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Hayley Webb

Me in three – Fun, energetic, bonkers

Places to play – I have lived in the lake district for 11 years, which gives me fantastic access to most mountain areas of the UK. But, I have a special love for the north west highlands, Skye in particular, so much so I got married there. My other favourite place is the south west coast of Crete, cliff jumping and snorkelling.

Not a lot of people Know this – I happen to be a qualified chef from the days when I had a “proper” job, so you’ll often find homemade goodies lurking in my rucksack, oh. . . And I play the flute.

Mini Bio

I have enjoyed being in the outdoors since a young girl when my parents took myself and my sister out. My first proper mountain day was to do the Snowdon horseshoe when I was 10 years old. I remember crying and worrying that my dad would fall off. . . how things have changed.

After a military career which ended due to a shin condition which doesn’t allow me to run, I turned my hand to cooking, and whilst I loved the buzz of a very busy kitchen, I never managed to play out as much as I would like.

11 years ago, I set the wheels in motion, moved to the lake district and changed my life. I am now living the dream as they say, going out to play every day, showing people the love I have for the outdoors, the mountains, and our beautiful country, and hopefully passing on the knowledge that my parents gave me. During that time, I’ve started to travel, with a healthy list of countries to my belt now along with some rather large pointy mountains, including the alps, Norway, Iceland, Poland, Kyrgyzstan and the himalaya. I travel to Nepal yearly, taking people to Everest base camp, or similar trips, and hope one day to be able to stand on top of the world as I have dreamed of since looking at the books from a youngster.

Winter is my favourite time, climbing the snow and ice with my husband and often our crazy springer spaniel. He’s accompanied us around the Munros, of which I’ve less than 60 to go. . Getting there!