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    Selected Trips

      James Mackenzie

      James Mackenzie

      Calm | Capable | Laid Back


      Mini Bio

      I have spent my working life on and around boats, from my first job out of school working in a boatyard on Lake Windermere, to now running Eda Frandsen, and a whole lot in between. I have racked up in excess of 100,000 miles at sea, including 6 trans-atlantics, one of which was singlehanded, on a whole variety of boats. My true passion is for sailing traditional boats, maybe not the fastest off the blocks, but certainly the most rewarding, seakindly, and as far as I am concerned, beautiful.

      Place to Play

      The southern reaches of the Outer Hebrides, anywhere that the water is clear, blue and deep enough for Eda!

      Not a lot of people know this

      I have never had an inside based job.


      Adventurer's Stories about James

      Always had information and knowledge about where we were.

      Wendy Somerville
      Sailing Journeys - The Inner Hebrides
      Reviewed on 21/08/2018

      The guides were very informative and allowed us plenty of time for off-shore trekking

      Beth Spriggs
      Sailing Journeys - The Inner Hebrides
      Reviewed on 20/08/2018

      Comments made earlier - simply put - they were a brilliant team.

      Robert Steele
      Sailing Journeys - The Inner Hebrides
      Reviewed on 06/06/2018

      The crew were outstanding. Gabe, the skipper kept us informed of the plans for the day and if correction was required to any jobs we were doing let us know tactfully and explained why. James, the mate was absolutely on top of the job, did what he needed to do but allowed us to get on with jobs he had assigned, only helping if we were doing something wrong; as a result I think we all learned a lot. Also he was great fun and so obviously enjoying his job. Finally Chloe, the magician in the galley who provided a nearly constant supply of home cooked food throughout the week. It is testimony to the quality of the food and the thought that has gone into menus that despite the amount of cake eaten I had still lost weight when I got home.

      Martin Charlesworth
      Sailing Journeys - The Inner Hebrides
      Reviewed on 04/06/2018

      The skipper reviewed each days sail after dinner and outlined what we could expect the following day. He also kept us regularly updated on weather and pointed out landmarks and sea life along the way.

      Virginia Thomas
      Sailing Journeys - The Inner Hebrides
      Reviewed on 14/05/2018

      Skipper Gabe and 1st mate James were extremely helpful through out the trip. James was hysterical and made us laugh the whole time.

      Eileen Kiernan
      Sailing Journeys - The Inner Hebrides
      Reviewed on 14/05/2018

      Much info given about each island.

      David Hall
      Sailing Journeys - The Inner Hebrides
      Reviewed on 28/08/2017

      Very suppprtive and knowledgeable, great fun to be with.

      Claire Lindsay
      Sailing Journeys - The Inner Hebrides
      Reviewed on 28/08/2017

      Wonderful, wonderful and wonderful. And Sam too, a great little bonus

      Jamie Bush
      Sailing Journeys - The Inner Hebrides
      Reviewed on 28/08/2017

      The 3-person crew were exceptional - laid-back, friendly, kind, and always looking out for us.

      Mary Dunn
      Sailing Journeys - The Inner Hebrides
      Reviewed on 14/08/2017

      As mentioned, they gave us a good variety of scenery and activities at our different anchorages and "lunch stops".

      Terry Challis
      Sailing Journeys - The Inner Hebrides
      Reviewed on 03/08/2017

      The crew was very observant of the different ability levels present

      Patrick Hallenbeck
      Sailing Journeys - The Inner Hebrides
      Reviewed on 01/08/2017

      Took the time to answer a thousand questions, planned a really fun and diverse itinerary, just were really fun people.

      Lisa Spader
      Sailing Journeys - The Inner Hebrides
      Reviewed on 06/06/2017

      Well done! with a very varied group of strangers.

      Tracie Wright
      Sailing Journeys - The Inner Hebrides
      Reviewed on 22/05/2017

      great local knowledge

      Mark Braithwaite
      16WSPD_Private Departure
      Reviewed on 15/06/2016

      James and Mel were both excellent - good fun but also clearly very competent at sailing - so reassuring for beginners. As said earlier, there wasn't really much in the way of teaching - or we were generally just told what do do in terms of helping sail - which wasn't a problem - just reflecting after the event whether I should have asked "why" more - and also used opportunity to learn from their experience. I could of course have asked - and didn't - but might be worth asking up front what people want out of the week.

      Jon Meeten
      Sailing Journeys - The Inner Hebrides
      Reviewed on 10/08/2015

      Crew were excellent. Extremely skilled in what they do. Patient with those who knew nothing! Gave as much instruction as was required and more if wanted. They were informative and knowledgeable about area. Crew were great company and intent on making our experience a good one.

      Susan Mackenzie
      Sailing Journeys - The Inner Hebrides
      Reviewed on 03/08/2015

      Both James and Mel were great. They were more than good at what they do and conducted the week with humour and understanding.

      Paul Grandy
      Sailing Journeys - The Inner Hebrides
      Reviewed on 22/06/2015

      James and Melissa were willing to take us ashore whenever possible and hgave us wondeful apportunities to explore the wildlife

      Christobel Ardley
      Sailing Journeys - The Inner Hebrides
      Reviewed on 21/06/2015

      Skipper and mate were excellent - experienced, skilled, and very good with people.

      Philip Hetherington
      Sailing Journeys - Inner Hebrides with Eda Frandsen
      Reviewed on 12/08/2014

      James is very knowledgeable both about sailing and the waters we were sailing in. In the end it almost became a challenge to find a question he did not know the answer to. Finally found one (what is the total size of Skye). However, James is never one to be defeated. He went off & a short while he was able to tell me its exact size. (Sadly I have forgotten what it was, though I do remember it is big!). I hope I never compete against him in a pub quiz!

      Stuart Redhead
      Sailing Journeys - Inner Hebrides with Eda Frandsen
      Reviewed on 08/07/2014

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