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Gordon Anderson

Gordon Anderson Me in 3 – Active Mind & Body

Place to Play – A really tough question, but if I had to pick one it would be Glencoe for its blend of outstanding scenery, nature and human history.

Not a lot of people know this but – I have met, on separate occasions, four Nobel Prize winners – I wouldn’t bet on any of them remembering me, though!
Following a stream of customer complaints, Apple decided to make the iPod Shuffle function less random so that it appeared more random.

Qualifications – Mountain Leader (s)

Mini Bio – I guess I have followed a diverse career path. Starting out as a research scientist, I then spent many years working in the corporate IT world. In 2009, I opted to put my lifetime’s experience of hillwalking to use and become a walking guide – one of the best decisions of my life.

I am passionate about the Scottish Highlands. Having been brought up on Skye and in Inverness, I have a native’s understanding of the landscape and culture of the area and I am always seeking ways to broaden my knowledge of geology, flora, fauna and history. I really enjoy sharing this passion and knowledge and get a big kick from seeing how this helps people to appreciate the places I love.

Experience – I have been walking the Scottish mountains all my life, completing a second round of the Munros in 1997. I left my corporate career to become a full-time guide in 2009 and have been working exclusively in the Scottish Highlands since then.

Specialist Subject(s)

  • Geology
  • Scottish History
  • Whisky
  • Molecular Biology – (see Publications!)


  • Gordon J. Anderson, Montserrat Bach, Reinhard Luhrmann & Jean D. Beggs (1990)
  • Nature 342(6251):819-21 “Conservation between yeast and man of a protein associated with U5 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein”
  • Marie Lossky, Gordon J. Anderson, Steven P. Jackson & Jean D. Beggs (1988) Cell 51(6):1019-26 “Identification of a yeast snRNP protein and detection of snRNP-snRNP interactions”
  • MA Garcia-Blanco, Gordon J. Anderson, Jean D. Beggs & Philip A. Sharp (1990) Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 87(8):3082-6 “A mammalian protein of 220 kDa binds pre-mRNAs in the spliceosome: A potential homologue of the yeast PRP8 protein”

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Adventurer's Stories about Gordon

