      18WSTM Tailor Made trips
      Reviewed on 27/09/2018

      Don was an excellent guide. Very professional, the first guide I’ve had to explain what to do if he’s injured, he’s considerate, calm, decisive, thorough and has a great sense of humour! We loved all his stories and his funny remarks. I’ve experienced 3 guides before Don and he was the best!

      Colleen Purich
      18WSTM Tailor Made trips
      Reviewed on 21/09/2018

      This is the fourth trip for our group in Europe - we have really liked all our guides but Don Pritchard was the best we have ever had - lovely manner, considerate and kind, wide range of knowledge on all things Scotland including history, the plants and trees, and Scottish life. He was very good at judging the group so that if there was some indecision within the group he would help us come to a decision that we could all be happy with - he was outstanding. Oh, and one more thing - great sense of humor!

      Marilyn Ross
      18WSTM Tailor Made trips
      Reviewed on 20/09/2018

      As described, we could not have had a better guide!

      Roxanne Jones
      Wilderness Walking - Outer Hebrides & Skye
      Reviewed on 20/08/2018

      As mentioned earlier, Don was the best guide we have ever had.

      Tyler Brown
      Self-Drive - Skye & The North West Highlands
      Reviewed on 11/08/2018

      Don was brilliant! He was also really aware of different needs and wants along the way and very patient.

      Angela Mason
      Wilderness Walking - Isle of Skye
      Reviewed on 27/07/2018

      Our guide, Don Pritchard, was outstanding. He is the best guide I've ever had. I do't remember anyone ever truly going over the map of our itinerary, taking out GPS and making sure we(or someone) knew how operate it, emergency numbers, and how to get us back from hike in case of emergency (i.e. to him) He truly took excellent care of us, was always helpful for the slower hikers while giving speedy people option of going ahead but waiting at designated locations. Don gets 5 stars in my book. His choice of hikes was likewise well done. Isle of Rassay was spectacular.

      Sarah Leonard
      Wilderness Walking - Isle of Skye
      Reviewed on 26/07/2018

      Don was very helpful. Everyone seemed to get along and all enjoyed the experience.

      James Cavanaugh
      Wilderness Walking - Isle of Skye
      Reviewed on 09/07/2018

      Don was excellent. He explained all our walks beforehand, showing us on the map, and also explained the gradient and going. He ensured we were all able to hike to our own abilities, and it was obvious that safety was a top priority.

      Lisa Foster
      Wilderness Walking - Isle of Skye
      Reviewed on 09/07/2018

      Don was patient, perceptive, professional, and personal! I would recommend going on a Hebrides birding tour with Don to all my friends and family.

      Beryl Harper
      Wildlife Adventures - The Outer Hebrides & St Kilda
      Reviewed on 15/06/2018

      Donald was knowledgeable, helpful, and worked hard to meet the very divergent needs of a small but diverse group.

      Suzanne Fong
      Wildlife Adventures - The Outer Hebrides & St Kilda
      Reviewed on 06/06/2018

      Don was a very considerate guide with interesting information about locations and conducted walks at our pace.

      Catherine Johnstone
      Self-Drive - Arisaig and the Small Isles
      Reviewed on 16/09/2017

      Our main guide was a very experienced mountaineer with an amazing knowledge of local history and wildlife. We felt at ease the entire trip.

      Rob Osborne
      17WSTM Tailor Made trips
      Reviewed on 18/07/2017

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      Trip / Departure Availability Status Price Book
      Wilderness Walking – The Isle of Skye
      10th Apr - 16th Apr 2021
      8 place(s) left UNCONFIRMED £1,735 Book Now
      Wilderness Walking – Outer Hebrides and Skye
      17th Apr - 23rd Apr 2021
      1 place(s) left CONFIRMED £1,735 Book Now
      Wilderness Walking – The West Highland Way
      3rd May - 10th May 2021 Women only departure
      16 place(s) left UNCONFIRMED £1,695 Book Now
      Wildlife Adventures – Outer Hebrides & St Kilda
      15th May - 21st May 2021
      4 place(s) left CONFIRMED £1,795 Book Now
      Wilderness Walking – Argyll & the Isles
      5th Jun - 11th Jun 2021
      7 place(s) left UNCONFIRMED £1,775 Book Now
      Wildlife Adventures – Outer Hebrides & St Kilda
      3rd Jul - 9th Jul 2021
      5 place(s) left CONFIRMED £1,795 Book Now
      Wildlife Adventures – Mull, Staffa & Iona
      17th Jul - 23rd Jul 2021
      5 place(s) left CONFIRMED £1,995 Book Now
      Wilderness Walking – Cairngorms National Park & Royal Deeside
      7th Aug - 13th Aug 2021
      8 place(s) left UNCONFIRMED £1,565 Book Now
      Wilderness Walking – The Isle of Skye
      9th Oct - 15th Oct 2021
      7 place(s) left UNCONFIRMED £1,755 Book Now

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