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    Guide Jamie smiles into the camera on a sunny day out in the snowy mountains.

    Jamie Pimblett

    Enthusiastic | Calm | Positive

    Mini Bio

    Having travelled and enjoyed adventures in various countries all over the world, my passion for all things great and small now leads me closer to home. Whether it is pouring with rain or a bright sunny day, nothing makes me happier than being out in this incredible country.

    It is a pleasure to share these moments and help clients connect with our wonderful green forests, peaceful lakes, and rugged coastline.

    Favourite Place to Play

    Having four of the most amazing national parks on my doorstep, you can find me climbing over the gritstone crags in the Peak District, kayaking the rugged coastline of North Wales, roaming the Yorkshire Dales, or high on the majestic mountains in the Lake District.

    Not a Lot of People Know This

    My longest sea kayaking journey was close to 100 km/62 miles of open water.

    Qualifications Read More
    • Mountain Leader Summer
    • BCU Sea kayak Leader
    • Rock Climbing Instructor
    • Power Boat Level 2
    • Level 1 Canoe and Kayak instructor
    Experience Read More

    I split my year between guiding groups in incredible overseas destinations like America and Oman and at home in my favourite place on the planet – the UK!

    Since a very young age, I have enjoyed exploring the far-flung corners of the world, learning to be resourceful and adaptable, to plan ahead, and, above all, to have a happy and positive outlook on life – a good sense of humour will get you through most things.

    I am equally happy wild camping in remote areas and on luxury trips staying in some of the finest hotels, houses, and castles. I thoroughly enjoy bringing to life an area’s fascinating history and pointing out the wide variety of flora and fauna.

    Biggest Adventure Read More

    Life is one big adventure, and I have had the opportunity to spend a large amount of time chasing the sun, travelling between the northern and southern hemispheres. During this time, I have paddled the most extreme rapids, crossed several mountain ranges, and experienced a huge variety of cultures.

    Specialist Subject Read More

    Wild plants.

    Adventurer's Stories about Jamie

    Appreciated Jaime’s attention to individual interests and needs. Great sense of humor and wonderful, youthful exuberance.. Truly enjoyed his historical insights and knowledge. Also, we now know what plants we could eat to survive!

    Terry Osborne
    Walking - Northumberland and the Lake District
    Reviewed on 15/06/2024

    Jamie clearly experienced and very helpful on the trail.

    Jan Hutchins
    Walking - Northumberland and the Lake District
    Reviewed on 10/06/2024

    Jamie was so lovely, very friendly, knowledgeable and super helpful. Very good driver too! He also offered alternative shorter walks which was great. I also enjoyed the new WhatsApp group so we could stay connected when doing different walks. We are still waiting for his bio on the Web ;+))

    Carine Romaska
    Walking - Northumberland and the Lake District
    Reviewed on 05/06/2024

    Jamie was a wonderful guide. I could tell he put a lot of thought into aligning our outings with the needs and interests of our specific group. His knowledge of local history was especially impressive and added so much to the experience.

    Emily Johnson
    Walking - Northumberland and the Lake District
    Reviewed on 03/06/2024

    Jamie was very knowledgable and if he didn;t know something he looked it up and told us the next day. He adapted due to the groups strengths and weaknesses, and the weather. It did not seem like he was sticking to a script that must be followed. He was genuinely interesting as a person with just the right amount of interaction with the group, i.e. not too overbearing and not stand-offish.

    David Andrews
    Walking - Northumberland and the Lake District
    Reviewed on 04/09/2023

    Jamie was truly awesome. The perfect guide for the trip.

    Rick Sarmento
    Walking - Northumberland and the Lake District
    Reviewed on 20/08/2023

    Very knowledgeable and attuned to the group’s wants and capabilities.

    Karen Rudner
    Walking - Northumberland and the Lake District
    Reviewed on 18/08/2023

    We can't say enough good things about Jaime. He was organized, knowledgeable, patient, kind, proactive, etc., etc. If and when we book another trip through Wilderness England, we'd intentionally seek out a tour guided by Jaime. He is a true asset to your organization. Give him a raise.

    Jeff Bender
    Walking - Northumberland and the Lake District
    Reviewed on 16/08/2023

    Jamie was extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic. He worked really hard to ensure we all had a great time. He was happy to amend and add little extras to enhance the trip.

    Fiona Leatt-Hayter
    Walking - Northumberland and the Lake District
    Reviewed on 16/08/2023

    Jamie was outstanding - his knowledge of the Lake District is extensive and added greatly to the experience.

    Brian Lee
    Walking - Iconic Peaks of the Lake District
    Reviewed on 28/06/2023

    He was excellent and catered for our level of walking very well. Super knowledgeable and very friendly.

    Louise Fussell
    Walking - Iconic Peaks of the Lake District
    Reviewed on 28/06/2023

    Jamie was a great guide. He was very friendly and very knowledgeable about the area and wildlife. He gave us different options as to routes we could take. In particular we chose to do Helvellyn in opposite direction to that in the notes which was a much better route.

    Elaine Crosland
    Walking - Iconic Peaks of the Lake District
    Reviewed on 28/06/2023

    Jamie was a calm, supportive, thoughtful and well-informed guide. I was very impressed by his efforts to ensure all our needs were met.

    Maggie Bartlett
    Walking - Iconic Peaks of the Lake District
    Reviewed on 26/06/2023

    I cannot tell you how highly I rated Jamie. Honestly… he made the trip in my eyes. He was incredibly competent, but wore his wisdom lightly… very responsive to our questions and requests, always offering to add things or change things to suit us. For example, a couple of us wanted to swim in the sea at the end of the day, so he drove us to a good spot and even came in too. He offered to source a local yoga teacher one evening which was amazing. He was polite and attentive, always offering stories or anecdotes, answering our many questions and showing us how to improve our technique. He made sure the pace was spot on, and included lots of opportunity to take in the incredible landscapes…stopping paddling to just look and listen. I also felt we were in very safe hands. At one point I hung back as we meandered around a coastline, to take a couple of photos, and I was out of sight of the group for about 30 secs. I predicted that he would have noticed immediately and gently checked I was ok. Which he did :). He made sure we had wonderful food prepared, and that we had all we needed while we were there. Honestly, he couldnt have been better. Please do pass on. I would happily be led by him on any trip in the future… he gave us lots of ideas for future trips which i’m already planning.

    Mary Griggs
    Sea Kayaking - Introduction Course
    Reviewed on 21/05/2023

    Jamie was just amazing, very positive and at the same time very attentive, helpful and with an easy-going and calm approach that made all the difference, we really felt well looked after and picked up all the skills, not having to think about anything with everything being take care of is a real joy.

    Sandra Strolz
    Sea Kayaking - Introduction Course
    Reviewed on 20/05/2023

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