Gordon was the perfect guide for my introduction to Scotland. A natural leader, very knowledgeable, efficient, great sense of humour.
Jane Horne
Gordon was a fantastic guide. Knowledgeable, accommodating, friendly, and funny!
Emilie Stevens
Gordon Anderson is the gold standard! I can't sing his praises high enough, and I'm sure my trail mates all felt the same. He's astoundingly erudite, witty, friendly, organized and punctual. What a terrific ambassador for Scotland!
Rhonda Rundle
I wholeheartedly recommend Gordon Anderson as the guide for your next outdoor adventure in Scotland.
He is very professional and seemingly effortless in his approach. You might not think he is working but make no mistake, he is constantly working hard to make everyone feel comfortable and safe.
I am convinced that not only is his aim to make it the best possible tour, for the group as a whole but he is also focused on every individual, within the group, to make sure we all get an adventure of a lifetime!
His knowledge of Scottish culture, history flora and fauna, geography (and everything in between) is incredibly extensive. He is as curious as he is knowledgeable.
I would not want to challenge him in a game of Trivial Pursuit!
Gordon’s sense of humor is wonderfully understated and intelligent and you are sure to have some good laughs in his company.
In my group we had a saying “just do what Gordon does and you’ll be fine” I don’t know if that’s true in all aspects of your life but on a scottish mountain, it certainly is!
- Karen.
Karen Riis Joelving
Gordon Anderson was great fun and very well versed in the places and sites we were visiting, Scottish history and generally about the wildlife, plants and geological history. Much fun - we all enjoyed his very positive attitude. We were perhaps a little 'exuberant' at times and Gordon enjoyed the group having a good time. We were fortunate with weather - rained a bit as expected but not too much - and had group that was well matched. It seemed that everything went smoothly and according to plan. I believe this was the first time that Gordon had guided on this particular trip but you would never have known it. He was always well prepared and knowledgeable about what we were seeing and doing. We all learned a lot.
John Slater
Gordon was an outstanding guide. He has a great sense of humor and deep knowledge of the areas we walked. He was organized, flexible and a lot of fun. His kindness and enthusiasm in sharing this special slice of Scotland made this trip a pleasure.
Ellen Slater
Gordon was a great guide. He was very knowledgeable and good humoured.
Katherine Manifold
Gordon needs to brush up on certain types of wire fencing. Suggest reading the 1873 Joseph Glidden patent.
Harold Manifold
Gordon is very knowledgeable and great fun. He worked hard to ensure that each member of the group was supported and having a great time.
We learnt a huge amount about wildlife, Gaelic, archaeology and history .... and malts!
Anita Donley
Gordon was fabulous! I would seek him out for another trip. He is a lovely mixture of knowledge (history, culture, flora, fauna and more), light hearted fun and top notch guiding skills. It seemed that he was effortlessly providing an excellent program ( Thanks for all the behind the scenes work you did, to create this !)
Andrea Stewart
The best glorious guide ever. Polite, well informed, funny with great sense of humour, diplomatic and good at reading people. Patient and flexible. I would have him as my guide in all of my trips.
Johanna Hrefna Holmsteinsdottir
Best possible guide. Reads people well. Has a great sense of humor. Full of knowlede and passion.
Paeivi Elisabeth Oikarinen
Gordon was always optimistic and positive. He had a great ability to read the crowd and make sure everyone was happy.
Cathy Riggall
Knowledgeable, friendly and efficient.
Keith Potter
Gordon....the best,most cultivated,most polite full of sense of humour,most diplomatic in all situations,never without the answer.
Warmest regards and kisses to him....
Juha Rantanen
Gordon did a terrific job and managed to put on a great week despite challenging weather. His sense of humour and patience were both appreciated by all.
Gillian Morrison
I really enjoyed Gordon's sense of humor. He is also very knowledgeable about the area and its history which increased my enjoyment of the experience.
Johannes Andersson
Gordon Andersons scientific background show in his knowledge of plants and wild life. Very personable for a science person.
Kirk Forrest
Gordon did his best to keep us cheery despite the weather
Diane Kleinschmidt
Gordon Anderson is a brilliant guide, competent and well organized.
Daniele Jungling
Excellent knowledge and sensitive to the needs of the group. Obviously loves Scotland and walking and this enthusiasm was passed on.
Janet Carlsson
We couldn't have asked for a better guide. My spouse unexpectedly had some difficulty with the longer, wet hikes. Gordon was very kind about that and helped arrange for a taxi transfer to our next hotel so that my husband could have a rest day while the group hiked. I appreciated how observant Gordon was with regard to each group member, assessing needs, making adjustments as necessary, and gently chiding those who tended to be late so that the group stayed on schedule. Gordon was a wealth of very interesting information about every place we visited; I learned a great deal about history, plants, and geology. He also was good company; easy to have a conversation with, genuinely interested in everyone, and a delightful dry sense of humor. Perhaps most important, Gordon was clearly very skilled. We had some unusually heavy rains, which made for several tricky stream crossings. Gordon was calm, reassuring, and saw to it that everyone made the crossings safely. When one stream appeared to be unsafe, Gordon simply re-routed our path. What could have been an alarming experience instead was fun, an adventure that increased my confidence. Gordon deserves a great deal of credit for all his hard work and I'm really glad to have had the opportunity to hike with him.
Rene Martin
Gordon was an excellent guide - watching over us all to ensure each member of the group was OK. Great source of information too on history, geology, botany etc.
Caroline Taylor
Nice guy good sense of humour massively knowledgeable.
Richard Bentley
I marked excellent and felt Gordon did a good job overall. (See caveat on overall trip.) Note for future trips of WOS: any guide who considers the alternate hike to Eas A' chaul Aluin (waterfall of beautiful tresses), please strongly encourage hikers to take 1-2 walking sticks. Stunning lunch location to side of the falls and an interesting (fairly difficult) hike. However, with a couple of stream fordings, steep parts, boggy parts, and a steep+boggy part right before the lunch break, a walking stick is (would have been) advisable.


Thanks for your feedback. We are aware you were offered the use of hiking poles from the spares we carry in the back of the van but decided not to use them for this hike. We will try and make it clearer that poles can be very helpful when hiking, especially when the terrain is rough and try to encourage guests to carry them even if they don’t think they’ll use them.
Jonna Reeder
I truly think we hit the jackpot in having Gordon as our guide! He was so knowledgeable about the history, geology, and flora of each different hike. He has a great sense of humor and always ensured that we were getting what we wanted out of our trip. He was also very organized and made it very easy for us just to hike and enjoy our vacation. I would definitely request him again in the future.
Stephanie Kolman
Gordon was wonderful. He was so knowledgeable and was able to deal with our crazy family.
Jennifer Kolman
see previous. loved Gordon Anderson.
Brett Kolman
Gordon was great. He knew my goals and abilities. I, unfortunately, twisted my ankle on my very first day and Gordon helped me work through that and offered suggestions on what we could do to still make the trip successful - I wanted to bag a Munro! With the purchase of hiking boots in Aviemore (rather than the hiking shoes I came with) and ibuprofen, we continued on the second day with an easy route (but gorgeous views) to make sure the boots would offer the support my ankle would need. Success!

On the third day, Gordon picked a Munro that met my abilities. It was challenging but not scary and in the areas where I needed guidance on where to step, Gordon was very patient. And we saw some beautiful wildlife - grouse and hares. We even accidentally got very close to the nest of some baby grouse that still couldn't fly and the father grouse did the "broken wing" ploy to try to get us to come towards him and away from his babies. I felt bad that we were that close that he felt he needed to do that, but it was so fascinating to see this performed in the wild.

Gordon and I had good conversation throughout. As a solo hiker and an introvert, I was worried about how easily the conversation would flow and didn't need to be. If anything, I talked way too much! I so enjoyed all the hiking and got out of the hikes exactly what I was hoping.
Diane McCredie
Gordon, you are a Highlands treasure.
Dianne England
As with all the guides I've had on your trips, Gordon was wonderful. Knowledgeable, personable,with a lovely sense of humor.
Barbara Macleod
Gordon was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the areas we visited and hiked.
David Stevenson
Gordon was AWESOME! He is an asset to your company!!!!
Jacqueline Gladstone
Gordon was fun, informative, and accommodating. Superior Guide!
Lisa Stevenson
Gordon was fantastic. I'm sure that all of the hikers in our group are using adjectives to describe him such as, 'knowledgeable, professional, thorough'. These are apt statements but he was also engaging, thought provoking and humorous. His side comments were particularly amusing. He was well prepared. I felt that he could handle any untoward situation which arose.

Gordon inspired confidence. On the one day that I thought to myself, "Really? You want us to do what? I don't think that's possible. I'm going to die". It occurred to me that he had led that trip many times before without injury, and besides, he was looking quite calm. Therefore, everything was going to be fine. Which, of course, it was. It was better than fine. It was a blast.
Carolina Coleman
For the reasons mentioned in an earlier section, Gordon was first class. I can't think of any areas needing improvement.
Andy Lewis
He (Gordon Anderson) was the perfect guide. Nice, easy personality, good sense of humour and superb knowledge of the area of our trek, of nature, of Scottish history and indeed of many other subjects. He very soon had us all bonding as a group.
Ian Young
Already commented on Gordon's knowledge of local history, fauna and flora and his enthusiastic leadership. Was very attentive to safety and interacted well with a diverse group and adapted to our needs. I would highly recommend any trip that Gordon leads
David Lilley
No one could have done better or been better suited for our group than Gordon.
Gayle Aube
Gordon was fabulous. He took the fact that there were 7 women in our group in his stride. He was extremely knowledgeable about the history, geology and much of what we were seeing. While he was always watching to make sure we were okay on the trail, he gave us each the opportunity to navigate difficult parts of the trail at our own speed and on our own. He never made me feel like I was taking too long. The lack of pressure made the experience very positive and gave me a great deal of satisfaction that I did something without help. Gordon is very soft spoken so when he was saying something in the van there were times he was difficult to hear. It might be useful if he had a portable microphone so everyone in the van could hear his responses to questions.
Marilyn Wind
Our tour was guided by Gordon Anderson; we went on a tour of the Sutherlands. Gordon was fabulous; if given a scale of 1 to 10 I'd think he'd safely place above 90! He was knowledgeable and shared his love of the wilderness in his observations and comments while walking. He pointed out flora and fauna, animals and birds, as well as shared much about geology. He shared stories about how life had been, integrating his knowledge of Scottish history as well. Combine that knowledge with a wonderful sense of humor and grace and you have an excellent guide.

On this particular tour he was guiding a group of older women and he was watchful of people's skills and challenges, present but always quietly empowering as some of us tried new things. I imagine he is used to a faster, more ambitious pace, but was very good at knowing how to pace this group so that all were satisfied. I'd recommend that readers look into the tours he leads.
Pamela Putnam
Brilliant. Very attentive and was willing to accommodate if we wanted to deviate a little from plans. Excellent knowledge of area, history and wildlife etc
Sue Burbage
We had some hesitation about whether or not to spend so much of our vacation budget on a Tailor Made holiday. The first six hours with our wonderful guide, Gordon Anderson, resolved every doubt. Gordon’s careful planning, calm presence, measured pace and wide ranging knowledge added immeasurably to our family vacation. His lessons on Scottish history, geology, and ecology enhanced our appreciation for the beauty of the highlands, and we returned home from our trip with real admiration for the Scottish people -- something we never anticipated. In fact, our time with Gordon convinced us that we need to return to Scotland for a much longer holiday!
Julia Friedlander
We requested Gordon Anderson for our 2 guided walking days. He was our guide at Knoydart last fall (another spectacular trip). We had 2 lovely days of hill climbing in Torridon. Gordon is a superb guide who knows these hills well. We always learn so much from him about the rich history and geology of the area.
Kirstin Pellom
Our guide was great. Very knowledgeable and very organized. I couldn't have asked for a better guide.
Daniel Coyne
Gordon looked after us very well and was always informative and fun
Sian Barnard
good knowledge of the region
Peter Ng
Gordon make us feel safe, plan everyday trekking route well, aqueute rest (during trekking) and info.
Chuey Mei Wye
See earlier comments. 100k Gordon ( as we came to know him) was outstanding
Anita Donley
I was out of my comfort zone a few times on the hikes. Gordon Anderson was fantastic, he walked with me up the steep part on Eigg and it was so worth getting there. He was fantastic and walked and talked with everyone. He made sure we were all safe and having a good time. He told lots of stories and kept us entertained. I would take another trip with him.
Fiona Morton
A guide can certainly make or break a trip like this. Gordon Anderson was the best of the best. His extensive and in depth knowledge of history, geology, local culture, and pretty much everything, was really impressive. His love of Scotland was evident and shone through in the way he led the group. His expertise, experience and sense of humor really made this trip very special. Thanks Gordon for making this an unforgettable trip!
Kirstin Pellom
Gordon was an excellent guide and he was able to discuss geology with one of our group (who was a retired geologist) and he also told us about biology, amongst other things. More importantly, he knew how to handle people. We felt safe in with him and comfortable.
Margaret Thomas
Guides can make or break a trip, and Gordon was in the upper echelon of guides we have had on the many trips we have taken. He was knowledgeable, great sense of humor, able to "herd the cats" so to speak of a very diverse group of individuals and keep everyone's spirits up.
Henrietta DeVeer
Gordon may have been a last-minute substitute, but he did a fine job with a variable range of group personalities and abilities. I would be happy to have him as a guide again.
Suzanne Rice
Gordon was very nice and obliging. His knowledge of Scotland, both history and geology, was significant. Understandably, one of our party was in her 70s so Gordon might have underestimated our capabilities although we had discussed this with Stevie when planning the trip. Gordon was not as prepared with hiking options around Loch Melfort as we would have liked. Also, at Glencoe House, the staff there told us that we would not need bottled water as Wilderness Scotland had provided us refillable bottles, which they had not (we understand that we were a bespoke trip so maybe bottles would not be provided).
Eileen Dowling

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